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The new neighbour

Sonia sat at her computer browsing holiday sites looking for a last minute deal. As the sun moved round and made it difficult to see the monitor she began to wonder why she needed to go abroad. It was absolutely glorious outside, and indoors she was hot, even though she only had on her skimpy cotton shorts and a little vest top.

She decided that she would give herself another half hour then wash the car before her husband got home. She needed to do something about the glare on the monitor first though, so she got up to go and close the blind. As her hand reached for the cord she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye, and turned her head to look again. Down in next door’s garden the new neighbour was laying out a beach towel on the lawn.

As he lay down on it she couldn’t help admiring his slim toned body. When he leaned up on his elbow to look around him she backed away from the window so he couldn’t see her standing there. She wasn’t really sure why she didn’t want to be seen, but she was very careful about peering out the edge of the window to see if he had lain back down.

She was in luck, he had. What’s more he was now rubbing sun oil into his body. Sonia stood transfixed as she watched his hands wander all over his now glistening chest and six pack. To her mind he appeared to be being slightly more thorough than was absolutely necessary, but if she was honest she wasn’t complaining.

He now had his eyes closed as he moved his hands once more down over his abs. This time instead of moving them back up his torso he slid them down inside his waistband. Sonia let out an involuntary gasp as she watched his hands disappear down the front of his shorts. It was obvious from the movements beneath the material that he was playing with himself, and this was having an equally obvious effect on Sonia, as she felt her nipples harden.

She slid one hand up inside her vest and started gently tweaking her erect nipple, without once taking her eyes off the scene in next door’s back garden. Clearly her neighbour was confident that nobody could see him as the movement within his shorts got more and more urgent, until without warning he pulled his hard cock out over the waistband of his shorts.

For the second time Sonia gasped. She knew she should move away from the window, but the sight of his hand rubbing up and down his shaft, which was now glistening with the sun oil that was still on his hands, was mesmerising her. With his spare hand he eased his shorts down around his hips, then started to squeeze his balls while continuing the stroking of his erection.

Without really being aware of what she was doing Sonia had put her own hand down the front of her shorts and she was now fingering her clit with one hand and playing with her breasts with the other.

Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier as his wanking got faster and harder, until finally he arched his back and raised his hips off the ground as his climax hit him. The sight of so much cum splattering all over his taut shiny body was too much for her, and she felt her own orgasm consume her.

“Did you enjoy that?”
She leapt with the shock of hearing her husband’s voice. So engrossed had she been in watching her neighbour playing with himself in the warm summer sunshine that she hadn’t heard her husband get home.
She flushed bright red and started to try and stammer some sort of explanation.
“Don’t worry about it” he said “I enjoyed watching both of you. See for yourself”. And taking her hand her wrapped her fingers around his own cock. “Maybe next time we can watch together!”
“That would be so sexy” she purred as her fingers started to go to work on him ....

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