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Caught with My 19 Year Old s****rs Panties in My H

My younger s****r Barbara had always been the little tease although I doubt she knew the effect she often had on me. There were many times when she would sit on the sofa with her knees up to her chin and her feet apart, totally oblivious that she was giving me a great view of her sexy little satin panties.

I had lost count of the amount of times I had pulled on my dick in the bathroom while thinking of her tight nineteen year old body. Ok she was my s****r and as such should have been out of bounds on the sexual fantasy level, but when something turns you on its pretty hard to ignore. She was one of those gorgeous girl next-door types with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a very sexy body to go with it.

Anyway, it was during one of these bathroom sessions that I found a pair of her sexy little purple satin bikini sting low-rise panties on the floor by a discarded towel. Curiosity got the better of me and I picked them up. I turned the smooth satin material round and round between my hands and before I knew what I was doing I lifted them up to my nose and inhaled deeply.

My dick flexed in response and a small spurt of pre-cum escaped from the tip without me even touching it. I instinctively dropped my boxers and wrapped the soft satin panties around my dick. I began to slowly slide my s****r’s panties up and down my hardened shaft; I just loved the feel the soft material against my skin. As I picked up the pace I felt another squirt let loose from my prick cock. My legs suddenly felt weak and I had to quickly grab onto the sink in order to stop myself from collapsing to the floor. Suddenly I was rocketed by the hardest orgasm I ever had, as I blanketed my s****r’s sexy little purple satin bikini sting low-rise panties with my i****tuous seed. As I looked down I could see that I had filled the inside crotch of her panties so much, that it was no longer could contain any more fluids as it seeped through the satin material.

I didn't know why the feel of her satin panties affected me so much, but I was happy to add them to my list of turn-ons. In fact I think because of the effect they had on me they would be right at the top of that list.

I lifted my head up from the sink and looked in the mirror. "Oh shit!" I cried out and spun around to confirm what my eyes and the reflection in the mirror had seen.

There was my s****r in a pink tank top and tight blue jeans standing in the doorway staring open mouthed at me; her twenty two year old b*****r. No doubt I was staring back at her in just the same way. For the next few moments nothing was said and nobody moved. The only sound that could be heard was from the cum falling off her panties onto the floor.

I suddenly realized that she was staring at her used panties in my hand wrapped around my dick saturated in my cum! I was lost for words and actions. I suppose, on reflection, I could have covered myself up but at the time I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

I waited for her to explode and call me a pervert for using her panties to give myself a thrill, but instead she just grinned, turned around and shut the door behind herself. I threw her dirty cum filled panties back to the towel on the floor and pulled my jeans back up.

Over the next few days I tried my best to avoid my s****r. But there were times, such as meal times, that I just couldn't avoid her. When she caught my eye she would just simply smile and give me a knowing little wink. Even though that made me a bit uncomfortable I was just pleased that she hadn't mouthed off to our parents about what she had discovered about her perverted b*****r. I tried to convince myself that she hadn't seen the panties grasped tightly in my hand and around my cock, but I knew deep down that she did see them. After all how on earth could she have missed them?

One evening a couple of weeks later events took on a new path between my s****r and I as we sat in the f****y room watching a movie. Mom and dad had taken themselves out for dinner to one of the local restaurants with some people from work, which left us alone together in the house. I knew this moment would come sooner or later but I wished it had been later.

"I always knew you liked looking at my panties but I didn't know you liked them that much." She giggled from the other side of the room.

'Oh crap' I thought to myself and tried to ignore her by fixing my gaze on the television screen.

"Which ones do you prefer? My hot-pink ones, my powder blue ones, my white ones?" she continued "Oh I know which ones you like best… my sexy little purple satin bikini sting ones." She giggled again.

Ok this had gone on long enough. I spun round on the sofa to tell her to shut her mouth. But instead of words coming out my mouth just hung open like I was trying to catch flies when I saw how she was sat. Her blue denim skirt was bunched up around her waist and she was slumped back in the chair with a leg over each arm. My gaze was transfixed on the bunched up sexy little purple satin triangle of cloth covering her pussy.

"I knew it was the purple ones you liked the best. Do you recognize them b*****r dear? They are the ones you were enjoying yourself with when I caught you in the bathroom."

Fuck she had seen them that day. I was so humiliated that I tried to pull my eyes away from her crotch, but it was though I was hypnotized because all I could manage was a quick glance up to her smiling face and then back down to the crotch of her panties.

"Come and get a closer look." She barely whispered.

This time I did manage to drag my eyes from her panties and looked her square in the eyes. Was she just winding me up just to get a laugh at my expense? I wasn't sure and I searched her face for any clues. She would have made an excellent poker player because she gave nothing away.

"Are you deaf or something?"

My mouth was so dry I couldn't speak so I just lamely shook my head.

"Well then do as I say." She suddenly barked.

I must have looked so stupid to her as I jumped off the sofa and crawled over to her. But I didn't care because I was going to get one of my little perverted fantasies fulfilled. Although she was only about ten foot away from where I had been sitting, the crawl over to her seemed like miles as I felt every fiber of the carpet press into my palms. When I was about two feet away from her I stopped because I was unsure of how close I should get, plus I was also waiting for her to burst out laughing.

