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Taboo Orgy Part 9

Taboo Orgy Part 9.

Cathy had all eyes on her as she sipped on her drink. She could feel every part of her body tingle and she wanted more sex in any shape or form. She was amazed that she was doing all of this in front of her mum and dad and she loved them for letting her be a part of this orgy. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined being in an orgy could have so many possibilities for her to try out. As she sipped her drink and saw the state of all the others in the room her mind started getting dirty thoughts of what she might like to try. She had fantasies of things she wanted to try but they were all on a one on one situation. Now here with all these naked people looking at her sweat covered body, the possibilities were endless. The deeper she delved into her mind the hornier she got.
The women had lust in their eyes and looked like they had just run a marathon. Their hair was wet and clinging to their sweaty bodies and their nipples were still hard and erect. Jen was resting against the seat and running her hand over her belly as she looked at Cathy. Cathy wondered what dirty thoughts were going through her mind as they eye ball each other. When Jen indicated with her finger for her to come over she placed her glass down and crawled over to her on her hands and knees and when she was close to her she kissed her with an opened mouth.
Jen broke their kiss by pulling on her hair and said, “Get on the floor and spread your legs for me.” She did as she was told and Jen climbed over her in a 69 position. She lowered her hips towards Cathy’s face and told her to eat her good and hard. As Cathy started licking out her cunt Jen moaned and turned to face her s****r Ann and said, “I want a cock in my ass and I want to see Trevor fuck her ass at the same time.”
Ann had a lustful grin on her face and was turned on with the idea that she asked Jen if she would eat her out while being ass fucked. “Bring it on s*s,” Jen told Darren to get in behind her and give her ass a fucking good pounding.
Darren lifted her hips up and pointed his cock into Cathy’s mouth and pushed down her throat. Cathy sucked him deep as she waited for her father’s cock to enter her ass. She knew she would have a quick orgasm from the thought of what her father was about to do to her. When Darren pulled his cock out of her mouth she took that moment and said to her dad, “Fuck your little girls ass anyway you want to dad and don’t hold back on me.”
The rest of the group cheered as Trevor got in front of her stretched out legs. Jen grab Cathy under her legs and lifted them to expose her anal passage and spat out a long trail of spit that landed on her ass hole. Trevor spread it around her hole with the head of his cock. As he rubbed it around he quickly looked at his wife Karen to see her response to what was about to happen. He was happy to see her fingering herself with excitement of what was to come.
Karen removed her fingers and move in close to him and smeared her wet fingers all over his shaft and said, “There babe, now you can put a bit of me and you into her at the same time.” With that they kissed deeply and she helped guild his stiff cock into their daughter’s ass. He slowly pushed forward as Karen pulled back his foreskin and Cathy moaned as he passed her sphincter. Cathy yelped when he entered and Jen shut her up by lowering her cunt back down on her mouth.
Karen’s body shivered when she heard her daughter moan and saw his cock enter her and said to Trevor in a husky voice, “Can you believe that our daughter wants you to fuck her so badly and in front of everyone.” “No I can’t believe it and I know it’s all wrong yet I’m hungry for this just as bad as she is. Are we sick or are we normal in our lust for our daughter, I just don’t know and really at the moment I just don’t care.” “I know what you mean honey and I don’t understand it myself but I have never been so turned on in my entire life as I am now. All I know is that our lives are going to be different from now on. This has changed me forever Trevor and our sex life is going to be as kinky and dirty as we want.” Trevor asked her, “How do you want me to fuck her babe?” “Slowly slid your cock into her until you’re in deep and then I want you to pull it out and let me taste her ass. Then when I get your cock nice and wet I want you to fuck her hard and deep and fill her ass with a load of cum for me.”
As Trevor started feeding more and more of his cock into her, Jenny was spitting on his cock and smearing it around Cathy’s ass while he and Karen kissed each other deeply.
Jenny could feel Cathy moaning into her cunt as Darren started pushing his cock into her ass. She turned to Darren and with a lustful grin said, “Just shove it in Darren, all the way in.” He didn’t hold back and thrust his hips forward and sunk his cock in deep as his balls slapped against Cathy’s forehead. He moaned at the tightness around his cock and started pumping into her with great f***e as she screamed and yelled, “Don’t stop fucking me, Give it to me, oh fuck yes.” Her head was banging against Trevor’s chest with every impact as Karen removed her mouth from his cock and shoved it back in Cathy’s ass.
