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Alex and rachel

It had been a long day for 16 year old Alex. She had been at school all
day, and was going on holiday tomorrow. She was going away on her own to
the south of France, and knew that she may get horny whilst she was away.
She could probably get a good fuck whilst she was their. She had large
breasts, long flowing blonde hair and fantastic long legs.

As she walked through town, she noticed a new sex shop over the road. After
a moments thought she crossed the road and entered. When she was in there
she went directly to the dildos section. She picked up a thick purple one
which was 12" long. She paid and went away.

Later that week Alex was in France and feeling really horny. She was on the
beach and in public, but she thought she may go for a fuck with someone
anyway. It was then she saw Rachel. She knew Rachel from school, and had
always thought that she was attractive.

"Rachel" she called. "Come over here!"

Rachel saw Alex and came running over. With her tits wobbling in her tight
bikini, Alex was getting really turned on.

"Do you want to go for a swim?" Alex asked.

"Sure" came the reply.

They both went out to sea, and swam around to a deserted beach around the
corner, where Alex had left some of her stuff. By now, seeing Alex's erect
nipples through the bikini, Rachel was dying to get laid too. So she
decided that she would try her luck with Alex.

She first laid on her stomach and removed her tight bikini top. "Alex,
would you mind rubbing some suntan lotion on to me?" Alex of course jumped
at the chance, and eagerly began to rub Rachel's back. Rachel then decided
to pop the question to Alex. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked. Alex was
surprised, but responded "yeah sure".

Rachel then got up, and went over to behind some rocks, from where she
produced a large cucumber. "Here, take this" she instructed Alex. Alex
took the cucumber and began to such it. Rachel then walked over and
unclipped Alex's bikini top, revealling her large tits. Rachel then bent
over on all fours, and removed her bikini bottoms revealling her tight
arsehole. "Put it in there" she ordered.

Alex took the cucumber, and began to run it over Rachel's arse. At the same
time she was removing the dildo from her bag. Then she pushed the cucumber
all the way up Rachel's arse. Rachel screamed out in pleasure, as Alex
began to twist it around and around. She then suddently pulled it out and
sucked it clean. She then put it back in Rachel's arse, this time only up
to halfway. The other half she shoved in her pussy.

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