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Two girls

When I was in high school, 18 years old, I somehow knew I liked girls.
Boys were obnoxious show-offs but girls were clean and dressed nice and I
caught myself fantasizing about my classmates and even certain teachers.
knew what a lesbian was but I had dated a few boys like the rest of my
friends so people wouldn't think I was queer. One day me and my
Jan were sitting around my house talking about boys and what bad kissers
they were and she said I bet we could do better. She leaned over to me
and I let her kiss me. I mean she was my current best friend and had a
cute face and full lips, and I loved the feel and taste of those lips. We
just had a few little kisses for five minutes when my b*****r got home
and we had to stop. She said come over to her house tomorrow night, we'll
do homework and eat pizza and watch videos and have a sl**pover. I
remember being so excited trying to go to sl**p that night, remembering
those kisses and hoping for more and I masturbated for the first time
with a real feeling of what it was like to make out with a girl. The next
night at
her house when bedtime came around, she was an only c***d living with her
mom who worked early, we got into bed together and I was so nervous. We
hadn't kissed again although we had messed around trying on some clothes
and being kinda flirty and sexy. I wasn't sure what was going to happen,
yesterday had just been an experiment, but I knew I wanted to try kissing
again. I remember she turned sideways in bed toward me and put one hand
lightly on my hip and said, "I want to ask you a personal question if
ok. Have you ever fooled around with another girl before?" I had to say
She said she had a couple of times. I got so thrilled hearing that. I
if she had liked it and she said yes. I couldn't wait - I took her in my
arms and kissed her. She kissed me back and we started frenching and
feeling each other up. Her skin was so soft and smooth and curvy, not
hard and skinny like the couple of boys I had made out with, and soon we
were taking off our jammies and really snuggling. She said since this is
your first time, I'm going to show you how, and she began kissing her way
down my body. My tits were small but real firm, my bust size had just
gone up an inch, but my nipples were big and when Jan started licking
them and nibbling on them with her teeth and sucking my whole breast in
my mouth, I was in total heaven. I remember thinking right then that this
is what I wanted to do all the time, have sex with other girls. Then she
moved down between my legs and parted them wide. I didn't care, my pussy
was so wet and my clit was tingling. She licked past my little wisp of
hair, and around my thighs and then I felt for the first time, a girls
wet tongue plunging into my cunt. I started squealing and moaning so much
I was afraid her mom would hear us, but I knew this was so much better
than masturbating and I thrashed around and came pretty quick. Then she
came up beside me and kissed me and it tasted so sweet. I thought, Oh my
god, I'm licking my own pussy juice off her mouth, but I didn't care, I
loved the taste of my pussy in her mouth. Then it was my turn. I knew I
had to do it but I wanted to do it. I kissed my way down her body,
stopping a long time at her breasts which were bigger than mine. I had
seen girls in the shower at school and slyly checked out their bodies and
I'd always wondered what it would be like to kiss someones breasts and
here was a firm round pair with big hard nipples. I really got into it,
licking every curve and sucking her nipples like she'd done to me. I
remember she asked "Are you sure you've never done this before?" and we
both laughed. Then it was time to spread her legs and eat her out. I was
really nervous, wanting to do everything right and not wanting to hurt
her. Knowing what I know about the other stuff that goes on down there, I
didn't think I'd ever want to stick my tongue in another girls hole but I
had gone to far to chicken out now. besides I really wanted to find out
what it tasted like and I wanted to make my girlfriend come like she did
me. I licked her thighs and little bush slowly, surprised by how much I
enjoyed the aroma, and then gave her slit a little lick. It wasn't too
bad, I liked it, so I began licking her cunt up and down and tongue
fucking her hot pussy hole. By now I was really turned on again and I was
sucking her clit and spanking it with my little tongue as fast as I could
go. I could tell I was doing good because she bucked and came real hard
in my face. I tongued her wet hole a little more before coming up and
letting her have a pussy juice kiss. We cuddled and kissed and then went
down on each other again. It was even better the second time as we
had got more used to each other and got past the little awkwardness that
were now lovers and not just friends. I got off even better and had two
orgasms while she went wild on me down there for a long time, and I felt
more experienced and grownup lapping her pussy the second time and trying
some new stuff. She was a good teacher but like girls of that age, we
discovered stuff or made it up as we went along. It was about 2am by now
but we were still horny and tingly and couldn't keep our hands off each
other so we decided to try 69ing which she had never done. She got on top
and straddled her pussy over my face and I remember this being my first
real good look at a girls pussy. I spread her lips and fingered her clit
and looked into that sweet pink hole and thought, this is what I've
wanted, a pussy like mine to play with. We started eating each other out,
she had her hands under my ass pulling my pussy into her hot mouth and I
had my hands on her hips pulling her wet heat onto my face and we rolled
and moaned like that for at least twenty minutes. She came first all over
my face as I licked it all up and couldn't get enough of it and then I
while looking at her perfect pussy and squeezing her tits. By then we
exhausted and fell asl**p kissing in each others arms. - We managed to
together six more times the rest of that school year then she went off to
summer camp (a girls camp, I was so jealous) and I found another
to have sex with that summer but that's all another story. However, I'll
never forget that first night with Jan.

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