Cathy was trying hard to suck Jen’s clit as Darren hammered into her with her father doing the same to her ass. She inserted two fingers into Jen’s cunt and could feel Darren’s cock through the thin layer of skin between the two holes. This was turning her on so much that she started to finger fuck Jen’s cunt in time with Darren’s cock as her own ass was getting ripped apart. The pain had slowly turned to pleasure as she sucked harder on Jen’s clit. It only got better for her when she felt fingers entering her cunt and roughly scr****g the walls. Her mind was out of control with all that was going on and yet she felt like she wanted more inside of her.
The lust in Karen seeing Trevor fucking their daughter’s ass made her shove three fingers into Cathy’s wet cunt while she shoved three fingers into her own.
Ann got up and stood in between Trevor and Jen and placed her cunt over Jens mouth and told her to shut up and suck. Jen found it hard to keep her mouth steady while being roughly fucked until Ann grabbed her by the head and pulled it in hard to her wet cunt.
Ann knew that she was about to cum and started to grind herself harder against Jen’s mouth. Just as she pulled on her s****r’s head Jen was hit with a massive orgasm and was screaming in Ann’s cunt. Ann felt this and quickened her pace as she squeezed her left breast. Her legs were starting to shake and she rubbed her cunt harder into Jen’s screaming mouth and then it hit her. She cried out, “Oh yessssssssss, oh fuck me I’m cummmmmmming, ohhhhhh, fuck yesssssss.” Her ass was bucking against Trevor and he grabbed her as her legs were giving in to her massive orgasm. Her body jerked up and down in her ecstasy and she never let go of her s****r’s head. They were both cuming at the same time and Jen could only scream as her anal contraction went wild around Darren’s cock. Ann had no strength left in her to hold herself up and decided to hit the floor and enjoy the rest of her orgasm on her own. As she released herself from her s****r’s mouth, a long strand of cunt juice and saliva stretched out then snapped and hung from Jen’s chin. Ann collapsed onto Cathy and then slid off to the side as her body trembled and twitched leaving her panting and bucking all over the place.
Jen could finally breathe and started screaming, “Fuck me, don’t stop sucking my cunt, oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god,” as her entire body trembled. Her face was dripping wet and saliva was running from her opened mouth onto Cathy’s belly. As wave after wave of uncontrollable spasm’s ripped through her body she thought she would never stop cumming. Trevor was holding her up and could smell Ann’s cunt on her face which made him shove his tongue into her mouth. She didn’t respond so he licked the inside of her mouth and all around her face. As he licked her face she quietly whispered to him, “Enough, enough, please let me go, no more, please. Trevor looked at Darren and told him she can’t take any more. Darren stopped his pounding and pulled out of her contracting ass hole. She fell to the side and hit the floor next to her panting s****r while holding onto her cunt and feeling the contractions in her cunt and ass hole running wild. Darren sat back against the couch holding his rock hard cock and was relieved to finally have a break. Cathy wanted to suck his cock and taste Jen’s ass as her dad continued fucking her ass. She was enjoying her ass being fucked and wanted to cum so bad that she had a new idea enter her head.
“Dad, stop for a minute and pull your cock out,” she said. Trevor stopped pounder away and started pulling out of her and she told Darren to get on the floor. Everyone was wondering what she was up to but when she said she wanted two cocks in her at the same time everyone got the idea.
Darren got on his back next to her as Karen removed her fingers from Cathy’s wet cunt and Trevor removed his cock. She slowly raised herself up and straddled Darren lowering her ass onto his cock. When she felt the head penetrating ass she lowered herself all the way down and then told her dad that it was time he fucked her sweet pussy.
Trevor said, “You got it babe,” and got between her legs and aimed his cock at her cunt. When he was ready to enter he asked, “How do you want it baby.” “Surprise me dad.” With that he spat in his hand and spread it over the head of his cock and then shoved it in deep with all his f***e. Her breath escaped her lungs at the shock of the fullness she was getting in both her holes. When he was ready he started pumping into her as did Darren. She wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled herself up to meet his mouth and kissed him. They kissed like never before as their tongues darted into each other’s mouths. When she broke their kiss she said in a panting voice, “I love you dad, I really love you and the way your cock feels in me. I want you to cum in me dad, please cum in my cunt. Their faces were covered in sweat as they both started grunting from giving and getting fucked.
