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Play Time in the Park

Playtime in the Park

She had caught him several times watching her from somewhere across the room when she has been at the parties. However, he had yet to approach her for any type of interaction. She tried to give the impression that she was more then interested in him, but she didn’t think it had yet dawned on him. She was sure it wasn’t the fact that she had a boyfriend because they were both open with their swinging lifestyle. She was sure also, that it wasn’t because he was black as it was also commonly known she had gone out with several of his guys he knew. She was getting frustrated with the fact that she had to wait for him to make a move. She was ready to feel his strong hands gripping her body, playing with her thick ass and maybe even a lot more.

Finally, one night there came a knock on the door of her apartment. It surprised her and her boyfriend because it was almost eleven o clock at night. .

“Were you expecting someone tonight?” she asked her boyfriend.

“No, not at all,” he replied equally surprised.

Another knock came on the door as she got up from the couch. When she opened the door she was quite shocked to see him standing there. She drank in his six foot dark skinned frame, checking him out from head to toe, imagining what it would be like to have him naked. He grinned in return at her, as she continued to look at him surprised but obviously checking him out.

“What you up to?” he asked giving her voluptuous body a quick once over in return.

“Not too much, just watching some television,” she replied letting him know she had seen him check her out. “So what’s up?”

“Oh I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving me a ride to the liquor store and maybe having a couple beers with me?” he asked.

“Well didn’t you pass the liquor store on the way here?” she asked curiously in reply.

“No actually I was walking home and thought I would stop by,” he said.

“Oh really,” she said, “Let me see if it is okay.”

“Hey hon is it okay if I go out for a bit?” she said to her boyfriend at the computer desk.

“Yeah sure,” he said once again absorbed into whatever he was doing on the computer.

“Well I guess we are going out for a bit,” she said smiling and grabbing her keys and purse.

They went out to her car, a little red hatchback and got in. She drove him the four blocks to the liquor store. Quickly, he ran in and soon came out with an eighteen pack of Budweiser.

“Where to?” she asked as he got back into the car.

“How about we go to the park and sit awhile,” he said.

“Sure thing,” she replied as she pulled out and headed south of town to the park. After a few minutes she turned into the park. She glanced around looking for a dark secluded spot to park in. She ended up choosing a spot about in the middle of the park near one of the ball diamonds that seemed pretty dark. Also, it gave plenty of view of the three entrances to the park as well as the camping area. She pulled up and parked the car as he began pulling out a couple beers.

He handed her a beer. She opened it and took a drink settling in and getting comfortable for awhile. The two chatted idly as they drank their first few beers. Various topics kept them entertained. Every once in awhile she would look off in the direction of the main entrance of the park as cars occasionally passed through. When she did, she could feel the eyes of her dark companion scan her body, gazing over her plump tits covered by her low cut top, down to her large sexy ass and thick thighs wrapped in her cute shorts.

When she would turn to look at him he would quickly look away trying to make it look like he wasn’t savoring her body. She sighed heavily to make her chest puff out as he handed her another beer. She knew he had seen this and it aroused him as he squirmed in his seat.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Yes I do,” he replied.

“Then take me, I have been waiting to feel you touch my body,” she said.

With that clearance, he became a new man. Immediately he had his hands on her plump curves feeling all over her. His strong hands quickly aroused her as he squeezed her tits. Pulling down her shirt over her big breasts, exposing them, covered in her pink half cup lace bra.

He leaned over and shoved his face between her fat bosoms, licking her jiggling tits. She absorbed him into her chest savoring his a****l instinct to move on her. She rubbed her hands over his head not wanting him away from her chest. Eventually, she reached down and pulled off his shirt, exposing his dark muscular body.

He had removed her tits from the bra cups, leaning in again, flicking his tongue over her hard nipples, making her whimper pleasurably with each motion of his tongue. He sucked her tit into her mouth and sucked it firmly, causing her to moan and throw her head back feeling his tongue continue to work over her breast.

“Hey stud, I think it is my turn to use my mouth,” she said as he sat back.

“Okay,” he said, “I won’t argue with that.” He leaned back putting his hands behind his head.

She smiled as she turned toward him and leaned across the center gear shift. She started out running her hands down his chest all the way to his crotch. She moaned to herself, feeling the bulge in his jeans.

“Am I going to like what I find in there?” she asked, eyeing up at her ebony partner.

“How about you check and find out,” he said smirking.

“Oh trust me, I will,” she replied. She went back to working on her mission. She teasingly licked his left nipple before giving it a small bite. She then worked her way down his chest licking, kissing and nibbling provocatively the whole way. Soon she was at his jeans and eager to get her reward released.

She quickly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, revealing his underwear bulging from his hardening cock. She began tugging hard at his jeans. He assisted by hoisting himself and pushing his jeans and underwear down. As his clothes came down, his huge black cock sprang up to attention.

“OH MY,” the curvy plumper sighed, seeing the size of her pleasure meat. She looked at him smiling broadly as he looked back.

