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High school days

Karen looked forward to her first day of high school. Finally, she
wouldn't have to put up
with the c***dish immaturity junior high. She wasn't worried about
anything until she saw the
building. It was dark and foreboding, and Karen found herself staring
at it paralyzed by fear.
Eventually her paralysis was broken by the feel of someone bumping
into her from behind.

"Geez, k**! What's the matter with you, standing in the middle of the
sidewalk like that?"
Karen turned around to face the owner of the voice. It was a tall
blonde girl, about sixteen years
old. Something else to frighten f******n year old Karen. "You just
gonna stare at me, like a little
freak?" Karen shook her head. "Good. I don't like people staring at
me. Especially little freaks like
you. Now, tell me your name."

"Karen," came the whispered reply.

"Alright, then Karen, you remeber this: don't upset me again or you'll
be sorry." After
issuing her threat, the blonde girl walked off. Karen watched her go.
Another girl, this one Karen's
age came walking up to Karen.

"Do you know how lucky you are? Betty's the meanest girl in this
school." Karen nodded
her head. "C'mon, don't be so scared. It ain't that bad. By the way,
my name's Chritie."

"I'm Karen." Karen's fears were quickly forgotten as she talked with
Christie. Everything
was fine, until later that afternoon....

"Mr. Mendoza, may I go to the bathroom?" asked Karen.

"Yes." Karen hurriedly walked out of the room and down the hall to the
bathroom. She
opened the bathroom door and there stood Betty, fixing her hair in
front of a mirror. Karen
steeled herself and walked into the bathroom. She got as far as the
first stall when Betty turned

"Hello, there little girl," said Betty. "You know I think I let you
off a little too easily,
earlier." Karen gulped, as Betty walked up to her. "You're a pretty
little girl, Karen. And arrogant.
It's time you learned a little lesson." Betty gently cupped a hand
around Karen's crotch. She then
brought her face up close to Karen's face. Karen could smell Betty's
perfume. She was beginning
to feel very dizzy. Betty stuck out her tongue and touched it to
Karen's lips. The hand between
her legs began moving slowly back and forth. Karen felt new and
wonbderful sensations
awakening. Betty kissed Karen. The kiss continued as Betty used her
hand to pull open Karen's
blouse, sending the buttons flying. Karen had on a girlish white bra,
that just concealed her
developing breasts. The kissing continued as her bra was unsnapped and
hands began fondling the
exposed breasts. Girl's hands. Karen had always thought it would be a
guy's hands that felt her
breasts first, but she liked the softness of the hands that touched
them, pinching the erect nipples.

Betty broke off the embrace and stood back, surveying Karen. Karen
stood there, braless,
her blouse wide open. Betty removed the blouse and took off her
sweater. She wasn't wearing a
bra. Her breasts were fully developed and huge compared to Karen's.
"Now, the fun begins," said
Betty. She removed the rest of Karen's clothes, leaving Karen standing
in the middle of the
bathroom, completely naked. Karen's vagina only had a small tuft of
pubic hair, and her slit was
still rather small, but very inviting. Betty kneeled down and thrust
her face between Karen's legs.
God, she loved the taste of a virgin. She never thought it possible
for a girl to get this wet. Betty
gently teased Karen's clit, causing a moan to escape the other girl's
lips. She quickly brought
Karen to orgasm, and then stood up and removed the rest of her

Karen looked at Betty's vagina clearly impressed. It was covered with
a neatly trimmed
bush of blonde hair and the slit was wide enough for a tongue and two
fingers. "Kneel down, little
girl, and lick!" Karen wordlessly obeyed...

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