Cathy was amazed at how good the feeling was to be filled with two hot cocks that another idea came to her.
“Yes babe.”
“Stick it in my ass.”
“You sure?”
“Dad, just do it.”
He pulled out and was so turned on at trying something new to him that he was sure he was going to cum soon. He could feel how wet his cock is and slowly pushed against Darren’s cock to enter her. It took a couple of goes but he finally got it in which made her scream. He asked if she wanted to stop and she told him no. He pushed into her more and more as she tightened her grip around his neck. When he was in deep he stayed there and so did Darren. She was gritting her teeth and panting with every inch that entered her. She wondered if she was going too far as the pain was increased every time her ass muscle spasmed to close. She said in a trembling voice, “Don’t move dad, give me a minute.” When she was ready she looked him in the eye and said, “Now I’m going to give both of you a treat and when I’m ready, I want you to fuck my brains out.”
She slipped her hand between their bodies and inserted two fingers into her hot cunt and said, “Now fuck me.”
Everyone in the room was amazed at what was happening that they got turned on and started playing with themselves.
Sally was finger fucking her ass and cunt on the couch and Karen had Trish’s fingers banging her cunt while Trish fucked herself with the bottle.
Jen and Ann were still on the floor just hugging each other and watching the action.
Tanya was resting against the other seat and dipping two fingers in her wet cunt and then pulling them out and gently rubbing her clit while she watched Trevor’s sweaty back bounce up and down.
Kevin decided to give Cathy an extra treat by giving her his cock to suck again. He didn’t know if he could cum again but he was getting hard at what was going on in front of him.
Cathy heard her mum telling Trish not to stop and saying she was about to cum and it turned her on even more. She was going to get the fucking of her life and wanted to make her dad orgasm with her and her mum at the same time. The lust in her took over and she didn’t care what happened next.
With the voice of the devil she pulled up to her dad’s face and said, “Fuck the living shit out of me, now.”
Trevor smiled and kissed her deep as he pulled his cock half way out of her and then started pounding into his daughter with everything he had. Cathy broke their kiss and started screaming contently to every thrust.
Darren lifted his hips up as hard as he could with all the weight above him and with the tightness and rubbing of Trevor’s cock next to his he knew he was going to lose his load at any minute.
Trevor accidently slipped out of her ass and she yelled at him, “Shove it back in quick, quick.” He tried to push forward but the head kept slipping away so he grabbed it with his fist and shoved it home again and continued fucking her hard. When he entered her ass he pushed Darren’s cock to the opposite side and the pressure was too much for him to hold on from cumming. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum,” he said.
Cathy wanted cum in her ass and cunt for a reason and demanded her dad to fuck her cunt. Trevor pulled out quick and shoved into her cunt with the same f***e he was giving her ass. Darren felt strange from the void of Trevor’s cock but then felt him through the thin wall of her cunt and started cumming hard as he roughly grabbed her breasts and squeezed. Cathy was screaming, “Yes, yes, yes, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh yah fuck meeeeeee.”
Trevor fucked into her harder than his has ever fucked anyone in his life. He was going to cum hard and he knew it was going to hurt his already sore cock but he didn’t care. He grunted at Cathy with every thrust and said, “I’m going to fill your cunt baby, I’m going to fill you with so much.” “Cum in me dad, I want your cum in me, please.” She could feel Darren unloading in her ass and she wanted her dad to hurry and fill her cunt so she grunted out the words, “I’m going to cum on your cock dad, oh fuck yes, fuck me harder, oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cummmmmmingfuck,” She held her breath and her body stiffened as the biggest orgasm she has every had hit her hard. Her anal muscles were gripping Darren’s cock and her cunt was contracting around her father’s cock as he shoved himself down into her and blasted his cum deep inside. His body spasmed as sweat dripped of his face and onto hers as Cathy loudly gasped for a lung full of air. Her legs were trembling in Trevor’s arms and her head wiped back and forth as she cried out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck me, I’m still, oh fuck me I’m still cummming.” Each word was sprayed out of her mouth as she had no control of any part of her body. When she felt her dad squirt into her cunt she knew that she would fuck him again and again as this was the best fuck she has ever had. She didn’t want them to move as her body trembled through her orgasm but it was Kevin who broke the spell she was in. He slapped the side of her face with his cock for the head job to continue as he waited for her to have her orgasm.