“That looks so wonderful,” she said.

She moved in and gripped his thick cock. She shook delightfully, thinking about how he would feel inside her. First, however, she wanted to suck his massive dark meat. Holding the base of his cock, she could feel the sexual throb running through him. She began running her tongue up the length of him slowly and seductively, to the top where beads of precum began building at the tip of his cock.

She slowly licked it off, savoring the shudder that shot through his body. He reached over with his hand and stuck it down her shorts and began squeezing the top of her fat ass cheek. She melted at the firm grip he had on her ass, making her hornier. She licked up and down his cock shaft, again sucking the middle of his rod.

Slowly she began to stroke his long rod in time with his massage of her ass. She one last time drew her tongue up the length of his dick and swirled her tongue around his head. Suddenly, she stuck the black man’s meat into her mouth. He filled her mouth, almost overflowing. Going down his length, she quickly felt his head bump into the back of her throat. She managed to take in slightly over half his cock in her mouth.

Her man moaned pleasurably as she began moving up and down his rod. He reached with his free hand, running through her thick reddish blonde hair and resting on the back of her head, giving slight nudges to her to go deeper. She loved his brute, no qualms attitude as she attempted to take every little bit she could with each plunge.

She lost herself in the moment, building momentum slurping up and down on his large cock. What she couldn’t fit in her mouth, she furiously stroked with her hand. Every so often she could feel a throb pulse through him as her tongue snaked along the vein in his missile.

Suddenly her companion was tapping on her back. She quickly looked up and saw the headlights coming down the same road they were parked on. However, it passed the street light; she breathed easy.

“Don’t worry,” she said as he too, realized it wasn’t a police officer. She stuck his giant dick back in her mouth getting a few more strokes in as the blue Bonneville pulled up to her red hatchback.

“What do you need?” she asked as she pulled off his cock and looked out the window at her boyfriend.

“Just wanted to see if you ware okay and what you’re up to, since you have been gone for a bit,” he replied noticing her tits out of the top of her shirt.

“”Well I am busy right now and I am fine, I will be more then fine here in a bit,” she said as she wiped some cock ooze from her lips.

“Okay,” he said.

“Now can you let us be?' she asked as she slowly continued jerking off her stud.

“See you when you get home,” he said as he began driving off.

“Sorry about that,” she said turning back to him.

He managed a groan as his pleasure mounted. Leaning in toward him, she got and licked his ear.

“I want your big fucking black cock in me,” she whispered in his ear. “Do you want to be in my pussy?”

“Yeah,” he said nodding.

She let go of his cock and began undoing her shorts. She quickly worked off her tight shorts and pink lace panties. She felt the moistness between her thighs as she moved to get naked. She knew it was going to be a tight squeeze, especially with her large round ass, but she wanted to feel his long thick dick in her and was determined to get it.

She leaned over and sucked the large cock in her mouth once more. She took in as far she could and drew slowly up his dark cock. After she pulled off him she turned to start mounting him. It was tight but she got on her knees on her seat. Throwing a thick leg over his lap she began to get on him. He reached down and pulled the lever to lay his seat back, making a little more room. As she centered over the cock waiting to enter her pussy, she reached down to get a hold.

The thick meat still throbbed as she began lowering down on him. The tip of his cock pressed against the lips of her pussy sending a shudder of enjoyment through her anticipating the cock in her. His cock penetrated her lips and slid into her wet hole.

“OH HOLY FUCK,” she cried releasing his rod and sliding down, taking it deep into her pussy. The fit was tighter than she ever had. Even with the wetness from her aroused pussy the friction from his size was tremendous and sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

“Your cock feels so fucking awesome,” she moaned as she began to settle into a rhythm. Another audible grunt came from the black man inserted deep in her cunt. The thick beauty slid up and down on him without missing a beat, moaning loudly during each insertion of the long cock in her. Her body bounced seductively, her tummy jiggling peeking out from under the shirt she still wore.

“God I can’t believe how good your cock is in me,” she moaned again plunging down on his pulsing rod she was riding. Her partner reached up and cupped her large breasts, bouncing wildly. He squeezed them together and tightly pinched her rock hard nipples.

She was now fully lost in her carnal moment as she furiously rode this black rocket faster and faster. She smacked her large ass against the dashboard, thrusting down harder each time, trying to inch him deeper and deeper.

She soon felt the building of an orgasm deep inside of her. Her fuck mate’s strong hands hand moved from her tits down over the curves of her body to play with her shaking belly. She tried her best to arch her back as he then reached back and clamped onto her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. Finally, her body took over, exploding into a wave of pleasure. Her cunt tightened more around the already over-sized cock as his orgasm growing stronger every second.

“OH GOD that is great,” she screamed as another explosion went off deep inside her pussy. The position and depth of the giant cock in her set off what seemed to be a tidal wave, as a gush ejected from inside her washing over his cock and splashing on his lap.

