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Sams diary

Dear Diary,
I had the most amazing day at school. I was coming back from
rehearsals and the volleyball practice went out so I decided to take a
shortcut through the girls' lockerroom. I was almost out when I heard a
shower door close. I went to check out who was left. I thought it was
only me, but someone wlse had to be there. I peeked around a corner of
lockers and there she was. The most beautiful girl on the entire
volleyball team, the goddess named Leah. I'd seen her flip that platinum
blonde hair hundreds of times and each time it drove me insane. I
marvelled at her slightly tanned complexion and long beautiful legs. She
stretched, showing her small but wonderfully firm breasts. My mouth
watered watching this athletic beauty before me.
She was standing there, her hair still dripping and wearing only a
pair of white panties. She turns me on when she's completely covered and
here she was almost naked! Oh, God, she was gorgeous! I leaned on one of
the lockers so I could see better, but it wasn't closed all the way and it
slammed shut with a bang. I closed my eyes and prayed she didn't think I
was watching her. When I opened then again, I saw her standing in front of
me as natural as can be. I opened my mouth, but she put her hand over it
and spoke softly.
"Listen, I know you're gay, I just wanna know; were you watching
"Um...well...uh...actually" I stammered. Before I could say
anything else she spoke again.
"Did you like what you saw?" I nodded.
"Well," she said with a seductive smile. "How 'bout a better
view?" And with that, she turned and headed over to her clothes. That's
when I saw that heavenly ass of hers. I had to have it. When she got back
to her clothes, she flashed me that sexy smile and gestured for me to
follow, which I did willingly. I was almost three feet away when Leah told
me to stop.
"What?" I asked.
"You really think I'll let you touch me when you dressed like
that?" I looked down at my shirt and jeans. "Darling, if you want me
you'll have to be in your panties only." Understanding, I stripped down to
my sky blue underwear and walked up to her.
"Better?" I said, smiling.
"Much." she said. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed those
luscious lips. She slowly opened my mouth with her tongue. Our tongues
wrestled in her mouth. Then she pushed me away. She layed down on the
bench and spread her legs.
"Hey Sam," she said. "I have a cramp on the inside of my thigh.
Think you could help me out?" I smiled and straddled the bench. I moved
in closely and began to massage her thigh as she softly moaned. I placed a
small kiss and gradually kissed up to her crotch and those beautiful white
cotton panties. I ran my tongue along the small band of cloth covering her
loving hole. I could taste her juices and they tasted better than anything
I had tasted before. I gently pulled the cloth aside and found myself
staring at the most gorgeous snatch. I ran my tongue along the edges of
her slit, teasing her greatly. Her moans alone almost brought me to
I grabbed ahold of the elastic band and pulled her panties off. I
took her thighs and spread her legs wide apart. This time I was in no mood
to tease and I drove my tongue deep inside of her waiting pussy. I swirled
my tongue around in a circle. Her juices were so sweet that I could have
sat there for ages, just lapping them up. I was in heaven.
As I continued to eat her out, I felt Leah run her hand through my
hair. I blew jets of air through her pubic hair as I gradually worked two
fingers inside her. She moaned loudly as I slowly licked her up and down
and rapidly fingered her. I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with
my tongue. I snaked it into all her crevices, tasting every inch of her
pink. It wasn't long before her hips bucked and she coated her face with
her sweet nectar. She propped herself up and smiled at me as a single bead
of sweat fell down her cheek.
"My turn," Leah said in the most erotic voice I'd ever heard.
"Are you going to tease me?" I asked.
"Fuck no," she replied and she pushed me down onto the bench. She
grabbed my panties and yanked them off. She buried her face in my crotch.
Without a warning, her tongue went to work. The pleasure was
indescribable. It felt like waves of happines were shooting through me.
True to her work, her tongue was deep inside me and she sure as hell wasn't
teasing. All she wanted to do was taste my insides and she was doing very
well at it. I moaned loudly as she probed deeper with her extraordinary
She found my clit and began to kiss it. I could feel my orgasm
building. As Leah flicked my clit with her tongue, I let out a loud scream
and exploded all over her pretty face. She moved up dripping my own juices
over my stomach. She gave me a soft kiss and whispered into my ear: "I
want your tongue up my ass."
I looked her dead in the eye and told her how long I wanted to do
that. She smiled and laid on her stomach. I bent down and carefully
spread her well toned ass cheeks apart. I stuck my tongue out and ran it
all over her cute little asshole. I licked over it to lubricate it. I
very gently slid my tongue up Leah's gorgeous all and she let out a noisy
moan. I slid my toungue in and out of her hole. I was surprised at how
good her ass tasted. I carefully slid three fingers inside her ass.
Leah's groans quickly turned into loud screams of ecstasy as I finger
fucked her tight cavern. I saw that beautiful face in an expression of
pain and pleasure.
Then I decided to please her pussy, too. I inhaled her loverly
odor and shot my tongue deep inside her. I rubbed my tongue all over her
pretty flesh. I used my free had to spread her lips and kiss her tasty
insides. I pushed in deeper with my fingers as her screams got louder.
finally after all this, Leah couldn't tak eit and had a violent second
orgasm. Her juices went everywhere and I was sure to clean her up. We
rested on that bench for a few minutes, kissing and fondling each other's
breasts before getting dressed and giving each other one kiss goodbye. As
we walked out, I gave her ass a pat hoping we would meet again.

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