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They met at a hotel between their respective homes. Raven was there first. When he came in her heart jumped. He picked her up, “my girl”. He held her close and picked her up off the floor. They just were together, enjoying being in each other’s company. When they crawled up on the bed he laid on his back, hands behind his head. Raven moved over and put her hand on his cock. It began to slowly rise. She lowered her head and gently took him in her mouth. She sucked. Feeling him grow in her mouth. The beauty her white skin against his dark. She held his penis in her hand and gently sucked his testicles into her mouth one by one.

He turned Raven over spreading her knees apart. Then, all the way open he pushed his stiff cock into her. It felt so good. The f***e of his thrusts enveloped her, owned her. He grabbed her collar “come on bitch push against me”. He pushed her torso down on the bed and held onto her hips. “Do you love me”, Raven responded, “Yes”. “I love you too he replied” and checked, “Did you hear what I said?” “Yes”. Then he turned her over, “come on bitch, it your job to make me come”, “That’s it”.

Raven’s ecstasy was immeasurable. She could feel the need in his movement, the power. “Don’t move”, his hip motion increased, she felt his cock stiffen, and felt his release. She came just before. He lay on top of her for a bit, she held him. Loved him. Felt his love. And she was content.

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