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Varsity cheer

I always wanted to be a member of the Varsity cheer team.

As a freshman, that was considered impossible, and most girls resorted to
trying out for the freshmen squad. I, on the other hand, tried out for the
Varsity and made last cuts. I still remember the dreaded news on the very
last day of cuts that I was going to be assigned to Junior varsity. Still,
JV was nothing to laugh at, since only 2 other freshmen girls made that

The summer between my freshmen and sophomore year was the longest one I had
ever endured. I had done a great job on JV cheer, and I thought I was a
shoe in for the varsity.

And there it was at the bottom of the list, "Debby Pinsun, soph." I had
made the team, and I was the only sophomore. Jamie and Heather, the two
sophs who made the JV team as freshmen, were assigned to JV for another year
and were designated captains.

I was looking forward to this season, and I had been working on making sure
I did not mess anything up.

I was tall at 5'7 and weighed about 130 lbs. I had the rich dark brown hair
that often made other girls jealous. My clear blue eyes drove the jocks
nuts; however, it may have been my athletic body. I can't recall a time
where I had walked down the hall without more then a few guys giving me

I still remember the day I messed up.

I had spent my last hour talking with Dave Brady. He wasn't the biggest
star on the team; however, he was a good looking senior who started on
defense. Only a select few girls that weren't seniors were able to go out
with a senior starter. It was looking as if I was one of those select few.
Dave just asked me to the Homecoming dance on Friday. I didn't want to seem
too easy, so I pretended to think about it. That is when I looked at the

When I looked up at the clock, I almost cried instantly. 3:15. Oh no. I
quickly said yes to Dave and gave him a kiss in the cheek. What was I
thinking? A kiss on the cheek. Oh well, no need to worry, I was going to
have less then 15 minutes to be ready for cheer practice.

I walked into the gym, and I felt the stares of the entire squad. I was
late. 5 minutes to be exact. According to our coach, Miss Thomas, you must
never be late. I knew I was dead meet. And then I saw her. I didn't even
notice her in getting ready. Mandy Davis, the other captain, walked in
late, as well. I felt some relief until coach Thomas said we would be
working this off after practice.

Practice was uneventful. Coach wrapped things up, and then called for me
and Mandy as the other girls went to shower.

"20 laps," she said.

That wasn't bad considering we often did 15 during practice. However, since
we did 15 today, I knew it was going to be tiring.

Mandy and I were off. I hadn't really talked to her much, and I didn't
expect to talk to her during our laps. Our gym was a rather large one, so
Mandy got a little ahead of me. I decided to pick up my pace, and Mandy
must have slowed down, becuase before I realized it, we were running side by
side chatting like old friends.

We finished our laps, and Mandy hugged me acting like we won the Olympics as
a joke. Coach Thomas even chuckled.

"You girls shower up. I have to get going. I told Grace the janitor you
guys would be finishing up your punishment and showering so she will lock
up. I'll see you tomorrow, and I hope you'll both be on time."

Mandy and I went down to the locker room, and Coach Thomas left. The two of
us were joking around as we undressed and having a great time. Mandy went
into the large shower area, and I followed shortly. Mandy had already
turned two of the showers on right across from one another, so I stepped
into the one opposite from Mandy. The warm water really felt good.

"I saw you talking to Dave today. Cuuuuttte," she said with a smirk. "He's
a catch."

"Thanks, we are going to the Homecoming dance on Friday."

She just smiled and changed the subject, "Those laps really killed my legs.
My thighs and calves are killing me." She bent over and rubbed her calves.
I noticed her breasts hanging down and sway with her movement. Just then
she looked up and caught me staring. "You okay?" she said.

"Yeah why?"

"Well you are all flush, and if you don't mind me saying, your nipples are
never hard like that."

I realized with that comment she must have looked at me many times before.
"My legs are sore too." Was that all I could think of saying. And with
that, Mandy came across the shower and rubbed my leg with one hand and my
arm with her other.

"You don't need to change the subject," she said. "It's fine if you want to
look. But why stop there?" And she kissed me. Not a peck or even a
smooch. This was a full-fledged passionate kiss with her whole body.

I stood shocked. I didn't know what to do, but my instincts had already
started kissing back, and I realized I was rubbing her shoulder. Her hands
moved to my ass.

"I've wanted this for a while," she said. I couldn't respond as she started
kissing down my chin. She quickly went to my nipple and sucked it into her
mouth. I felt her bite down gently. It sent a jolt through my body, and I
realized I was in heaven. Her hand went down to my pussy. She rubbed me for
a second, and then took her fingers to her mouth. She leaned into my ear
and told me how great I tasted. With that, she kissed me again and moved my
hand to her breast.

My hands weren't taking orders from me, but somehow I pulled her closer with
my other hand on her ass. Her nipple felt great between my fingers. She
pulled me down to the ground and laid me on my back. Her tongue went right
to my pussy, and this time she stayed there to pleasure me. My hips left
the ground. I felt my thighs squeeze her head. I reached down and grabbed
her hair.

She reached up and grabbed my breasts as she worked her magic. I was so
turned on, my nipples felt as if they would burst. I wanted to scream, but
I couldn't make a sound. Nobody had ever done anything remotely close to
this for me. I was a virgin being eaten out by the captain of the
cheerleading squad. Not only that, she was hot.

Gorgeous blonde hair. 34c breasts made her the perfect size for her body.
She was a little shorter than me with thin blonde pubic hair. She had the
perfect curves in her body. And here she was, sucking my clit and driving
me crazy.

And then I came. It was amazing. Intense. I was bucking like mad under
her mouth. But I had to have more. Not receive more, but give. I pulled
her up to me and kissed her deep. I could taste myself and it was great.
I rolled her to her back. I wasn't sure how much longer before the janitor
came around, so I moved feverishly.

I dove for that sweet pussy of hers. I darted my tongue into her opening.
I licked up and down her twat. I licked around her asshole and she jumped.
I moved my tongue up to her clit and found one large than mine. I sucked it
into my mouth and she started to shake.

She reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled it up to her gorgeous tit.
I pinched her nipple and she jumped. I sucked harder on her clit and put a
finger in her pussy from my right hand. I knew it would get her off sooner,
so I put a second finger in and fucked her with the two of them, as I sucked
her clit. She was squirming big time, and I had to move my other hand down
to her ass. She started to moan loudly giving our first audible sounds.

She came with intensity and she even gave me some more fluid to enjoy as I
sucked it down. I climbed up and met her lips with mine. We just held each
other for a minute, but it seemed like an eternity. She whispered in my ear
and told me we would do this again.

We got up and stepped back into the same shower kissing and stroking each
other. We heard the door open at the other end of the locker room so Mandy
started for her towel as I finished rinsing off. I heard her say to the
janitor that we'd be gone in fifteen minutes as I turned the showers off. I
grabbed my towel as the janitor turned for the door and Mandy dropped her
towel enough for me to see her incredible breasts. I was instantly wet
again. I knew we had to move, so I grabbed my clothes, as did Mandy. She
asked me if I wanted a ride even though I lived a couple blocks away. And
of course I agreed as I gave her a deep kiss.

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