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Melissa grew up in Baghdad by the Bay (San Francisco).
She had a normal c***dhood, all the normal sc****s, bruises,
victories and disappointments. The geography of San
Francisco eliminates back yards and playing with wagons and
bicycles as a c***d because the hills are so steep. The climate is
cold and damp enough to require everyone to dress up more.
Hairstyles suffer because thick hair goes straight and fine hair
curls up. You see far more hats and gloves in the Bay area than
any other area of California.

She lived on Fulton Street in one of those old Victorian
apartments that have been restored in recent years. They went
into great detail researching the original paint scheme of the
block. She knew that Victorians houses were overly decorative
but they out did themselves when it came to color. They look
like a candy store with all the bright colors.

Her parents were c***dren of the hippie generation that
went from free love to money grubbing capitalist...he, he.
Both of them worked long hours to build that big retirement
nest egg, and Melissa's college fund. They were among the
generation that believed in zero growth to save the worlds
resources. That is why they only had one c***d.

It was just a short bus ride on the city bus system to
Melissa's high school. Her best friend (Kathleen) and her had
gone to school together with each other all the way from pre-
school. About midway through their senior year of school they
were at Melissa's home and Kathleen was trying on some of
Melissa's clothes. They often traded clothes. That expanded
their wardrobe by giving the impression that they had more
clothes than they really did.

They were in her bedroom alone for the afternoon.
Kathleen asked if she could try on some of her clothes as they
had done so many times. Melissa responded with her normal
approval and Kathleen striped off her school clothes down to
her matching bra and under-panties. They were intriguing
because Melissa had not seen her in anything like them before.
Her under garments was distinctive because they were by
Calvin Klein and made to look like boy's Jockey briefs in a
bright red color with white elastic waistband and white piping
around the legs and bra straps. She found them very seductive.

Melissa had been sitting on her bed and had stripped
down to her bra and panties along with Kathleen. Melissa had
returned to her bed and sat on the corner of the bed with her
legs crossed under her.

When Kathleen walked past Melissa reached out and felt
her bottom with the palm of my hand as she said they were
cute. She regretted her decision as fast as she did it. Melissa had
never let her know that she was physically attracted to her
before. She didn't want to lose her as a friend.

Kathleen didn't say anything but reached out and felt the
crotch of Melissa's cotton hip-hugger panties with the palm of
her hand. Melissa knew she could feel the wetness of her
panties and blushed with her feelings of embarrassment for
being so damned horny. Kathleen stepped back in her own
embarrassment. They both blushed and started crying. They
looked at each other through blurry eyes, then Melissa stood up
and they hugged, and kissed each other.

They both tried to talk at the same time. They blurted out
that they loved each other as hugged and cried. They confessed
that they had been sexually attracted to each other for years.
They both started talking about how they found out about
masturbation at about the time they entered puberty. They hid
their sexual desires from everyone. They had crushes on male
teachers and some boys but even after they started dating they
never let any boy do anything more than kiss them.

With that they started kissing each other. Their hugging
became more urgent and they started sticking their tongues into
each other's mouth. Melissa returned her hand to Kathleen's
panties and felt her crotch. Her panties were as wet as
Melissa's was. Kathleen returned her hand to Melissa's panties
and they both rubbed their fingers on the wet material until they
were between the labia.

Melissa thought she could smell her cunt odor. She
removed my hand and smelled her fingers. Kathleen blushed as
she confirmed that what she smelled was her pussy juices. It
was almost without thought that she slipped her fingers under
Kathleen's waistband and through the tangle of her fine pubic
hair. Kathleen jerked when Melissa's finger touched her

Kathleen pulled Melissa backward onto the bed and
unhooked her bra. Her wet mouth claimed Melissa's left breast
and sucked Melissa's nipple as she felt her panties. Kathleen
let go of Melissa's panties long enough to unhook her bra. She
lifted the cups up and used her tongue to wet Melissa's nipples.

Kathleen slid off the bed and placed herself between
Melissa's legs and planted a kiss right on her wet panties.
Melissa sat up and watched her friend pull the leg of her panties
aside and moved in close enough to smell the dampness of her
over heated cunt. The breath coming out of her nose was
moving the fine hair's gentle around. When Kathleen licked
the inside of the labia to taste her first cunt, they were both
thrilled beyond belief.

When Melissa recovered her breath after her first climax
from something other than her finger she put her hands under
Kathleen's arms and lifted her up and changed places with her.
Now it was her turn to find out what pussy tasted like. She
pulled the Calvin Klein's panties off the slender legs of her
friend. She was staring at the brown garden between her
friend's legs as she lowered her to the bed. Kathleen opened
her legs as Melissa approached. After the first taste Melissa
knew it would not be the last.

She knew where the clitoris was from making herself
climax at night with her finger. It was a thrill to feel the little
nub of flesh in her mouth. She used her tongue to bring her
girlfriend to a climax. Then liquid leaked from Kathleen's cunt
Melissa lapped it up. It tasted a little like the metal of a carving
knife and salty. When it was over they didn't talk about it but
they hugged each other for what seemed like hours before they
dressed before anyone would get home.

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