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To set the scene, I'm lying in bed and...
I close my eyes and let my mind wander, then give
leave to my hand to follow suite. I feel it slide
across my smooth stomach but in my head it's Lisa's,
not mine. I slide my fingers beneath the top of my
panties and see Lisa's face, smiling at me; she knows
what's coming next. Before I know it, they're circling
Lisa's pussy and everything becomes a blur, my fingers
feeling her pussy but my pussy feeling her fingers.
We're loving each other, intrinsically linked where
the pleasure I give to her in my head is given to me
in reality. We kiss as we play with one another, then
I move my lips down to her breasts, kissing, licking,
nibbling the erect buds on her soft warm bosom. I
increase the speed, every now and then slipping a
finger inside the smooth, moist lips, then out and
around her clit once again. I imagine her hips begin
to move slightly, without her thinking, then realise
that I'm doing the same thing. I see her face, just as
mine must look, as I near the edge. Then, before I
know it, I'm over the edge and flying. My fingers move
with ease now, as does my mind as it slides me to
another plain.
I'm laying on my back, with a sweet girl between my
legs. Her face isn't well defined but I see black
long, black, silky hair and chestnut skin, with loving
eyes and a devils tongue. My special spot is now so
wet that my fingers become a tongue as my lover licks
me, slowly, running lazy circles around my lips,
occasionally taking a detour to touch the insides of
my thighs with a soft kiss, then moving back to my
clit. The temptation is to speed up but I know my girl
would tease me longer, make it last. She knows I love
it that way as she flicks her tongue up and down and
across me, occasionally slipping it between my pink
lips to taste my sweetness. In my head, my hands run
through her hair, caressing it and playing with it.
Within a few moments, everything loosens even more and
my mind once again slides away.
I'm still on my back with my legs spread wide but my
lovers have tripled. I imagine I can feel a girl
kissing and sucking on my toes, a sweet blond girl
with a wicked smile. In the place of my tanned beauty,
there's now a cute brunette with long eyelashes and a
tongue to match. She licks me deeper than before,
sucking on my lips as the girl behind her kisses her
clit. Another girl appears beside me and caresses my
breast as I sacrifice one hand which slides up my
stomach to my chest. She kisses me as she touches me,
squeezing my nipple softly, constantly looking to my
eyes for confirmation that it feels good. She licks my
nipples, kissing the tips but only ever one at a time.
I imagine I can hear soft moans and whispers of `yes'
as other girls around me are being loved which
heightens the sensations I'm feeling. The girl on my
toes sucks them harder as my muscles begin to tense up
again, my long tongued lover sliding even further
inside of me and, in another moment, she's lapping up
my love as I see stars.
My mind decides it's flown high enough and circles
slowly back down as I yearn for a softer love. Two
hands run up and down my sides, belonging to the most
beautiful girl in my life. Her long, smooth fingers
caress me and hold me close as I feel her soft nipples
touch mine, our breasts pushed up close, her perfect
body on top of mine. The scent of her hair makes me
want to hold her closer still as it flows down the
side of her face and brushes against my shoulders. I
imagine I can feel her heart beating close to mine as
she looks into my eyes, her deep brown eyes clear in
the dimness of the night, as her tongue licks up and
down my lips, then slides into my mouth as she kisses
me slowly, gently, to last. She pauses every now and
again and touches her pretty little nose to mine and
we're connected through our eyes then, before I know
it, our lips are together again. I can feel the love
through her warm wet little tongue and her legs
against mine, her silky smooth pussy touching mine as
I drift slowly off to sl**p. The hands touch my back
as the arms hold me tight and the smile won't leave my
face until morning. The image of my lover leaves my
head and I know she won't be there tomorrow morning,
or the one after that, but one morning she will and
the smile will never fade.

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