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Mom and her son

Joy was a single mom. Her husband left her when her son was five. Joy was still nursing the son and slept in his bed many nights. This probably caused her marriage to fail.

When her son got in his teens he grew into a good looking man. Joy was a beautiful and sexy woman. She dressed to show her body wearing short dresses and very tight tank tops. The son was beginning to notice how sexy mom was. He began peeking at her while she was showering or changing her clothes. One day he waited just a few minutes after her shower and walked into her room. She was standing there naked deciding what to wear. He said "sorry" but kept staring at her big tits. Joy said "it is okay. You may see me nude. Do you like my tits?" He replied "yes, they are big and round." The mom replied "You sucked them for years when you was a c***d. I loved watching you sucking my nipples. Do you want to suck them again?" "Oh mom could I? Would it be okay?"

Joy sat on the bed and pulled him to her and let him take a nipple in his mouth. "Yes that is a good boy. Suck on mommy's nipple." The son sucked for a long time with his hands wrapped around her big globes. Then she told him "It is time to switch to mommy's other tit. Do you enjoy my big tits and like sucking them. You used to sl**p with me and suck them most of the night. I loved your mouth on me and let you nurse til you was almost ten."

The son told her"I love your big tits and your sexy body. I have been peeking at you for a long time." Joy then told her son "Do you want to see mommy's pussy and touch it?" He smiled and said "I can't believe you will let me touch your pussy. Yes, I do want to see and touch you." Joy then laid on the bed and spread her legs wide. The boy looked at her shaved pussy and she took his hand and placed it on her. "Rub mommy and look at the pussy while you do. Explore all of it as mommy tells you what to do." The son took his hand and rubbed his mommy's pussy seeing it get hard and swell as he touched it. Joy told him to spread the lips and take the clit between two fingers and rub it. As he did this she had a climax. "Now feel what you did to mommy when you rubbed her clit." She then took his finger to her hole and let him feel how wet and warm it was.

As she layed with her legs spread she took his finger and poked it in her hole. "Slide the finger in all the way and make mommy feel really good." she told him. He pressed his finger in deep. "Go in and out with your finger and finger fuck me." Her son was doing a good job fingering the mom. "Now add more fingers to mommy's pussy and keep fucking me." Soon her son had three fingers in her fucking her pussy. "Now harder. Fuck me harder." He used all his male power and finger fucked her hard and deep. He pounded his mom's pussy as she came time after time. His fingers were soaked with his mom's cum. "Did you like fucking mommy's pussy with your fingers?" "Yes, I loved it. It felt so good." "Take your clothes off and mommy will show you more fun things to do to mommy's pussy."

Her son got maked and she looked at his cock which was already getting very hard. "Stand by the bed and let mommy see your cock." As he stood naked she felt his cock and stroked it. It was seven inches long and quite thick. "Baby you have a nice cock and mommy will teach you to fuck me with it." She kept rubbing his cock and then rubbed his balls. "You have nice full balls. Look. Your cock is leaking pre cum. That means you like it being touched." She rubbed a finger over the tip and smeared the cum around. His cock by now was real hard. She then licked the cum off the tip. "Look at your cock as mommy licks it. It will make you horny and you will want to fuck mommy with the cock and not the fingers." She licked him tasting his cum, licking his slit as more cum seeped out. "You taste very good. Some day I will suck your cock and let you fill my mouth with your cum but today I am just going to show you how good that cock will feel in my pussy."

She then layed back and spread her legs. "Get between my legs and aim your cock to my pussy. Push it in me and feel how warm it feels to you. Then go in and out and fuck my hole. I want you to push all the cock inside me. Then fuck your mom hard." The son pushed his cock in her and loved how good she felt. She was warm and wet around his hard cock. He began going in and out and was fucking at a good pace. She yelled "Harder fuck me harder. Pound me with your cock." Turned on by his mom yelling he then fucked her hard and fast. His cock felt so good then all of a sudden he spasmed and his cock exploded filling his mom with his cum. Mom grabbed him and kissed him on the mouth and said "You did good. You fucked mommy hard and gave me your cum. Mommy felt wonderful."

He layed for a while with his cock in his mom's pussy not wanting to take it out. "Mommy, can we do this again? I love to fuck." Mom said "Yes baby. Mommy is going to teach you many ways to fuck and lick and feel so good. You will be mommy's man from now on." He then began to suck on a nipple. Mom then told him, "Put your face in mommy's pussy and suck on her clit. I will be wet from your cum and just lick it. Lick my fuck hole where your cock was." The son sucked her clit and mom got to moaning and then he went to her hole and licked it. "Yes, now put the tongue in mommy's hole. Fuck me with your tongue and taste your cum mixed with my cum." He then began to tongue fuck his mom. His mom kept cumming and moaning as his tongue invaded her hole. He licked all her cum. She felt his cock rock hard against her leg and told him "It is time to fuck me again with your cock. Do it hard and deep and you will last longer this time. The more we fuck the longer your cock will stay hard."

She and her son stayed in bed for several hours fucking and he would lick her pussy. He was a fast learner and a horny young man. In the next week she was going to teach him so many things and she would have a real man in her bed from now on. Her own fuck machine.

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