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A Wonderful Summer Morning with My s****r

Summer has finally arrived; and being 19 I’ve completed all of my collage courses for the semester about a week ago. After struggling to find some cash during the year I figured it would be in my best interest to pick up a part job at the local pizza delivery shop, for next semesters spending money.

After getting the position as head delivery guy I’ve kind of had to sl**p in during the days as I make deliveries until 4am. Unfortunately, my 18-year-old s****r still has to go to school, and every morning when she gets up she plays music while she’s getting ready. She also stomps around pretty good, so it’s not uncommon that she wakes me up in the morning. I just lie there most mornings, and wait for her to go off to school before I nod back off for a while.

But the other morning I couldn’t help but feel horny, I guess I’d been having a hot dream. I threw the sheets off and started to stroke my hardening cock, and every so often when Jenny would walk by my bedroom doorway I’d get a little extra thrill. My s****r is little bit oblivious to her surroundings (probably because she is use to being the only one home since Mom and Dad head out for work by 6am every morning). I say this because since I’ve been home I’ve noticed that she always seems to run around the house nude or in her bra and panties. At times I think she forgets I’m home for the summer.

Now over the years my s****r has caught me in the middle of masturbating (but not the end) from time to time so it was natural and not a big deal, and at our current ages it certainly is nothing to be ashamed of. So this one particular morning it didn’t bother me that my door was open, and that my s****r could easily look over and catch me whacking off as she walks past my room. As it turned out, she wasn’t interested, and never even looked into my room.

However on the other hand I sure looked at her! Being 5’-4” with long brown hair, about 118lbs with a 36B cup and size small (size ½) waist line Jenny had a great body! She always seemed to turn me on over the years more then any other girl I knew. Of course, she knew this since my early teens, when I couldn’t hide my reactions from her. Jenny graciously ignored my erections, for the most part. Two days ago I got an erection while she was doing some Sunday morning house cleaning (while listening to the radio), and after watching her bounce around in a short fluffy skirt, bending over, and shaking her ass as she buffed, polished, vacuumed, and picked things up got me very aroused. It was all too much for me, so I reached into my shorts just to adjust myself, and as I did she turned around. Jenny looked at me, giggled, and said … “My, my, can’t you stop tugging on your dick for at least one minute?” I almost died at that moment!!

Anyway as for this morning Jenny was walking around getting ready, and at first I noticed that she was nude. I could see that perfect tight little body, and she must have just given her pussy a sexy little crew cut, as it looks so perfect. After she showered she walked past my room dressed in her sexiest purple satin bra & matching panties. At one point she came into the hall dancing as she went past my room, and paused in front of my doorway to groove to a particularly good part of the song, treating me to a show of her dancing in her sexy purple satin bikini string panties. That about pushed me over the edge, and I started looking for the box of tissues I keep stocked up on my bedside table. Shit! The box was empty!

Oh, not now… I thought. I was too close! Normally, I would have gotten up and gotten another box from the hall closet. I might have even brushed my cock against my s****r’s panty covered ass on the way, as I always got amused to have her bitch about how her Victoria’s Secret satin panties always had my cum stains on them…. Yes I do believe there is nothing better then using your s****rs panties to jerk off with… but not this morning I needed a tissue right away!

“Hey, Jenny,” I hollered, “Jenny…”

“What,” she said, sounding annoyed as she peeked into my room. Seeing what I was doing, she giggled and said more softly, “what, big b*****r?”

“Could you get me a fresh box of tissues?”

“Sure,” she said, ducking back out into the hall.

The thought that my s****r knew I was jerking off, looked at me doing it, and was about to be come back in the same room with me in those tight little purple satin panties, intensified my urge to cum!! I could feel that this was going to be a huge organism! I was about to cum! If I were lucky, my s****r would be standing right next to me as I cum!

A moment later Jenny came back into the room, with her hands on hips just above the spaghetti stings sides of her panties and her legs slightly apart bunching up the front panel of her panties while I furiously jacked off, and said, “Hey, better slow down, b*o… we’re all out of tissue. Sorry.”

“Shit…” I groaned, knowing I would not be able to hold back.

“Wow, you’re that close, huh? Mom will kill you if you stain the sheets.”

“God,” I grunted, “do something… I’m going to cum!”

Jenny looked about frantically, but saw nothing to catch my cum with. Suddenly, to my surprise, she grabbed my forearm and yanked my hand off my cock. A second later, to my amazement and pleasure, she stripped off her panties, dropped to her knees, and d****d my dick with her satin panties (pressing the cotton crotch part firmly against my cock hole). After jest a few strokes from Jenny’s hand along with the soft feeling of her panties wrapped around my cock I began to blast the inside of my s****rs panties with my i****tuous seed!!!

Once my spasms subsided she remove her panties and took the head of my dick into her mouth, which was an incredible feeling, and I’m still trying to figure, which was better (cumming in my little s****r’s panties or her mouth)! I grabbed hold of her head instinctively, and shoved my still hard cock deep into her throat. Her fingers grabbed firmly a hold of my ass in her surprise, but she didn’t gag, and she swallowed every extra drop that she sucked out of me.

A few moments later it was all over, and Jenny slowly took her mouth off of my cock. She spent a few seconds lovingly kissing and licking it, before she flopped down on the bed, sprawled over my legs and breathing hard.

“Jenny… I… I…” I didn’t really know what to say. She’d given me the best cum of my life.

She interrupted my stuttering, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “It was all I could think of”. We both broke up laughing hysterically. After a while I suggested since she is heading out for school she might want to go brush her teeth again.

A moment later I watched as my s****r stood up, stepped back into, and slid back on her now cum filled purple satin bikini string panties and walked to the doorway. Jenny turned as she held onto the door frame, and smilingly said, with a naughty twinkle in her eyes, “nah… I would rather taste and wear you all day, big b*****r.”

I couldn’t believe it!! That comment, and the image of my s****r standing there wearing those sexy purple panties saturate in my i****tuous seed was fucking hot!! I can’t believe my s****r is willing to let her pussy bath in my seed all day!

I tell you this…. I never made it back to sl**p!!!

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