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Young flashers

"Wow, that was pretty exciting," Sue said when he had disappeared. "I
didn't realise what a randy sod you are, Steph. You wouldn't think that
you only started frigging around today."

"Maybe, but I've been feeling like it for weeks. You know, I could
easily let some bloke have a proper eyeful of my fanny, without any
knickers in the way, I mean. They may as well be off, because they're
saturated in any case. I'm really juicing up."

"Me too, but I don't know that I could just flash my fanny in cold bl**d
as it were. Once we pull some bloke though, no problem."

"Tell you what, let me take my knickers off and the next decent guy who
comes along, you flash him your knickers. If he shows the same interest
as the last one and we can get him talking, I'll flash him my bare

With that Steph removed her sodden panties and put them into her
shoulder bag. Sitting there with her fanny exposed to the cooling breeze
she felt desperate to masturbate again and would probably have done so
but for the fact that another "victim" was approaching. Just as she was
about to slip her hand up her skirt Sue nudged her and pointed down the
path where a young man in his twenties was strolling towards them,
dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

Steph quickly assumed a neutral non provocative pose while Sue sprawled
her legs all over and, just to make sure she was noticed, began to run a
finger under the elastic of her knicker leg as if it was too tight and
was cutting into her. The guy couldn't fail to notice and his eyes
nearly popped out of his head as he drew level with the girls.

"Got an itch, darling?" he said, eyes fixed on Sue's knickers. "It's
usually easier to satisfy if you just take them off."

"Yes, that's what my friend here said. But I'm a bit more reserved than
she is."

"Reserved! bl**dy hell. I can nearly see everything you've got. And your
knickers are fucking soaking wet, you little tart. If you're reserved
what the hell is she like?" he pointed towards Steph.

"Why don't you look and see?" Steph chimed in and, pulling her skirt up
a couple of inches, she opened her legs a little to display the full
charms of her neat pubes. The guy swallowed hard, as if not quite
believing what he was seeing and was momentarily lost for words.

"Do you like what you see?" Steph said, idly fingering around the
opening to her slit. "You could see a lot more if you wanted to. All you
have to do is to let us have a look at your cock and maybe wank it off
for you. We want to see how hard it gets and how much spunk you can

"Christ, don't you wear knickers," he gasped. "I mean walking around
like that with a tiny skirt on, anybody could see your cunt at almost
any time. You could get ****d or anything."

"Actually I like to wear a lot less than this. I prefer to be naked. If
you play ball with us, maybe I'll show you everything." He looked
closely at her nipples which were protruding through the thin fabric of
her vest and licked his lips.

"Where did you have in mind?" he croaked.

"Follow us," said Sue, "but before we go I seem to have lost a bit of my
reserve. I think I'll take my knickers off as well. Would you like to
carry them for me?" she said slipping them down over her thighs and over
her ankles before throwing them over to the guy. Steph noticed that
Sue's fanny hair was a lot darker than her own but that it was neatly
shaped into a tiny triangle above her slit, leaving the opening itself

Sue led off, taking Steph by the arm and whispered, "I know a place down
by the side of the old disused railway line. There's loads of little
clearings surrounded by bushes." The young man followed, not quite
believing his luck, and watching two very shapely bums wiggling
provocatively in front of him, knowing that under those thin strips of
material they were naked.

They soon found the place Sue was looking for and it was ideal. For a
moment all three stood looking at each other, wondering who should make
the next move. "Come on then, get your cock out for us to see," Sue

"Are you girls sure about this?" he asked.

"If you're shy, does this help at all?" Steph said, unbuttoning her
skirt and allowing it to slip to the ground at her feet. Then she
slipped her vest off over her head and stood there stark naked in front
of the man. "Does this get you hard?"

Quickly he began to unbuckle his jeans and pulled them down together
with his underpants in one swift, flustered movement and his semi-erect
cock sprang into view. Steph took it all in, her very first cock. It was
about four inches long, thick and veiny, vaguely threatening. Underneath
hung a massive set of balls, covered with hair, swinging free. "It will
get harder and bigger than this," he said almost apologetically. "I need
to give it a bit of massage." With that he began to wank his cock ever
so gently up and down as he feasted his eyes on Steph's naked body,
drinking in the beauty of those lovely firm tits, pointed nipples and
the promises contained between her legs. Next to Steph, Sue already had
her hand up her dress and was stroking her pubes, unseen.

"Can I do that for you?" Steph asked and he nodded, dumfounded. She
moved over to him and took his cock in her hand and found it to be quite
knobbly. She stroked it, caressed it, fondled his balls and felt a hint
of dampness at the tip. "You can feel me up as well, if you like," she
said, "but that as far as you go. No fucking allowed, OK?" She stood
next to him, opening her legs slightly to accommodate his eager hand and
shuddered violently as his rough hands fingers penetrated her warm

Sue had now completely removed her own dress and was watching intently,
fingers busily at work on her own clit and pinching her nipples and
kneading her breasts with her free hand. Because Steph was so close to
him, he was actually watching her masturbate and she had never felt such
exhilaration. Any residual doubts now completely gone, Sue now leaned
against a nearby tree, spread her legs and pulled her labia apart so
that he could see almost everything he wanted of her own wet, pink slit.

Steph had by now perfected a wanking rhythm and was increasing the speed
of her hand. Taking his lead from her, he also increased the speed of
his own hand between her legs and Steph knew she would soon orgasm. Her
legs felt wobbly again and she clamped them closed, trapping his hand
like a vice. All that did however, was to set off the inevitable
contractions as she plunged headlong into an orgasm so violent that she
virtually blacked out. She collapsed on the ground, her hand between her
legs gripping her pulsing pussy as each successive spasm hit her.
Looking up to see what the man was doing she saw him take his cock into
his own hand and wank it as if he was trying to pull it off. She saw his
balls tighten, his face redden and then she saw and felt the hot jets of
spunk shoot out from the eyes of his cock and splatter down on her naked
body, splashing her belly, tits and face with a salty, sticky solution.

Sue then groaned and, turning to watch her, they saw her also orgasm,
her fingers plunging deep into her vagina as she spasmed. Almost before
they could recover the man began to haul his jeans up and to make
himself decent again, much to the girls' disappointment.

"Thanks, girls. That was fucking wonderful. But I'd get some clothes on
if I were you. You've got to be a bit careful, you know." And with that
he disappeared out of the clearing leaving the girls there, naked,
looking at each other.

"Wow, how do you feel then? Steph asked Sue.

"Completely shagged out, but satisfied. Wasn't that absolutely great?
Jesus, Steph, you should see yourself. You're covered in spunk."

"Mmm, yeah, I am, aren't I?" Steph replied, tasting a little of the
rapidly thinning fluid dribbling across her face. She pulled her
knickers out of her shoulder bag and used them, as best she could to dry
herself. Not easy because her knickers were still rather damp. The smell
of sex was everywhere in the clearing.

"Hell, he's gone off with my knickers," Sue said and then they both
burst out laughing. "Oh well, he's welcome to them, I suppose. I'll have
to be a bit careful on the way home though."

"Don't worry, I'll join you. Neither of us will wear knickers again
today. Should be quite an exciting walk home. I bet we could both do
with another wank by the time we get back."

They put their clothes back on, tidied themselves as best they could and
set off home, acutely aware of their near nude condition, discussing the
events of the day and whether they should do it all again.

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