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Leslies surprise

Leslie was in her senior year of highschool. She was 5'8, 120 pounds. She
had large, firm breasts. They were a C cup. Her hair was dirty blonde and
she had blue eyes. Leslie was a lesbian. She has been with one girl. But
that was a year ago. Leslie's pussy has aching for the caress of another
girl for a year. As Leslie walked home from school everyday, she would walk
the same route as another girl. Her name was Jodie. She was 5'6", 110
pounds, blonde hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were perky and firm. Leslie
never walked with Jodie, but they would aways be about 20 yards apart the
whole way home. Everyday Leslie would check out Jodie on the way home from
school. Jodie had a full tight ass. Firm perky breasts, and Milky white
skin. Today Leslie was about 10 yards behind her. Jodie was wearing tight
blue jeans today. Jodie's tight ass in those blue jeans was a beautiful
site. Leslie arrived home and went straight to her room. Jodie had gotten
her very horny as she would everyday. Leslie quickly jumped on her bed. She
slowly spreaded her legs. She began to caress her naked legs and thighs
under her skirt.

"Oh Jodie." she moaned.

Then Leslie lied back. She slowly pulled her skirt up. Then Leslie pushed
her hand on top of her panties over her pussy. She began to grind her hand
against her pussy.

"MMMMMMMM." she moaned.

Leslie quickly slipped off her panties. She immediately went for her
pussy. She began masturbating.

"Jodie. Fuck me Jodie." she moaned.

She began to fantisize that Jodie was eating her pussy. She rubbed her
pussy harder. She began to finger herself.

"MMMMM. Ohhhhh." she moaned.

Then Leslie brought her knees up to shoulders and slipped a finger onto her
asshole. She began to rub it.

"Oh yeah. Jodie I want to fuck you so bad." she moaned.

Leslie began to finger her asshole and rub her clit. She began to go into

"MMMMMMM!MMMMMMMMMM!" she screamed.

Then she heard a noise from the window. She caught a glimpse of the person
fleeing. It was Jodie! She was at the window watching and listening. Leslie
immediately jumped up and went outside. She didn't even stop to put her
panties back on. She walked down the block to Jodie's house. She knocked at
the front door but no one answered. Leslie then decided to go try the back
door. As she got to the back she immediately saw Jodie inside the house
bent over the kitchen table. Jodie's skirt was pulled up and she wasn't
wearing any panties. Jodie was masterbating too. Leslie began to watch.

"MMMMM" Jodie moaned.

Jodie was fingering and rubbing her pussy.

"Fuck me Leslie. MMMM." Jodie then moaned.

Leslie opened the back door and entered the kitchen. Jodie stayed bent over
the kitchen table. Leslie got behind Jodie and got down on her knees. She
immediately went for Jodie's wet pussy with her mouth.

"OHHHH!" Jodie moaned loudly as soon as Leslie's mouth hit her pussy.

"Eat me. Eat my tight little pussy!" Jodie yelled.

Leslie started to eat out Jodie's wet pussy. She sucked and skillfully
licked Jodie's pussy. Jodie began breathing faster. She moaned louder and
began panting.

"Eat my asshole! Lick it! Please! Please!" Jodie screamed.

Leslie began to lick Jodie's puckered pink asshole.

"OOOOOHHHHHH!" Jodie screamed in passion.

Leslie began licking Jodie's asshole like a pro. Strong hard licks. Jodie's
was screaming and moaning louder than ever. Jodie reached back and spread
her ass cheeks as far as she could.

"Put your tongue in my asshole. MMMMMM. Please I need your tongue in my
asshole." Jodie moaned.

Leslie stuck her tongue out as far as she could. She slowly pushed a inch
of her tongue into Jodie's tight, hot asshole.

"MMMMMMMM!MMMMMMMM!" Jodie screamed out in Ecstasy.

Leslie immediately went to Jodie's aching wet pussy with one of her hands
and began working it perfectly. She continued to wiggle her tongue around
in Jodie's asshole.

"I'm cumming! OH! MMMMMM!" Jodie screamed.

Jodie began to climax. Cum ran down onto Leslie's hand. Jodie screamed
louder and louder. Breathing hard and fast. She grinded her hips back
against Leslie's probing tongue and fingers.

Then she collapsed, completely exhausted. Leslie held her and they began to
kiss. Jodie still trembling.

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