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Summer of '97

Lisa and I were both 17 when we met. She was pretty and very popular. We
hung out together every day during the summer. So it was nothing for us to
end up in my backyard by the pool tanning our young bodies. She had a
beautiful body of 5'5" 110 lb. and a chest that would satisfy a starving
man. Whereas me, I was 5'5" 125 lb. and nearly flat chested. The only
imperfection she had was a scar on her chest where she had surgery. That
is the summer I will never forget. It was the summer that I realized not
only men can give a woman pleasure.

Day after day we would talk about our hopes, dreams, and fantasies. She
always wanted to have the perfect guy to share her white picket fenced
dream house with. I would have been happy with a guy that would talk about
more than cars and his latest quest to bed Lisa. Yes, I guess you could
say I was a little jealous of the almost perfect goddess that laid half
naked next to me giggling about the different ideas she got when a good
looking guy walked by.

We were both laying on chaise lounges talking about our sexual experiences
when she admitted she was still a virgin. She had done a lot of heavy
petting but would not let it go any further. I was surprised mostly cause
I knew the guys she dated. They were very popular and yet had fast
reputations. She said she had never had an orgasm and wondered what it
felt like.

That's when I stood up and volunteered to rub more oil on her back. As I
rubbed the oil on her back my eyes began to wander down her slim backside.
She was perfect. This opportunity was perfect to show her just how good it
felt to go all the way to the brink of craziness. I kept talking about how
me and my boyfriend at the time had starting kissing and touching each
other. As I talked in a low tone my hands rubbed her lower. She listened
intently as my hands wandered down between her legs. Without realizing she
spread her legs further apart so I could rub oil down the inside of your

I took this as a sign she was getting as turned on as I was. I moved back
up her legs and started to massage the cheeks of her ass. My hand slid
under her G-string bottoms. She seemed to relax the more I rubbed. I put
more oil on my hands and continued to tell her how he had teased my asshole
with his finger. I brushed my finger over her butt hole and she pushed
back against it. The tip of my finger slipped in a little and before I
knew what was happening she was pushing back harder onto my finger.

I positioned my naked body over her back so I could slowly trail soft
kisses down her back. She smelled of coconut oil which started a stirring
in my pussy. I kissed my way down her slick body to her ass and proceeded
to lick around her ass as my finger worked its way in and out. It wasn't
long before she was on all fours moaning and bucking back against my
fingers and tongue.

I told her it might feel much better if she turned over and let me show her
what the best joy shared between two people felt like. She gave me this
strange look as if she didn't trust me. I told her to roll over on her
back and close her eyes and I would take care of the rest. She did so with
a little hesitation. I told her if she wanted me to stop at anytime to
tell me and I would do as she wished.

I slid her bottoms down off her slender legs and tossed them aside with my
own. Once her eyes were closed I went to work on her delicate virgin
pussy. Doing what I thought would feel good to me. She moaned and
flinched as I slowly rubbed her clit with my thumb. I leaned forward and
pulled one of her nipples free of its restraint.

It stood at attention as the sunlight made contact with it. She sucked in
her breath when I put my lips around it. She slowly moved her hand up the
back of my neck to cradle my head to her breast. Her nipple seemed to
stand out even further when I put it between my teeth and nibbled on it. I
kept hearing brief moans and gasps as I flicked her nipple with my tongue.

I wanted to know if she tasted as good as she smelled. I slowly started
down her chest briefly licking her scar when she grabbed my finger and
thrust it up inside her. Her pussy was so tight I thought I would cum
myself just feeling her wiggle against my hand.

My tongue went directly to her clit where she held my head with one hand
and pulled at her nipples with her other hand. Lisa was so hot and tasted
so sweet. I never thought I would find myself between another woman's legs
needless to say between my best friends legs. I drove my tongue into her
pussy so fast she started to shutter and opened her eyes. I told her, "go
with the feeling, don't fight it. Show me how good it feels for me to do

Within seconds she was bucking harder against my face and flooding my mouth
with her unexpected passion. She panted and breathed hard. I reached up
and kissed her full on the lips and slid 2 fingers into her pussy. The
effect of my tongue, tasting of her, and my fingers thrusting into her
pussy she shuddered to another orgasm.

Lisa and I laid there for what seemed like hours and explored each other
bodies. Licking and probing every inch of each other. What I did to her,
she did right back to me in our own 69 position. We must have cum a dozen
times together. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Two
young woman coming together as one in ways we both could not understand.

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