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Boy Toy - The End.

I wanted to slam the door in his face and continue on with my little fantasy but when I looked up into his eyes there was just no way I could have closed the door at that moment and we both knew it.

I stepped towards him and slid my hands up his chest in an obvious gesture for him to bend down and kiss me. I smiled into the kiss as his lips touched mine and our tongues briefly touched as the kiss deepened there in the doorway. I felt his hands reach for the bottom of my t-shirt and start to pull it over my mid section. Right here in the hallway, he wanted to undress me... cute. My fingers slid to the nape of his neck and tightened in a tangled grip of his thick hair. I twisted my wrist and pulled his mouth off of mine as I deliberately bent his head back forcing him down onto his knees so that he was just below eye level with me. I looked into Toy's eyes and watched his expressions as he tried to figure out the flip my mind just made.

I let go of his hair and started pulling his shirt up over his head. He helped, shrugging out of the material and immediately his hands went around to rub the soft material covering my ample ass. I swatted his hands away and laughed a little looking him over, half dressed, on his knees in my doorway. "Take your jeans off." He started to get up and in his unsteady footing I pushed him back down hard with my foot. "I didn't say get up, I said take your jeans off." I smirked at him while I watched his hands go to his pants. I wasn't sure he realized my door was still open and technically he was still in the hall until he got midway down on his zipper and stopped.

"Wait... here?"

"Mnn hmm, right there. Off." He obeyed, slowly pushing his jeans down when I said "Might as well push your shorts off too while you're at it."

He looked up and me and then up and down the hall and back to the stairs behind him. "Here? Really?"

"Mnn hmm, there, really."

He hesitated and I shrugged and folded my arms but kept my eyes on him. He squirmed around down on the floor trying to push the jeans and shorts down and off when he got to his boots. I chuckled when he realized his pants were already around his ankles and he would have to maneuver around his boots or fumble with taking them off as well. It was all the same to me, he was nearly naked in my hallway and I was enjoying the sight. He decided on unlacing and chucking the boots into my apartment before kicking his jeans and shorts off. I moved them away with my foot as he got back to his knees now naked except for socks in my hallway.

"Now you can come in." He put one foot flat on the floor to leverage himself to standing and my leg swept his, darting dangerously close to his semi rigid bobbing cock. "I didn't say you could get up, I said you could come in."

"What? Like crawl?"

We both heard the unmistakable jingle of keys and someone's foot on a lower step starting to ascend. He looked towards the stairs and then into my apartment. "If I were you, I'd get crawling, unless you WANT someone to see you like this." I stepped aside and prepared to watch the Toy scoot himself into my apartment on his hands and knees. I could see his jaw clenching firmly as he placed his hands on the floor and started to crawl in. I watched with no small amount of pleasure as his cock bobbed when he moved and hit his leg and stomach. My door wasn't yet closed when my neighbor Holli got to our landing. She looked up from her purse and our eyes met. She smirked and nodded with a grin as I waved and shut the door behind Toy's bare ass. He had stopped and wasn't moving in any further so I gave him a little nudge with my foot. He crawled a couple of inches and stopped again. I laughed and kicked gently at his ball sac hanging between his legs, he growled and crawled forward more towards the coffee table he had been tied to earlier.

I grabbed a cut and discarded piece of pink cord and sat on the couch in an un lady like position and beckoned Toy to crawl towards me. He came forward when I curled my finger at him and sat back obediently when I told him to sit up. I bent down to slide my hand along the length of his cock. I saw his eyes close in pleasure when my fingers slid securely along his shaft. I bent my head to kiss his lips gently. I loved toy's lips, so perfectly formed and kissable. Surely they would be good for other uses like the ass kissing he now owed me. I looped the pink cord around under his balls and twisted the rope together between two fingers folding it into a cinch. I grabbed the cord with my other hand and took my mouth away from his as I tightened the cord around his cock and behind his balls. He grunted and I smiled at the look in his eyes. I yanked on the cord and twisted the strands together again securing the cinch into a knot. The excess now hung like a leash and I demonstrated how the knot would tighten when I yanked on it. That got his attention rather quickly.