She let out another pleasurable scream as she fell forward onto her partner as a few more pulses ran through her body. Her tits smothered his face as he took one of her giant jugs into his mouth and sucked on her tit. She heaved heavily as the final trembles shook through her, causing her thick body to ripple from her head down through her curvy ass and plump stomach.

“Your cock is so big and feels so fucking amazing,” she whispered in his ear panting heavily. “Did you like my pussy?”

“Oh yes” he said softly, having released her tits, as she lift up slightly and ground on his still rock hard cock inserted in her cunt, “I still want more.”

“Really,” she replied. “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“You’ll be good,” he said grinning slyly. He motioned for her to get off his lap. When she did so he immediately got out of the car and moved around to the front. He waved her out as well.

“But I am naked,” she said.

“You have more clothes than I do,” he replied sternly. “Now get out here”

Somewhat sheepishly, she got out of the car, the cool breeze blowing over her exposed ass and tits. She glanced around looking through the darkened park as her round white ass jiggled temptingly. Finally she settled on the hood of her car. He spread her knees apart moving between them. His long cock teasingly touched the lips of her dripping cunt.

Reaching around her, he put his right hand on her ample ass check. His left hand reached up and grabbed a large chunk of her hair. Pulling back with some f***e he made her look up into his face.

“You wanted more of my big black dick,” he said with authority.

“Oh yeah fuck me again,” she said in reply, her arousal renewed with his sudden domination.

“Turn around and bend over then,” he said slapping her ass cheek.

She happily got up off the hood. Eyeing him, she slowly turned, letting him savor her curves. Just as slowly, she bent over the hood putting her elbows down and rounding her ass for him to ogle some more.

Her black partner wasted no time. He grabbed a hold of one of her meaty hips and ass cheeks and guided his long missile to her aching cunt. She offered no resistance as flesh met flesh, widening her stance to give him more room for his wide load. Again the tip of his dick pressed her lips but the wet pussy craved more and easily sucked in the length of her partner’s meat.
“Oh that feels even better,” she moaned as he finally buried his long cock deep into her snatch.

He immediately went to work grabbing her hips and holding her steady, he mounted. Quickly he reached his stride, furiously pumping her tight cunt. She moaned loudly let out gleeful yelps of erotic pleasure each time he slammed into her, his balls slapping on her thigh and hanging belly.

“Fuck me baby, Fuck me harder with that big black cock,” she cried, no longer caring about the possibility of getting caught. He obliged her with more f***eful thrusts gripping deeply into her ass cheeks which rippled like waves.

Suddenly a beam of light shown around the south edge of the park as a camper peeked out of their tent with a flash light. Its beam, however, wasn’t strong enough to illuminate them, but still cast back and forth in the direction of the carnal screams echoing across the park.

“Don’t stop fucking me, keep it going deep,” she cried not wanting him to pull out.

“Knock it off or I am calling the cops,” came a voice from a ways off.

The heavy humper responded with more erotic screams as another orgasm began tearing through her.

“Where should I cum?” gruffly panted her fuck companion as she felt the intense throb of his big cock in her tight quivering cunt.

“Oh just fucking shoot it in me,” she moaned her whole body shaking uncontrollably.

Suddenly a loud primal groan came from him as a large stream of warm cum erupted deep inside her cunt. A second wave of his juice flood her deep pussy canal and began running down over his long member.

“Oh fuck,” the two cried as he drove deep into her and she thrust back into his crotch as one more intense wave washed over them.

He then pulled his long cock out of her pussy and leaned heavily on the hood next to her, trying to catch his breath. She was still shaking with pleasure her knees about to buckle, but she wanted to taste his cum mixed with her pussy juice. She crouched down, her face level with his sticky, half rigid cock. She grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth one last time, sucking off the mixture of mess while she felt drops of his cum sliding out of her recently fucked cunt, her ass jiggling ever so slightly. Finally, she drew one last suck and pulled off the black rocket.

“That was great,” he said, still half catching his breath.

“Spectacular,” she replied, “but we had better get out of here.

He hastily dressed again as she put her sweaty tits back in their bra and then slid her panties and shorts back on. The two hopped into her car and drove out through the main exit to take him back to his apartment. They went over the viaduct as they saw a police cruiser heading south toward the park.

She laughed softly as she watched him turn into the park from her rear view. Before cresting the hill and disappearing further from the scene of debauchery, she saw him snap on his flood light.

She drove a few more blocks to his apartment building and pulled up to drop him off.

“Thanks for asking me out,” she said smiling to him, “that was a very pleasurable hour.”

“Well you could come stay with me tonight and get a few more pleasurable hours,” he responded.

“Sorry hon, you can fuck me, but I only sl**p with my boyfriend, so I need to get home now since it is after one,” she said.

“You’re sure,” he said.

“I am sure, but you sure are welcome to come fuck me anytime,” she grinned as she leaned over and gave him a full mouthed kiss.

He grabbed his beer and hopped out. She whipped around in the lot and waved as he walked to his apartment.

“Time for me to go home and see what the boyfriend is up to,” she murmured to herself as she drove off.

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