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My friend jenny

Jenny woke up slowly, the warmth of the morning sun peering at her through
the slightly opened shade. She yawned and stretched her arms through her
blonde hair and up over her head. Sighing, she brought her hands down to
her chest and slid them over the top of the thin, blue cotton sheet down to
her waist.

Her delicate hands sliding across the sheet felt good against her body.
Opening her eyes, she could see the tips of her little nipples poking
through the sheet. Bringing her hands back up to her breasts, she traced
her fingernails around them. The circles got smaller and smaller until at
last they brushed her nipples and she paused to flick them slightly with her

Though they were small, Jenny enjoyed her 32A breasts. They were soft and
smooth, with little pink nipples. Right now, her nipples were hard, and
perky, as they often were. She loved the way it felt to her fingers to
caress her soft breasts and rub across her hard little nipples. She
imagined her fingers were someone else's teeth, nibbling and grazing on her

Feeling the warmth beginning inside, Jenny slid the sheet down past her
stomach to just below her hips. Her stomach was smooth and pale, and she
enjoyed rubbing it slowly, from the bottoms of her little boobs down to the
beginning of her shaved patch and then back up again. She had the barest
bit of a little belly; it looked delicious below the bottom of the tight
little shirts she liked to wear.

Jenny was very warm now. She could feel the wetness between her legs
increase as she slid her hands around on her body. She wanted to drop her
hands down and rub her thighs but she knew they would end up in her pussy
right away. She wanted to make this last. She brought her right hand to
her mouth and licked her fingers until they were almost dripping with her
saliva. Down to her left breast first and then to her right she traced her
fingers and deposited the wetness from her mouth and then drew a trail down
the side of her body to the top of her leg. Lifting her head slightly she
blew on her nipples, letting the shock of the cold air almost squeeze her
inside out.

Her little nubs were still wet so she rubbed her breasts with her hands,
kneading them around, letting her slippery nipples slide through her
fingers. So excited by her breasts, she hadn't noticed that her hips were
squirming around until she saw that the bed sheet was down around her knees.

Nothing wrong with that, she thought. She enjoyed looking at her own body.
Often, in dressing rooms at the mall she would admire herself while trying
on clothes. It turned her on to watch herself strip. And to watch her
touch herself, especially in a public place like a dressing room at the
store. Mostly, she'd just pull her shirt off and rub her tits through her
bra, if she happened to be wearing one. She liked to rub her own ass too.
Jenny thought she had a pretty nice butt and liked to rub it whenever she
got the chance. It was cute and round and stuck out enough to fill out her

Thinking about all of this was enough to drive her almost crazy with desire.
She could smell her wetness leaking out between her legs. It was warm and
she could feel it slipping down her slit towards her ass. It definitely
tickled but she liked the thought of her pussy getting her little anus all
wet and sticky. The wetter she got, the more places she could put her
fingers in.

Spreading her legs apart, Jenny gave her right nipple one last pinch and
traced a finger down her ribs, across her stomach and swirled it around her
tiny patch of pubic hair above her swollen labia. She kept it trimmed
because she thought that it looked nicer and besides, she liked to be able
to see her pussy.

Slowly, her fingers spread apart her lips. They were warm and swollen, and
aching to be touched. With two fingers holding her pussy open, she took her
middle finger down between her ass and her pussy and slid it up towards the
soft wet warmth of her cunt. It was hard to keep from plunging her finger
deep into her sopping vagina but she kept it sliding up and swirled once
around her clitoris and then brought her finger to her mouth.

Rubbing it on her lips first she smelled the sweet musky aroma. Jenny
licked her lips and plunged the finger into her mouth, licking off every
drop of her little girl juice. As often as she tasted it, she never got
tired of it. Sometimes more sweet, sometimes more musky, it was always
delicious. When Jenny got really wet (and she often did) she liked to rub
it all over her face and breasts.

During an average day she got wet a lot. At school she'd get permission to
go to the bathroom whenever she could. If no one was in the hall, Jenny
rubbed her breasts through her shirt on the way. In the bathroom she
checked to make sure she was alone. Usually, she would squeeze her nipples
a little more and then move her fingers down to her pussy. She didn't have
a lot of time so she didn't usually try for an orgasm but she liked to eat
as much of her girl cream as she could get before she pee'd and went back to

Here in bed though, she had plenty of time to consider orgasm. With just
her fingers and a healthy imagination she often brought herself to
mind-blowing, spine-tingling, twisting, convulsing pleasure. She enjoyed
masturbation so much that she experimented with it, trying to see how fast
she could reach orgasm, how long she could do it before she had one, and how
many times in a day she could have one.

Right now, Jenny had two fingers from her right hand gliding in and out of
her vagina. She started slowly, putting them in only to the first joint,
then the second, and then as far as she could reach. With her thumb, she
pressed on her clit, bobbing it around and sometimes scratching at it gently
with her thumbnail. She loved how it made her shiver when she did that.

With her left had, she caressed her stomach and face. It made her feel
tender and sweet. She moved her right hand back to her mouth; Time for
another taste. She could see the sweet wetness clinging to the two fingers
that had been pumping her cunt. Straight into her mouth, she rubbed her
fingers around on her tongue. She could taste her juices, mixed with her

Jenny took her left hand down to her hole and this time with just one finger
she explored her pussy. Not just in and out this time, she wiggled it
around and used it to apply pressure to different spots inside her vagina.
It was magical and she could feel the wetness building again.

She began licking the rest of her right hand clean to make sure none of her
little girl juice went to waste. Enjoying the feeling of her mouth and
tongue on her hand she continued sucking right up her arm. She kissed her
forearm and tongued the inside of her elbow. Jenny enjoyed suckling on her
arm and shoulder, imagining it was someone else's mouth, but not minding
that it was her own.

With a finger wiggling around inside of her pussy she could feel the
moisture all over her tight pussy lips. Leaving her finger inside, she
brought her right hand back down and squeezed her labia together and rubbed
her hand slowly up and down. It made a small squishing sound and she did it
faster, this time spreading her lips and rubbing her fingers up and down
across her pussy towards her ass.

Pulling her left hand free, her pussy made a slurping sound and she could
feel her cum slip down the crack in her ass with each slide of her right
hand. Moving onto her right side, Jenny directed the sopping finger from
her left hand to her anus and slid it gently but quickly into her rectum.
She gasped at the intensity and the tightness and she lay still for a

About a year ago Jenny had heard from a couple of her friends that another
girl that they knew had started having anal sex so she wouldn't have to
worry about getting pregnant. They all said eww! That's gross, how can a
guy even want to do that? But secretly Jenny had wondered how it felt. It
wasn't long before Jenny was slipping a finger or two in and out of her ass
while she masturbated. Sometimes, she only penetrated her ass, while her
other hand massaged her breasts. She'd had a couple of good orgasms that

But the best ones were the ones she had with fingers in both holes at once.
Like she was having now. Thinking about the first time she delicately
inserted a finger into her ass really got her going. It made her feel
naughty and dirty and she loved it. She could feel her vagina beginning
to tense. She was breathing heavily, each stroke of her hands pushing her
closer to the edge. Another finger slipped into her ass and with her right
hand she rubbed her girl cream into her clit, stroking it, squeezing it,
sliding it around. Finally, she gasped and with her fingers as far into
her anus as they could go she arched her back and spread her legs and let
the waves of heat wash over her shaking body. Light-headed, Jenny lay there
quivering, gently sucking on her right hand, savoring again, the delicious
taste of her young pussy.

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