I laid the end of the cord on the couch and took off my top smiling at the way toy was looking at my tits. I stroked my hand in his hair in an affectionate gesture and let him bury his soft head between my heavy tits. He started kissing them and I took up the end of the cord again. He kissed around my right breast, nuzzling the soft underside, stroking his tongue against its smoothness. I allowed this for a while until he moved onto my nipples. I let him swipe his tongue around one just long enough to make the dime sized coral nipple stick out from the large nearly transparent areola. I yanked on the cord until he begrudgingly pulled his mouth off to look up at me. I let the cord slack when he turned towards my other breast offering it the same attention, again I stopped him when my nipple was poking up hard.

"Finish undressing me, Toy.." that was all he needed to hear when his hands were on me in an instant. He pulled at the waist band of my pants and slid his hands around my ass. I enjoyed letting Toy feel me up, occasionally he would kiss some exposed skin or let his hand rub over it gently like he was getting a feel for me. His long fingers found their way into my hot slit before my pants were off and I yanked the cord to jerk him back into reality. He quickly pulled the pants down to my ankles and I stepped out of them and sat back down on the couch my thick thighs blocking his way to my pussy.

"You can start there at my feet, Toy, show me how much you appreciate me giving you a second chance." He looked confused for only a moment when his hand started idly rubbing my feet. I closed my eyes and sighed in pleasure. To his credit toy took this as a cue of encouragement. He bent his head to kiss my toes and I groaned softly, nodding that he was on the right track. He kissed my toes, soles, instep, arches, ankles.. while his mouth worked one foot his fingers seemed to be expertly massaging the other. He caressed my calves and placed kisses with those perfect lips intermittently up my shins until he got to my knees. I parted my thighs and felt his tongue licking the sensitive skin making my bare ass squirm on the plushy couch cushions. I reluctantly pushed him away with my toes and we both panted a little clearly turned on. Having him on his knees in front of me on the floor was great and all but I wanted Toy in my bed.

I took up the end of the cord again and heard him growl just a little. I yanked on it just for that little noise of disapproval. "Come willingly, or come by f***e, Toy, but you're going to follow me now." I started walking towards the bedroom and Toy could do nothing but crawl after my swinging bare ass. I admit, a couple of times I sped up my pace just a bit to yank the cord taut and elicit that groan again. My bed was sort of high so I climbed up into it and dropped the cord letting Toy choose to come up on his own or stay on the floor. He stayed on the floor, probably because he thought I hadn't given him permission to come up with me. It was so nice to see him learning. I snuggled into my thick a****l print comforter moved around aware that his eyes were on me. I stretched the way a feline does before they settle into a comfortable spot and I propped myself back on the pillows.

I slid my fingers down to my pussy and rubbed it slowly looking at Toy. "I should punish you for that stunt you pulled. I don't like games, toy." I am sure he had a million smart ass things to say, I could see it in his eyes, probably like always, a million smart ass things to say... but he wasn't saying them. I pushed my finger against my clit and was a little surprised to find it slick and hot. It seemed these activities were turning me on more than I realized. "You know I should punish you, Toy?" I said it like a question.

"Yeah, I know."

I nodded... I started thinking about punishing him. I could use any number of the toys in my night stand. I had paddles, a small flogger, some improvised kitchen implements... so many things to make his bare butt bright red like I wanted it. I pushed my fingers hard against my pussy and groaned, twisting my hips up, feeling myself start to inch towards climax. I took my hand away, my fingers wet with my juices. I offered my finger to Toy and his lips and tongue were immediately on them as if I had just offered cream to a kitten. When he was done I wiped my wet fingers in his hair and turned on my side towards my night stand, I opened the drawer and took out a vibrator and a white spatula from the kitchen. I patted the bed indicating that I was giving Toy permission to come up. Toy looked to the spatula and my vibrator but hesitated a bit before crawling up onto his hands and knees.

I pointed to the opposite wall and when he turned he was facing a large mirror on the wall across from the foot of my bed. I spread his legs and watched his face in the mirror as I knelt behind him and rubbed the spatula on his ass. "Wiggle this ass for me, Toy." He wagged his hips back and forth a little and I laughed and offered each cheek a half strength smack. He groaned faked making a big deal of it so i grabbed the cord and yanked again my eyes on his in the mirror. "You. Deserve. This. And. More." I punctuated each word with a blow, making them increasingly harder. He actually reflexively jerked his ass away from the last swat and I added two. WHAP! WHAP! "You. Deserve. This. Say. It." I knew the second it came out of my mouth what he was going to do with that.


