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Jill and gina

Jillian glanced at the clock, her last class of he day was about to
end. She noticed her best friend Gina staring at the clock as well. Jill
and Ginaa walked home together everyday since they live close by each
other. Jillian had long fantasized about having sex with Gina but had
never said anything about it, Gina was a bit of a slut and gave out blow
jobs to anyone who asked. Today was a Friday and Gina had to go home
before her and Jill could hang out, giving Jill some time to prepare.
After Gina left Jillian changed into her red lace thong.
After changing out of her Catholic school uniform she put on a shirt
that was very flattering to her B-Cup breasts. She put on very tight
pants and waited for Gina to arrive back. When Gina rang the bell Jillian
opened the door to let her in. They went up to Jills room where Jill made
her move. "These pants are bugging me, there all itchy" Jill slipped off
the pants so her firm ass was right in Ginas face. She kept wiggling it
as she looked for some new pants. SHe felt a light pinch and heard Gina
giggle. Her plan had worked! She looked back at Gina who said "I couldnt
resist." Jillian forgot about the pants and sat down next to Gina. They
kissed deeply and expplored eachothers mouths with their tounges. Ginna
felt herself get wet and did Jillian. Jill lifted Ginas shirt and began
rubbing her nipples through her bra.
Gina took of Jills shirt and they began to feel eachother up. Jill
could feel her pussy burning with the anticipation of sex. Gina broke
away. "I cant do this, I dont like women!" Jill put her hand on Ginas
pants where her pussy would be. Gina quivered and nodded. Jill took off
Ginas pants and her black satin thong.Gina slipped off Jills and they got
down to buisiness. Jill ran her tounge along Ginas pussy pausing to suck
on her clit. Jill also rubbed Ginas rock hard nipples. Gina lowly moaned
with the pleasure only a woman could provide. Jill swallowed all of Ginas
cum and let Gina get to work on her. Gina was a little inexperienced but
gave Jill her best orgasm ever. Jill and Gina fucked every day after that
and wound up getting married and fucking then to.

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