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Theater of love

I was sitting alone on a friday night, (again) and I decided i'd
treat myself to a movie down at the cineplex, so I grabbed my coat, and
prayed i'd get lucky tonight. Boy was I in for a surprise, I walked down
to the Evol Theatre and bought a ticket to see "disclosure" or something
like that, I walked in, all i saw were three what looked like teenage
girls sitting in the 3rd row up, So I decided i'd sit down next to them,
By the way they were talking I figured out their names... the first one
was Charlotte, She was a busty readhead with full lips and a nice shape
to her, The one in the middle was rebecca, She was a blonde bueaty like
nothing i've ever seen, i'd have to say she wears (atleast) a 38C cup,
But then there was terresa, a Brunette terresa was rebecca's s****r, but
different color hair and slightly smaller tits the movie started, and i
heard some noises coming from Charlotte's Mouth, and i didnt see the
other two anywhere..Then I heard a noise under the seats in the row
infront of me, "jesus" I thought, they were eating her cunt right in
front of me,..and quite well I imagine by the sounds radiating from
Charlotte's mouth she kept moaning and screaming "lick it you whores",
Charlotte leaned back in her chair so that the top landed right on my
cock, which was very hard by now, she felt me sitting there and shouted
"eek" she must not have known i was there...she said I'm sorry....i said
its quite awright..and i asked them to continue so they winked at each
other and did, rebbecca pulled out a dildo and shoved it in charlottes
mouth, and rebbecca looked at me and said "wish you were here eh?", i
Nodded...She said "That wont happen today friend, we're lesbians", I
asked them how old they were "16" char, Tried to say, at the same time
terresa was pinching and sucking on her own nipples, the theatre was
empty and dark so noone would know, so i pulled out my dick and rubbed it
a bit, it smelled like wet cunt in that theatre, they were moaning "fuck
me" and rebbecca pushed the dildo in so far the end went all the way in,
and charlotte yelled out "Yes! oh fuck yes, that feels so good hon, Thank
you", Jesus, I wish i was in that row...By now rebbeca wasbusying herself
on terressa's unmanned cunt, she was licking er HUGE clit and pinching
her tits...At one point she was trying to make out with her cunt lips by
kissing them. I heard them smacking together charlotte was done so she
figured she'd help out, the busty redhead stuck her finger in rebbeca's
tight virgin cunt that she so relished...and it grabbed her hand and
swallowed it whole. They had a steamy raunchy fuck fest that night, and
i'm glad i was there to watch it.

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