I reared my hand back and yanked full f***e on the cock cord as my right hand peppered his ass with HARD smacks from the spatula, two in one spot, three in one spot, some on his thighs. "Toy!" WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

"Yes!!! Mistress!! I'm sorry! I deserve it!!" I started to slow down the blows but not their intensity. They were starting to color his skin and mark in places I had gone over several times. I slid the vibrator between my legs and switched it on. It was quiet but its faint low hum was obvious as I began to hump on it staring at the red ass in front of me.

I dropped the spatula and let my hand stroke over his ass feeling his skin heat and blister a little. I rubbed it and chewed on my bottom lip. "Who do you belong to."

"I belong to you, Mistress."

I twisted my hips on the vibrator and felt it humming on my clit. "Who do you want?"

"You, Mistress."

I nodded and continued to stroke his ass, I pinched a dark red mark and watched it color a deeper red. My pussy was slick and wet as I rubbed myself along the waves of my large vibrator. I was starting to breathe heavily and Toy's cock was hardening again. I met his eyes in the mirror and realized he was watching me get lost in pleasuring myself and spanking him at the same time. I yanked the cock cord and told him to turn over on his back. His body moved a little stiffly but he eventually turned over so that he was on his back at the end of my bed his long hair just starting to hang over the foot of my mattress. My eyes traveled the lines of his body, soft in some spots, slight muscle definition in other spots... my toy. I crawled up the length of his body, his hard cock brushing my belly and I stopped there to tease him for a while. He bucked his hips and I crept up further so that his cock was now behind my ass. My lips and tongue kissed and tickled his navel and nipples. I rubbed my ass against his cock when I started to kiss at his neck the way I like to be kissed there. He tried to kiss me back but I had my hand in his hair again keeping his mouth off of me. I kissed his lips and smiled down at him again really taking a minute to enjoy him as a man, not just a toy. I sat back so that his stomach was now taking most of my weight and we sunk into the bed. "This is your second, last and only remaining chance, toy, don't disappoint me again."

I turned around on top of my toy and presented him with my ass again. I slowly lowered my plump round ass cheeks over his face and squirmed my hips down on his head. I could feel his nose, lips and now tongue pressing into me as I let my weight sink his head deeper into the soft cushion of my bed. I let up only long enough to reach my big blue vibrator that was still up by the pillows. I turned it on again and slid it against my clit so that it was sandwiched between my cunt and his chest. I felt his warm hands on my thighs and I shivered a little as the touch tickled me just a bit. He was pushing my hips up a bit so that he could move his mouth and tongue to a new position on my ass and begin to kiss and lick there. I closed my eyes and let him pleasure my ass feeling that tongue twisting into the tight hole as I started to really rock on the vibrator. I stopped my hand from moving and just alternated between humping his face and my vibrator. I moved my vibrator off when his arms closed around my legs and held my ass and cunt to his face. I should have let him use his hands before... I could feel my body tightening and getting close to climax again. I prayed that his tongue would continue to work tirelessly on my clit which was where it was now...I was starting to really grind on his face, getting closer... so close... I wanted to cum, I knew it was right there.. right there.. "Don't stop toy, don't stop, don't stop..." His tongue was moving faster and it was almost the right amount of pressure but I was starting to over stimulate again.. I whimpered and moved up hearing toy pant under me.

"Slower, faster, harder, oh god toy, you were so close..." my voice trailed off in frustration and he yanked me back down again, his tongue started working my over active clit. It was almost painful, I tried to pull off but he was strong and determined. He tongue flattened and stroked firmly on my clit.. he was moving it slow, then fast, then hard, circling my clit, lapping my juices, I could hear his mouth, feel him... so close to pleasure.. my toy was so close to... my pleasure.. my toy... I sunk my nails into his thighs and jerked my hips on his face.. it was coming.. I was starting... then I was cumming, hard.. intense.. and toy's tongue was flicking and slurping as I came hard on his mouth. I yelped in surprise when I realized what he had done to me. "Oh god, toy, oh my god.. you.. oh my god.. soo good.. fuck.. toy you made me cum, oh my god."

I rested my head on his belly and pulled my hips up off of his face. When I caught my breath I crawled off of him and turned around to see his smile, nose, cheeks and those perfect lips glistening with cunt cream. I kissed him and he used my weak moment to spin us around so that I was under him. I looked up and instinctively grabbed for the pink cord cock leash but it was out of my grip and toy was now on top.

He grinned and looked down at me, thoroughly pinned. His cock was inches from my tits and mouth. He chuckled and I shivered at the delicious sound. "I win."


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