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Aunt patricia

Mom informed me at breakfast that her s****r, Patricia, was coming to stay
with us for a while. She said that her Aunt Pat had been in the Peace
Corps for years and frankly was now just burned out. My little b*****r
snickered at me when mom said that Aunt Pat would be sharing my room and my
king-sized bed. I hadn't seen this woman since I was four years old.

Damn! This is great, just great, I thought. My room is my haven. Behind my
locked door, I like to roam around naked. Oftentimes I have my best friend
Andrea sl**p over and we really get busy on each other's pussies! Now some
old sun-withered woman, probably more like Pat of Saturday Night Live fame,
would be invading my space and my privacy--sl**ping in my bed.

I met Andrea at the end of the block and we walked to the high school
together. I told her about my situation. "Bummer," she said. "You must
really be pissed."

"Pissed and .....," I voiced as I noticed a new girl on the next
block. "Look at her, Andrea!"

"I saw her yesterday. Hot looking, isn't she? We'll have to invite her to
one of our sl**povers," mused Andrea. "I'm hot for that nice butt of hers

I noticed the new girl around school most of the day. With all that black
hair and red lips, I could just eat her up. Checking out an hour early, I
went home to "play" with myself in my room before the "Pat" person
arrived. As I turned my key in the lock, I heard mom's voice. "Honey?,
Jessica?, is that you? Your Aunt Pat is here. Come and meet her again."

I walked into our kitchen. Standing next to the sink with mom was not a
"Pat" type at all, but a tall, shapely, beautiful woman. She had short
black hair, tanned, unlined skin, blue eyes and the fullest red lips I had
ever seen.

"Come give your auntie a hug," she crooned as I stepped forward. Her back
to mom, she embraced me, pressing our breasts tightly together. She
enveloped me in her fragrance as she kissed my cheek. "Audrey, she is
gorgeous, just as you said," Pat called over her shoulder.

I disentangled myself from her embrace. My nipples were hard and my pussy
wet. "Mom, I need to get an assignment from Andrea. I'll be back
soon. Please show Aunt Pat to my room. Nice to have you here, Aunt Pat", I
said as I backed out of the back door.

Andrea's house was fourth down the block. I got there in record time. I was
impatient as I leaned in on the buzzer, knowing her parents wouldn't be
home until later. When she opened the door, I grabbed her and pumped my
tongue in her mouth as I slipped my hand inside her baggy shorts.

"Gee, Jess, you're really hot for some, aren't you? Her name is Cari, the
girl. Did she get you this worked up?", Andrea asked as she humped up
against my hand.

"Shut up and take your clothes off. I need to fuck you right now." I took
her on the plush carpet of her living room floor, first eating my fill of
her sweet pussy, then screwing her senseless with my mound. The release was
wonderful as I imagined myself screwing Aunt Pat.

Dressed in a summer nightgown, I was restless that first night with her in
my bed. Through slitted eyes, I watched her as she slept and dreamed about
fucking her when I finally dozed off. Late that night, I felt lips on
mine. My eyes flew open as Aunt Pat's tongue pushed past my lips and
teeth. She kissed me with such passion and such wild abandon that I moaned,
wrapped my arms around her neck and gave up to the feeling.

Aunt Pat released my mouth enough to pull the nightgown over my head. I was
already naked underneath. Slowly, her slightly roughened hands rubbed me
from my head to my feet. Her wet tongue traced the path of her hands. Aunt
Pat's tongue found my mouth again and took it lazily. Moving downward, she
kissed my throat and shoulder blades. Her tongue licked the valley between
my breasts just before her lips took my peaked, sensitive
nipples. Hungrily, she devoured my globes and nipples as if there were an
exotic treat. Leaving a trial of wetness, she moved down to my navel,
plunged in her tongue and swirled. My pussy was so, so wet when she at long
last found it with her tongue. Biting my hand, I arched by back as she
drove her erect tongue into it. I came. Aunt Pat continued to feast on my
pussy as she moaned deep inside her throat. I rewarded her with bursts of
my sweet juice which she licked greedily.

"You taste and feel wonderful, Jess," Aunt Pat said lying next to me. "It's
been so long since I've had a woman that I am greedy. When I saw you, I had
the feeling that you would not be turned off by female advances. This is
certainly not your first time with a woman, is it?" she said as she slipped
a finger inside me.

"No, Aunt Pat. "I had one this afternoon when I left here. I was already
hot for another girl, but when I saw you, I was turned on to the hilt--for
you. You were not what I expected. I fucked my friend Andrea, we do it all
the time, on her living room floor thinking about you. The real you is so
much better." Rising from my position on the bed, I said, "Aunt Pat, you
haven't come as much as me. Let me show you how good I am with a pussy." I
put Aunt Pat's trembling legs on my shoulders, brought her wet mound to my
face. It was her turn to bite her fists as I made her come and come.

Six-thirty the next morning, mom knocked on our locked door to announce
that breakfast was in one half hour. Lying at the foot of our disarrayed
bed, my legs were entwined with those of the most beautiful woman in the
world, our mouths whispering, our mounds humping towards each other in
orgasm, I called out shakliy, "Coming, mom." And I did--all over her baby
s****r for the umpteenth time.

Aunt Pat pulled her mouth from mine and announced, "Now that were're
lovers, Jess, You can drop the "Aunt" and call me Pat.

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