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Belles storm

It was raining that day. The skies dumped water on our town like someone
had placed an imaginary waterfall over us. Jenna was supposed to come
over, but in this weather, I wasn't going to hold it against her if she
didn't show. After all, the whole reason she was coming over was to show
me her new perm, but as much as an umbrella would shield you from the rain,
the humidity would get you in the end.

Looking out my bedroom window while laying on my bed, I dreamed of the day
I would get enough courage to tell Jenna just how much she meant to me.
Last month, when we went on competition for chorus out of state, I nearly
told her one late night while we sat crying together in her bed after
losing terribly to another school. We held each other while we cried, and
just when I was about to tell her, she fell asl**p. But what a wonderful
feeling, that she was so comfortable in my arms that she would sl**p there.
I just kissed the top of her forehead, and tried to sl**p myself. By
morning, we had untangled ourselves from each other but slept close

Just as I began to close my eyes, because in bad weather, that's usually
all I want to do, I heard my mother talking to someone and I heard a
familiar giggle. Jenna had come, rain or shine, just as she promised. I
grinned, and like someone had put smelling salts under my nose, I now felt
wide-awake and was anxious to see Jenna.

My mother knocked on my door and pushed it open, peering in to make sure I
was awake. Seeing I was, she moved out of the way and made a path for
Jenna. Jenna walked in, and immediately I smelled her. It wasn't a smell
like sweat, or the perm, but a scent that made my head spin and filled my
nostrils with an aroma beyond words. Standing, I greeting her with a big
hug. This was my favorite part of being her best friend. Touching her,
feeling her heartbeat, and her sweet breath on my neck. I pushed her back
and looked at her new hairstyle. With a big smile, I nodded in agreement
that she looked great. She was smiling too, happy with her new look.

"You look great! Oh my God, everyone is gonna freak on Monday when they
see you!" I said with honest excitement. I was happy for Jenna; this new
hairstyle made her look even better than before.

She blushed, put her head down and I quickly raised it back up with my

"You do, you look beautiful," I was now blushing, and quickly turned away
from her to close my closet door that now made a mirror appear. She moved
closer to the mirror, studying her new hairstyle, playing with it slightly.
Her hair was really short, much shorter than I would ever wear, but she
wore it well. Now she had little curls that stuck to her head from the
rain. Smiling, she turned away from the mirror and plopped down on my bed.

"I like it Belle, I just have to get used to it." Belle was my nickname,
and she was the only one I allowed to call me that. It was short for
Isabelle; everyone at school called me Izzie, but she preferred Belle,
saying it sounded more true to my character, like a woman in a Harlequin
romance novel. With long black ringlets pulled back with a ribbon, I had
to admit, I played up to the name 'Belle' very well.

Jenna kicked off her shoes, and with that movement, I saw a large
bluish-green bruise on the inside of her upper left thigh. I gasped and
met her eyes.

"It's from my ride yesterday. I must have overdone it because my leg has
been killing me all day." Jenna said as she reached down to rub the
bruise. And what happened next not only amazed her, but also amazed me.

I turned around and flipped on the CD to hear John Mayer. I moved to the
door and locked it. I then turned back to her and walked towards her. I
dropped to my knees in front of her and touched the bruise. I looked up at
her and she winced a little from the tenderness of it, but made no other
expression about why I was kneeled in front of her. I looked back down at
my view, seeing a clear path her pussy under her mini-skirt. I moved in
closer and gently kissed the bruise on her thigh. With my third kiss on
it, I noticed that she hadn't pulled away. She wasn't resisting. At that,
my adrenaline began to pump and I felt so confident about what was about to
happen. I pushed her skirt up a little further and began to kiss up
towards her pussy. Suddenly she moved towards me and pushed me back
slightly. All thoughts raced through my head, and I feared our friendship
was over. I looked up at her, scared of what she was thinking, and noticed
her smiling as she unzipped her skirt and stood up to slip it off. I just
watched, in awe by her beautiful shape. I had always noticed it before,
but being so close to her pussy made me appreciate it so much more. She
then slid off her panties and exposed her trimmed pussy. The smell was
intoxicating and I had to do everything to keep from burying my face in it.
She then grabbed my hands and pulled me up from the floor. I nearly lost
my footing from being overcome by what was going to happen. She leaned
forward, and kissed me softly at first, then passionately like I never
dreamed of being kissed before. Immediately I embraced her, pulling her as
close to me as I could, thinking time was standing still for everyone but
us. When our lips parted, she looked deeply in my eyes for what seemed
like forever.

"You knew. You knew it was you I always wanted" Jenna whispered.

"No, I knew I have always wanted you. I only dreamed about you feeling the
same way" I said honestly a little louder than a whisper.

"Shhhh...let's not welcome any interruptions" Jenna said as she unbuttoned
my shorts and slipped them off. Slowly she pushed my panties to the floor
and raised my shirt over my head.

"Mmmm, easier access. No bra today Belle?"

With that she pulled her shirt over her head and exposed her beautiful
breasts. They were no larger than a B, and so perky. Her nipples were
erect, and hypnotizing. I leaned forward to taste her beautiful candy
nipples, and she pushed into me, making the moment that much more erotic.

We fell back onto the bed entwined in each other, touching, feeling, and
tasting each other. It was like being d***k, or even high. I just
couldn't get enough of what she had to offer. I pulled myself up from her
and sat between her legs, rubbing my hands over her body like I was molding
the perfect person. She was breath taking. Everything about her was so
perfect. I moved further away from her and bent down to finally taste what
her body desired to be touched. At first, I just kissed the outside,
tickling her lips with my soft touches, and she squirmed a little, and
giggled some. When she least expected it, I pushed my face hard into her,
my nose buried in between her lips, my tongue licking every part of it.
She gasped, raising her hips and I had to use my hands to hold her body
down. She grabbed a pillow, putting it over her face to muffle her moans.
But I didn't need to 'hear' if she was satisfied. Her body showed every
bit of emotion she was going through. With that, she climaxed, bucking
hard and uncontrollably. And then a knock. Someone was knocking at the
door and I panicked, pulling myself off of her and trying to get off the
bed to find my clothes. The door handle jiggled, and I heard my mother on
the other side asking why the door was locked, with a little big of anger
in her voice. I called out that we were changing and to hold on a sec.
Within 15 seconds we were both off the bed dressed and ready to greet
anyone. I hurried to the door and unlocked it, opening the door to be
greeted by my mother with a frown on her face, saying Jenna's mom was on
the phone and why didn't I hear the phone ring. I looked quickly at Jenna
and she turned to pick up the phone. I shrugged at my mother as she walked
into my room, adjusting the volume on my CD player. With that she walked
out, leaving the door wide open.

"My mom wants me home. She says that I need to come watch my b*****r while
she takes Mrs. Parsons across the way to the store" Jenna grumbled as she
looked around the room and collected what was there of hers.

I sat back on the bed watching her collect her things, and wondered if what
just happened was a dream. Looking out the window, I saw that the rain had
subsided, and wished it would start again to accompany my now dwindling
mood. Just then, Jenna turned to me and sat down next to me. Taking my
hand in hers, and with her other hand pulling my face to face hers, she
leaned into me and kissed me.

"Don't look so sad Belle. This is only the beginning." She said matter of
factly. With that she left. And I smiled, once again.

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