Cathy looked at him as her dad and Darren’s cock started to soften in her holes. She could hear her mum and Trish having an orgasm at the same time as her which she knew that it intensified her own orgasm. As she laid there locked in between her dad and Darren the thought she had earlier of what she wanted to do after she was filled with cum got her excited.
All of a sudden Cathy and Kevin heard Tanya the maid coming closer to them and saying to her, “Are you ready for this you filthy slut.” She stood over Cathy’s face and said, “Open you fucking mouth slut; I’m gonna cum in it.” Cathy was shocked as she watched Tanya rubbing her cunt in a blur until started squatting lower to her face and said, “Get ready, get ready, it’s coming, open up here it comes.”
Cathy knew what was coming and thought that if she was going to squirt all over her then she better be ready for what she’s going to dish out. She f***ed her tired body to shove three fingers into Tanya’s cunt and started fucking into her as hard and as fast as she could manage. “Take this you fucking whore and give me what you’ve got,” said Cathy.
Trevor pulled out of her cunt and had to steady Tanya as her knees started to give in from the oncoming orgasm. “Open, open,” she said to Cathy as her cunt started spraying out the sides of her fingers. Cathy was angry for having to work so hard and wanted to rough her cunt up for doing so. She grunted from the f***e she inflicted into her cunt knew she wouldn’t be able to take it and gush her ass off all over the place. She quickly opened her mouth and pulled her fingers out and a large gush escaped her cunt and went everywhere. She finger fucked her again and again as she squirted load upon load into her mouth as Trevor used his shoulder to balance her. Darren was getting a soaking as Kevin pulled his cock watching Cathy swallow as much as she could get.
Tanya was blabbering, “Oh yah, oh yah,” as her orgasm made her entire body tremble. Cathy kept shoving her fingers into her as hard as she could and said, “Come on bitch, is that all you’ve got give it to me, come on you fucking bitch, fucking give it all to me.” Tanya was screaming from the onslaught her cunt was getting and was trying to escape but Cathy f***ed herself to follow her every move. “Where you going slut? Come back here, I’m not done with you yet.” She had no strength left to hold herself up and slid off Trevor’s shoulders onto Cathy’s belly. In a trembling voice she begged her to stop. “No more, please stop, stop, STOP.” she collapsed on her and started crying when Cathy removed her fingers. She slowly leaned forward and thanked her then licked her face and whispered to her, “Do I taste good slut?” Cathy smiled and replied,” “You taste like a dirty whore and dirtier the tastier.” With that Tanya smile back in appreciation and they kissed each other deeply. When they stopped Tanya asked her if she would like to have a session with only her one day and Cathy said yes please. She got up and moved to Cathy’s mum and said, “I hope you didn’t mind me calling your daughter a slut but it turns me on. You have a beautiful daughter who knows what she wants’.”
Without looking at Tanya cuddling in to her, Karen said, “Your right, she is a slut and she is beautiful and I love her so much and not just because of tonight. To want to fuck me and her dad was never a thought that crossed my mind. But to see her share herself like this with us means a hell of a lot. She just showed us another side of her love for us.”
Cathy beamed when she heard her mother and said, “Let me show you how much I love you mum.”
She started getting up and Trevor helped her as he wondered what she had in mind. She asked Kevin if she sucked his cock would he take long to cum and he said no. “Good. I want you Ann to come over here and suck your husband’s cum from my ass and mum you suck dads cum from my cunt at the same time. And Sally, when your b*****r unloads in my mouth I want you ready by my side.”
They all got into position and loved the idea.
Ann lay on the floor as Cathy lowered herself over her mouth and Karen gave her a kiss before she went down on her cunt. Kevin thought that this was so wild and knew that it won’t take him long to cum. Sally moved in next to her and whispered in her ear, “I thought I was the kinky one but you take the cake.” Cathy just smiled and let out a little moan as Ann darted her tongue into her ass before she took Kevin’s cock into her mouth.
She started moaning more and more and was finding it harder to suck his cock as she pulled her mother’s head closer into her cunt. Sally saw that she needed a helping hand and grabbed her b*****r’s cock and put it in her mouth and fucked him with it. He moaned and started face fucking her as he held her by the head. When he let her go he shoved it into Cathy’s mouth and face fucked her until she gagged. He changed every time the girls gagged as long strands of saliva started running down their chins.
