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Unplanned f****y Thing Part I

As I was headed down the hallway from my shower, I noticed the door was slightly ajar. Being a normal inquisitive 16 year old, I peaked in. Much to my surprise, she was lying on her back, stretched across the bed with a towel covering her face, completely naked.

Now, I had seen pussies before, but nothing like this one. She had a forest of thick black hair and I could see her oversized clit trying to escape for mthe forest. Instand erection! !

I quietly walked into the room, knelt by the bed and stuck my face in that hairy enticement. I started to lick up and down, flicking her clit. She moaned and said "Oh honey, not now, you will be late for your train." She must have thought that I was dad. So I continued with my licking.

She was responding, so I decided to put one, then two fingers in her pussy. This set her body in motion and she started to undulate. Moving her hips up and down and in circular motions. In about two or three minutes, she grabbed my head with her hands and shoved her pussy harder ito my face and squirted a load of her come into my mouth.

Without removing the towel from her face she said, "that was beautiful honey, but you will be late for work."

I had dropped my towel to the floor and grabbed my 6 1/2 inch cock. I got on the bed between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her furry patch. She moaned slightly as I entered her. It took several seconds, but I was finally into her up to my balls.

That's when she pulled the towel from her face. She had a look of horror as she seen who it was. She didn't yell or scream. She just said. " you shouldn't be doing this," as I started to pump in and out. It didn't take long, maybe 30 seconds and I was coming like a fire hose. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, not stopping my pumping, that's when she grabbed my ass and told me she was coming again.

I had never felt anything like it before. Oh, I had sex with a couple of my high school friends, but nothing like this. Even after the intense orgasm I had just experienced, my cock was almost completely erect.

She said, you're not done yet?? No, I replied. Well in that case you had better give me more satisfaction that I have ever experienced or there could be consequences. With that said, I renewed my stroking of her pussy. Then I had and idea. Have you ever done it doggie style I asked? No, he is strictly missionary or oral, she replied.

Okay, turn over and get on your knees. She did so. Spread your knees some. When she did this, I got up behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her and started to stroke her slow and easy. As I was fuckig her I was amazed at her response, so I decided to try and add some spice to this illicit union.

I stuck my finger in my mouth, got it soaking wet. When I was satisfied it was lubricated enough, I tried to gently push it into her rectum. At first she was very reluctant. But the combination of my slow fucking and the persistent probing at her rectum, I was finally able to get the finger in upto the first knuckle.

Not wanting to f***e things I started moving the finger in and out, trying to coordinate movements with my penetration and withdrawal while fucking her. After a minute or two I was able to get the finger in all the way. Now we were both getting extreme pleasure from our endeavors.

What happened next totally amazed me. She don't stop either thing, keep "fucking me, and do it harder" Her ass was sucking on my finger like a vacuum cleaner. The way her body was bumping and grinding, i knew that she was close and I knew that I couldn't hold out to much longer.

Now, she said, come now. My bocy answered her call and I started to come. After my first blast of come she went ballistic. She collapsed into the bed , her ass gripped my finger and started to pulse. Though she was now flat on the bed, her body was of it's own volition spasming up and down. I guess we both felt as though we were having seizures.

It took several minutes for us both to calm down. As I slowly slipped out of her she rolled over and said. Clean up and get ready for school and we will discuss this this afternoon.

Alright, I replied and left her there, naked on the bed.

Part II soon.

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