"What's the matter little doggy… are you scared?" she mocked. "Come closer."

My heart was pounding in my chest as I edged closer and closer. When I was just inches from her I stopped again. My eyes drank in the full beauty of her purple satin panty covered pussy. I had never dreamed in a million years that I would ever get this chance to be so close to her flashing her panties. I inhaled through my nose as quietly as I could so that she wouldn't be aware of my growing excitement and my senses reeled as that familiar aroma invaded every crevice of my psyche.

The silence between us was almost deafening. "I thought you liked my panties. Maybe little doggy doesn't want to nuzzle his mistress." She sulkily pouted.

What made her think she was my mistress? Who was she calling a little doggy? Maybe I should have put a stop to her little game there and then. She had had her fun and now it was time for me to call a halt to it. But so far she had commanded the show with an authority that came so naturally to her that I now found myself on all fours between her spread legs with my nose just inches from her purple satin gusset. Another twinge of embarrassment washed over me at how gullible and easily lead I had been by her.

I could have rebelled and called it off… but I knew it just as much as she knew it … that she had me hooked. She knew from when she caught me in the bathroom that she had me. But for me to go any further I knew I had to accept her as my mistress and in doing so I knew there would be no going back. It wasn't a difficult decision to make.

I leaned forward and brushed my nose softly against her crotch. She murmured her approval, so I did it again. Soon I was rubbing my face into the gusset of her panties with increasing lust. I could feel the lips of her cunt part with the pressure of my nose and noticed that she had become so wet that her juices were seeping through the purple satin cloth.

My cock was so hard it was painful, which wasn't helping as it was trapped in the tight confines of my jeans. How I wanted to release it and stroke it but that would have meant moving my face away from the nirvana between my s****r's legs. If I stayed where I was and continued to please her by rubbing my face on her maybe… just maybe… she would let me suck on her.

Her firm thighs began to tremble and her hips were squirming underneath my relentless nuzzling. She began a low groaning deep in her chest and quickly grabbing my head she f***ed my face harder against her covered pussy. Her groan got louder and louder as she bucked and twisted her sodden panty crotch against me. Suddenly she stopped with her hips high in the air and with a long guttural moan exploded in orgasm. Her cunt jerked and mashed against my face as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her.

Slowly her orgasm subsided, leaving her a breathless and panting slumped in the chair. After a short while she released my head. "Wow that was fantastic." She grinned down at me.

Reluctantly I sat back on my heels. My face was sore and felt bruised from the abuse it had just taken. But it was the best experience I had ever had and I wasn't going to complain.

"As a special treat for being such a good doggy why don't you take your cock out and bring yourself off for me while I watch." She breathed.

I didn't need a second invitation and was more than happy to comply. Within seconds I had my throbbing prick in my hand. I knew I wouldn't take long to cum as I pumped my fist steadily up and down the shaft. My eyes were glued to the crotch of her purple panties as my pace quickened. My balls tightened and raised up… I can't believe it… I'm finally going to spurt in front of my s****r.

Just as I felt my cum rushing up my shaft my s****r… my mistress… shuffled forward onto the edge of the chair, pressing her now wet purple satin bikini string panties against the opening on my dick. I could feel her pussy lips parting behind the satin material as I pushed forward, forcing the material to slide deep into my s****r’s pussy. This pushed me over the edge and I blasted my i****tuous seed against the soft material containing her pussy lips. I was cumming so much I was sure my pregnatious seed was seeping through the thin material of her sexy little purple panties and up into her open pussy. My dick continued to jerked and pulse in my fist as I saturated my s****r’s panties. My orgasm was so powerful it felt like electric bolts were firing up and down my spine.

When my balls were completely drained I fell back, exhausted, onto the carpet. But I had no time to compose myself because we both heard the key turning in the front door lock. I quickly pushed my prick back into my jeans and leapt onto the sofa just in time. As for my s****r she just curled her legs underneath herself and giggled. I have no idea how much the room stank of sex but our mother did give us a quizzical look before she dismissed the idea.

With a smile on my face I sneaked a look over towards my now innocent looking s****r and saw her softly scratching the exterior front panel of her purple satin panties. She smiled back and lifted the finger up to her mouth and sucked on it. I couldn't believe it… “MY s****r” had just tasted “MY CUM”!!!

Seeing this act of sexiness from my s****r I felt my prick begin to stir back to life. She leaned over and said, “You taste good, but how did you like fucking your s****r? You know you slipped that dick of yours into me pretty deeply when you came. I wanted to let you know that I’m not on the pill and that you might have just gotten me pregnant.”

I started to panic, when she said, “I’ll have to let you know in two and a half weeks in the event I miss my period, but in the mean time how would you like to slide under me and stick that dick of yours inside me? I just have to have some more of that dick!

Barbara what about mom she might catch us?

Who cares I’m just so turned on that I need it now!

Who was I to argue?

As it turns out we didn’t get caught, but it has been four weeks since that night and my s****r didn’t get her period. I would have to assume she is pregnant with my baby.

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