Karen was buried in Cathy’s cunt and sucking hard trying to get as much cum out of her and she had to come up and gasp for air every time. Her face was covered in cum and dew as she made slurping noises with her tongue sucking on her clit.
Ann was amazed at the amount that came out of her ass every time Cathy lifted and lowered her cunt into her mother’s mouth. She would poke her tongue out waiting for her to drop back down and taste more of her husband’s cum which started turning her on. She wanted to touch herself but was using her hands to spread her ass checks apart. And then she felt someone’s fingers enter her cunt but she didn’t know whose and didn’t care. The feeling was great and whoever it was were doing a good job as it started stirring up another orgasm she didn’t think was in her.
It was jenny her s****r who thought that it would be a good idea to help out and make it more of a f****y event.
Kevin had just shoved his cock back into Cathy’s mouth as Sally liked his balls and he was about to cum and started fucking into her mouth harder. Cathy sensed what was coming and f***ed herself away and said in a trembling voice, “Not down my throat, in my mouth, in my fucking mouth,” with the last word trailing along as another orgasm kicked in. He masturbated hard and fast and aimed it to her screwed up face. She was screaming out loud and Kevin didn’t care as he shot load after load in her screaming mouth and over her face.
Sally was licking the cum from the side of Cathy’s face while rubbing her wet cunt. Cathy had to swallow some of his load as she pulled on her mother’s head. Karen kept sucking to prolong her daughter’s orgasm while Jen got carried away with Cathy’s screaming she finger fucked so hard that it started Ann’s orgasm.
Ann was bucking her hips to meet Jen’s fingers with her tongue in Cathy’s contracting ass hole.
Kevin’s body jerked with every blast that shot out as Sally squeezed his balls and licked the tip of his cock. She got the last load and swallowed it down then turned to lick the cum off Cathy’s face.
Cathy had a mouth full of cum and looked at Sally with bulging checks and Sally knew it was for her. She opened her mouth over her and felt her b*****r’s cum run into her mouth and started swallowing.
Cathy’s orgasm had her entire body trembling and she finally let go of her mother who came up for air with a face covered in cunt juice. She wiped her hand over her face and licked her fingers as she smiled looking at her daughter.
Sally was licking every drop of cum from Cathy’s body as she placed her cunt juiced fingers into Cathy’s mouth. Cathy rolled of Ann’s face and hugged and kissed Sally as Kevin collapsed on the couch. Ann stayed on the floor trembling as her orgasm was calming down while Jen sat back licking her fingers.
The room was quiet apart from some panting as Cathy broke her kiss with Sally and said.
“We all fucked each other tonight and I really enjoyed myself and in a strange way I wanted to thank Ann, Sally and my mum by giving them their partners cum from my body. Sorry Trish but maybe next time.”
“That’s fine Cathy and yes there will be a next time.”
Cathy said that she was unable to walk home even though it was only next door and asked if she could just sl**p on the couch until morning.
Darren told everyone that they are welcome to sl**p where ever they wanted and got up to go to bed. He went to Cathy and thanked her and then gave her and Sally a kiss. “Trish, you are the one that started this and I hope that you do it again soon.” He kissed her and she replied with, “Sooner than later with a warm smile. He got to Karen and kissed her out stretched hand and kissed it before planting a kiss on her lips. Tanya was next to her and Darren stood beside her with his hands on his hips and shaking his head. Tanya looked confused by the look he had until he said, “You my lady have got a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow,” and then started laughing and so did everyone else including her. He kissed her twice and thanked her as he moved towards his s****r-in-law. “Jen, I’ve wanted to fuck you from the first time we met and never thought that it would be anything like this. You’re as horny as your s****r and I love you.” He bent down and she wrapped her arm around his neck and said, “I love you to, thank you,” before they gave each other a deep kiss.
He turned around and looked at his wife on the floor smiling up at him. He knelt down beside her and slid his arms under her back and legs and picked her up as she wrapped her arms around him. He pulled her close and kissed her hard and when they parted he said, “I will always love you, you know that don’t you.” She nodded and smiled and then he told her, “Oh yah, and about your promise that you’ll do whatever I want if me and Trev fuck, well I’ve got something in mind and I hope you like babe.”
“Whatever you want,” she said as they left the room.
To Be Continued.

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