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Alex amy and charlie

Charlie was looking across the coffee shop longingly. God he's just SO
hot! she was thinking to herself. She got off whilst thinking about him
all the time, yesterday had been amazing. She had sat in her comfy grey
chair outside of the coffee shop, and discretely rubbed herself until she
came - right there in the middle of the school. She had managed to justify
it however - she was a 16 year old girl, she was horny all the time! Of
course it had to be the same for the others... didn't it? The thing
Charlie especially liked about this guy was that he was one of the few
people taller than her - at 6'1" she struggled to find people of a similar
height to her, and she thought that his 6'3" frame would have been perfect
on top of her, with her long black hair and huge breasts, which went just
perfectly with her tall slim frame.

Alex was having similar thoughts. The blonde haired beauty was had done so
many things with pieces of fruit, she could no longer eat a meal without
getting horny thinking of him. Sitting two seats away from Charlie, her
panties were soaking with her pussy juices.

Between Alex and Charlie sat Amy. Amy was the quiet, sweet one of the
three. She barely ever thought about sex, and when she did she immediately
blushed afterwards. Despite this, there was of course one man she would
have loved to join in bed, though she would never admit it to anyone. She
was the shortest of the three beauties, with short brown hair and strong
glasses. Despite this she was amazingly beautiful, and she had heard
rumours that the guy about ten feet from her really did like her. She had
never, however, allowed herself to believe these rumours.

Then disaster struck for the three. His girlfriend. She was a very pretty
girl, probably not up there with Alex or Amy, or maybe even Charlie, but
very pretty and a girl with the sweetest nature. None of them had been
sure up until now as to whether or not the object of their wild fantasies
was indeed with someone, but there she was in the flesh. Charlie was
visibly disappointed at this, as both of the others knew what she thought
of him.

"Never mind, don't get to upset or anything over it" Amy whispered in her
best friends ear. She put her hand on her leg and rubbed it as a sign of
comfort. Charlie was surprised at how aroused this got her, and let out a
small moan. She covered her mouth as she realised Amy had heard, but
relaxed a little when she saw Amy's small smile.

"Come on, let's go for a walk" she suggested.

"Sure, OK" Amy responded in her usual, quiet voice. "Bye Alex."

"Oh OK then, bye."

Amy and Charlie did their usual walk, just circling the school. About half
way around, Charlie decided she needed the loo.

"OK, I'll wait here" Amy said. Charlie went into the cubicle, whilst Amy
waited. Suddenly Amy needed to go too. She went into the cubicle next to
Charlie, and sat down. As she sat down, her earring fell out and under the
divider between the cubicles. Rather than call Charlie, Amy got onto her
hands and knees and reached across to get it herself. She looked across,
and saw an amazing sight: Charlie had her hand in her thong, and was
fingering herself rapidly. Amy was shocked at how horny she became because
of this, and began to feel her juices dripping down from her pussy,
drenching her thong. Without warning, Charlie stopped and walked out. Amy
stayed where she was, panties down and on hands and knees on the floor.
She got up on to her knees, and realised that she needed to masturbate for
the first time ever. Slowly she began to circle her clit, and she was so
occupied with this that she didn't hear the noise made by Charlie climbing
over the back.

Suddenly Amy heard a voice: "Here, let me help you with that. Before she
could turn around, Charlie had one finger in Amy's ass. Amy was shocked,
but it was only making her hornier. "Come on, I know how we can make this
more fun!"

They arrived back at the coffee shop, with Charlie standing behind Amy.
Alex saw them, and a strange smile came across her face. Amy sat down on
Charlie's lap, and no one knew that she still had Charlie's finger up her
ass. No one that is, except for Alex - who had had this done before. She
came and sat upon the side of their chair, and laid a hand across Amy's
soaking crotch. "So you've never cum before?" she asked in a voice too low
for the rest of the coffee shop to hear. "Well let's change that shall


"Sure, why not whilst we were looking at him, I got myself off twice! It's
like this". And with that Alex began to grind so subtly against Amy's
thigh, that no one noticed. Amy could feel Alex's wet cunt against her,
and just as she thought Alex was going to cum, the blonde put her hand into
Amy's thong and squeezed her clit so hard that Amy came instantly. The
convulsions through her body were so great that the already turned on
Charlie came herself. She took her finger from Amy's ass and sucked it
clean, whilst Alex too eventually had her third orgasm in 15 minutes.

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