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Charley - continued

I pulled up my pants and exited the booth and noticed something. All the booths
were open - no one was there except me and the guy in the next booth who had just sucked my cock. As I got to the end of the aisle, the booth door opened
and Charley walked out! I was floored, never thinking a pussy hound like him
would go both ways. Out in the dark parking lot I asked him, "was that you,
man?" "Yeah, he said, I wasn't k**ding tonight when I said I'd do anything."

"Sucking a cock is a great turn on", he continued, "Don't tell me you've never
thought about it." The tequila I'd d***k must've acted like truth serum,cause
I replied "Not til tonight when I first saw that humongous dick of yours."

"Good", he said, "cause I'm about to bust from drinking your cum in there and
I've been wanting to fuck your virgin mouth since the day we met." He led me
to the dark corner of the building and pushed me down on my knees while
opening his pants to let out his great big dick. He held the poppers under
my nose for another hit as I watched that huge cock sway in front of my face.

The rush I got made me want to suck that dick as much as I'd ever wanted pussy.
I had to open my mouth all the way just to get the head in, but it felt so good
I unzipped and pulled my semi-erection out to stroke while I sucked it. I
could feel a little more of his cock go in my mouth at each thrust. He held
the sides of my head in his hands and pumped in and out slowly. I let my saliva
lube his cock and tried to take it all, but it was just too big. I could only
fit 4 inches or so in my mouth, leaving about 6 more outside it. He like it,
though, moaning as I slurped away. My cock was hard now, the scent of his
cock and pubes making me wish I'd done this before now. I was horny as if I
hadn't come in a week, yet I'd come 4 times this long night.

He soon pulled out, and jacked it off, cumming on my lips and tongue as I licked
the head. "Goddam, that was good", he said, pulling me to my feet. He then
licked his own cum off my chin and lips. I was shuddering at the nasty horni-
ness of all this, still jacking off. He dropped to his knees and sucked my
dick until I came yet again, drinking it like mothers' milk.

"You are one serious horndog", I told him as he rose. "You've no idea", he
replied. We didn't speak again on the ride home. I was exhausted. As he got
out at his house he finally spoke. "We're fuck buddies now. Anytime you want
to drop a load you can call me. I thought about that all the way home. I knew
I should feel ashamed, hell, we beat up 'queers' in high school, but goddamn
what we'd done felt good, and between he and Ruth I felt better than I'd ever
felt. I slept for 14 hours straight.

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