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The Diaries of Cindy Murcok

I was on business trip in the french polynasia.

Beautiful beaches, tropical palm trees, clear blue skyes and turquoise water.
As the sun was getting ready to set, I resorted to going back to my room.

I was staying in a log cabin by the beach, but like all top corporate businesses trips, this hotel was by far no exception to the rule of luxury.

There was this beautiful fireplace with marble surrounding, laminated wood flooring with a small white bear skin rug infront, peach coloured walls and wooden blinds that would allow the sunlight to penetrate between the blinds giving a warm stripy sunlight atmosphere.

With the surround sound on as I listened to slow RnB music, I lay back into the soft and confortable black leather sofa.

When suddenly I feel 2 hands slide on over my shoulders from behind me, gently carressing them. It felt nice and relaxing.

I then could then feel his warm breath of the unnamed waiter I barely knew kissing softly down the hairline on my neck.

Soft and sensual, I tilt my head to one side and he gently kisses around and up to my ear lobe.

He was young and handsome, tanned and toned, tall and had eyes to die for

He then whispers, cindy... as he slowly guides his hands down my arms and back up to my shoulders and rubbing them.

As he goes back to kiss and gently nibble on my ear lobe his hand slides along side the side of my cheek and guides me to kissing his soft, wet and warm lips

After a shortwhile, he proceeds to walk around the sofa, He grabs a hold of my hand in an inviting manner to stand up.

His hand glides up my arm and slowly moves in whilst looking into my eyes and down at my lips to kiss me.

I slowly start to undo my blause exposing my firm bust and bra, he kisses down the side to my chest, and slides his hands down to my thin black businessware skirt with a side slit, pulls me closely to him firmly and looks into my eyes.

He squeezes my ass and raises me up of the ground, I wrap my legs around him and he lowers me down on the sofa.

Kissing down from my bust slowly and gently as he is looking up into my eyes.
he gets down to my belly button were he proceeds to give love bites (Hickies) all around my belly button, kissing and licking.

He slowly unzips my skirt, exposing my black thong.
As he proceeds to kiss lower looking directly into my eyes and feeling my thys

He saises my legs up and over his shoulders, one at a time kissing from the knee down to my thong.

His face is pressed up against my thong and I can feel his soft tongue rubbing against my underware, making it moist. Making my pussy moist.

God that feels nice. I slide my hands around the side of his face and slowly pull him closer and let my hands flow through his jet black hair.

He moves my thong to the side, n starts to lick up and down with his tongue flat against my pussy.

Tasting Me
Smelling Me
Feeling Me
Wanting Me

He then moves the excess skin to the side to slowly lick my clit
Mmmm, I want him closer to me, I want to feel his body.

His moving his tongue slowly in circles and then rubbing it with 4 fingers flat out on my pussy in circular motions.

I slide my hands down from his hair to the back of his neck and pull him tight up against my pussy.

He then licks up and down the walls of my opening, up and down and rubs my clit firmly and steadily.

After he seperates the skin to lick again my pussy he slides one finger inside and does a "come here" motion inside rubbing my G-Spot and licking my clit.

He takes off his shirt exposing his toned and tanned chest.
Picks me up and lays me down infront of the marble fireplace on that white bear skin rug carpet.

I lay there with my legs slitly bent and open, he then slides my thong off down to my ankles and off past my stileto shoes.

By the fire place there laid a champaigne bottle cooler with ice in it.

He removed the already opened bottle of champagne and pours it onto my stomach, in which he slowly licks it off

With an ice cube from the cooler, he runs it down from my belly button to my clit, He then removes it and continues to lick and rubbing it around the rest of my pussy whilst it melts, I feel the wet melted ice cube all over his fingers, he continues to lick my clit and slides one finger back inside to rub my G-Spot.

With his other hand he gently pushes down below my belly button
Mmmm I can feel every slight bit of moment

I want him

He slides up kissing up my belly button and up to my chest, kissing up my neck to my ear

He whispers my name..

and again

as he slides his hands around my thys and squeezes my ass

As I moan he proceeds to whisper into my ear, Fuck me

Fuck Me Cindy

I could feel his bulging hard penis through his trousers pushed up against my pussy

As he leans back I bite my lower lip as I admire his body
His young looks.

He proceeds to undo his trouser button
I can see the trail of hair leading from his belly button passed the now V shape from his undone trousers

He slides them down along side his boxers too and he leans back over my body.

I feel his warm cock against my pussy, its soo wet its dialating to allow him entry.

He slides the tip of his cock in

I can feel it

Just the head of his penis sliding inside of me slowly, mmm thats nice
He then pulls out

And slowly goes back in again
Over n over again

Each time just sliding that little bit more into me.

Once fully inside of me, he starts to grind his hips up and down, going a little faster each time.

Harder n then gentle
Faster n then slower

He gets faster n faster, I can feel his hard cock rubbing and touching me in all the right places.

He starts to work up a sweat and i can feel how warm his body is as i slide my hands down his back to his ass

He looks directly into my eyes whilst catching breath and still grinding his hips back n forth slowly

Sweat drops flow down to the tip of his nose and fall onto my soft gentle skin

He then passionatly grips my ass sliding his hands around my body, back up to my arms as he pins them down past my head

Whispering Cindy...
Fuck Me

He goes faster n harder
Faster with every time he calls my name

Then when I moan he suddenly slows
to tease me

After a few seconds of going slow he builds up a speed again
Faster n Harder

His balls banging up against my ass
Our bodys slapping together with the f***e as we fuck

God this feels sooo good

Then he slows again
Dam I love how he is teasing me

He starts again, faster n harder
But this time my body cant take it

I feel my pussy tightening around his cock, It rubs against the shaft of his cock, his not slowing down

Suddenly I feel a bust of hot, warm, thick, creamy cum shooting up inside of my pussy, filling my pussy full of cum

I grip his back and pull him close to me with my legs wrapped around his body

That was good
As he pulls his cock out I start to feel the cum dribble down to my ass

We take a moment to admire each other and catch our breaths and lay there falling asl**p by each other

Naked infront of that fire place with white fluffy bear rug skin carpet

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