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Good to be back

It was my sophomore year in high school when I met Robin. Her f****y had
just moved to our town from someplace down south.She was pretty tall and
had beautiful bronze skin. I was the first k** in our school to make
friends with her and before long we were best friends. We were inseparable,
we did everything together. My mom was so glad that I finally had a best
friend. She and my dad had just gone through a very bad divorce and it had
been very hard on me. I became very withdrawn and had kept to myself all of
the time so when Robin came along and we became friends mom was happy. Like
I said we were always together. We lived close to each other so we were
always at one anther's house. I didn't realize it but the more time we
spent together the more we were falling in love. We were getting closer and
closer all of the time so it was inevitable that we would take our
relationship to a higher level. My mom was the first to say something about
this. We were having dinner one night when out of the clear blue she said.

"Stacy what's going on between you and Robin?"

"What do you mean mom?" I asked.

"Are you sure that the two of you are just good friends?' she said.

"I think so, why do you ask?" I said

"I don't know. It just seams that this relationship is headed for more than
a friendship." she said.

"Oh my God mom, you think we're gay don't you?" I asked in disbelief.

"Come on Stacy, you've got to admit the two of you are very close. You've
changed so much since you met Robin. You're happier, you're not depressed
anymore and you definitely have the look of a girl in love." she laughed
and said.

'but mom, she's a girl." I said.

"Yeah so what? That doesn't mean anything." she said."I was in love with a
girl once."

"Your k**ding?" I was astonished.

"Yep I sure was."

"Who?" I asked

"Never mind the details." she said "That's my business."

"Well you have to tell me about it someday,ok?' I laughed and said.

Later at Robin's house we were curled up on her couch watching a movie. The
movie was about two girls who meet in high school and fall in love. It was
a good movie, kind of sad but funny too. The movie really hit home. I
realized that mom was right. I was in love with Robin. When the movie got
to the part where the girls kiss for the first time Robin put her arm
around me and pulled me closer. I looked at her and she just smiled and

"Is this ok?"

"Yeah." I said "I like it."

We sat there for a while for a while just holding each other. She was
rubbing my neck and shoulders and it felt so good . My head was on her
chest and I could feel and hear her breathe. I raised my head up and we
kissed. Her lips were so soft and it was the most wonderful kiss I had ever

"I've waited so long for that." she said as our lips parted. "I love you so
much Stacy."

"I love you too Robin." I said looking into her eyes. "Make love to me

Her hand had worked it's way down to my breast and she was rubbing my
nipple through my tee-shirt. We were kissing madly as I took her breast in
my hand. I was delighted to find that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Let's go to bed Stacy." she said.

We went to her room and after she locked the door she took me in her arms
and kissed me. Her hands were on my butt and she was pulling me tightly to
her. Our bresats were mashed together and it was really turning me on. She
stepped back and gently lowered me to her bed. She then pulled my shorts
and panties down and exposed my vagina.

"God you are so beautiful." she said.

I pulled my shirt and bra off so that I could be naked for her. She climbed
on the bed and leaned over me and started sucking one of my nipples. Her
hand had moved to my vagina and I felt her push a finger inside of me. My
hips were rising to meet her hand each time her finger went in. She began
kissing her way down my body and then I felt her tongue at my pussy
lips. She licked it from one end to the other and I thought I was going to

"Oh, that feels so good Robin."I said out of breath."

She was really going at my pussy with her tongue. She would lick it up and
down and then she would stick it in as far as it would go. I could feel my
orgasm coming on quickly. She was eating me intensely and she was finger
fucking me at the same time. I think at that point my hips were about a
foot off of the bed and I was cumming. The orgasm was so intense that I was
moaning and screaming very loudly. As I started to come down from the high
I heard a knock at the door. We looked at each other with terror in our
eyes. Robin got up and threw a long shirt on and went to the door. She
opened it and her mom stepped inside and to my utter disbelief she was
naked and my mom was with her and she was naked too.

"You know it's very rude to scream that loud when your cumming Stacy." she
said with a big smile on her face.

"Yeah." my mom said "You've never heard us do it have you?"

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