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Gemma and i

ok , so it should't have happened . Gemma was my best friend & although we
had flirted with each other on occasion I had never imagined a situation which
we found ourselves in last night .

It had been a traumatic day . My boyfriend of 14 months had accidenly
received a text message from me which had been intended for another guy I had met
whilst on a girlie night out a few days earlier . Let me point out that nothing
had happened between me & this guy , but the situation had been made much worse
because I then lied to my boyfriend about who the message was intended for .
It was a feeble lie , & he soon found out the truth . He said it was over & I
was devastated .

Not wanting to be alone ,( my parents had just that day flown to Japan for a
2 week holiday ), I decided to invite 4 of my best friends over for a bit of a
party . Four of them came , but after an hour 3 of them left unable to cope
with my grumpy & foul mood . Great! Lost my boyfriend and 3 friends in the
space of 8 hours .

Thankfully Gemma was the one person who did decide to stay & between us we
started to have fun & to enjoy ourselves , helped it must be said by drinking
lots of very alcoholic punch which i had prepared earlier . Gemma is 17 , a
year younger than me , very outgoing & very daring . I knew she had had a sexual
relationship with a girl at the leisure centre where they both worked , but
also knew that boys were her main attraction . She has mousey blonde hair cut
short at the back , gorgeous blue eyes is about 5ft 2 ( a little shorter than me
) and slim but athletic build .

By the time we decided to go to bed ( we always quite innocently shared a bed
when she stayed over ) , my mood was greatly improved , partly because Paul (
boyfriend ) had phoned & hinted that there might still be a chance for us but
mainly cos me & gemma were having such a fun time . . . oh and the punch of

Anyway , we changed into our pjamas and jumped into bed and immediately
started messing around . Gemma put her arm round me & jokingly said she wanted me ,
I told her she couldnt and told her to move away from my side of the bed . "
make me " she teased . I grabbed her arm , and squeezed it tightly so that my
nails dug deeply in . "Ow! you bitch" she said " you are so going to pay for
that " and she bit me hard on my shoulder . It carried on for a while , she'd
hurt me , id hurt her and all the time we were just laughing & laughing at the
pain we were causing each other .

Inevitably , one of us did actually get hurt . Of course i didnt mean to ,
but purely by accident , as I was going to give Gemma a dead arm , I caught
her face with my elbow . She screamed and after a few seconds said that ,now
,i was really gonna pay . A scream from me this time as she threw her body on
top of mine ang grabbed my wrists holding my arms tightly to the sides of the
bed . "So what you gonna do then " I innocently inquired . Her face still
showed some anger and was a few inches from mine . For a while she said nothing .
It made me feel as little vulnerable , her just looking at me like that , but
it also made me feel excited to , and she must have noticed that my breathing
was becoming quicker & harder . If she had looked away from my face she she
would also have noticed the stiffness of my nipples beneath my pink cotton
pjama top & for some strange reason , I was hoping that she would . But she didnt
. She just kept staring at me with those piercing blue eyes , it was like she
was trying to read me and after a while i tried to look at her in a way which
i thought she was looking for , one of submission . Almost immeditely ,
although very , very slowly her head started to move forward so that her face was
getting ever closer to mine . As she got nearer & nearer I could feel beads of
hot perspiration bubbling up all over my very wanting body & I knew that I
needed this to happen .I closed my eyes & felt her beautiful soft lips brush
against mine . It sent an intense shock through my whole body & it made me gasp
loudly . She moved her lips away , but i needed them back , I really needed them
back . I opened my eyes and looked longingly into hers . I saw them smiling
at me and then she closed them & once again felt her moving towards me & I
parted my lips invitingly for her . This time we kissed properley and things
started to happed very fast , fired by the uncontrolable passion we were both
starting to feel . Our tongues were so hungry that they wrestled each other
ferociously so that we almost forgot to breath & only cos Gemma wanted to explore me
more was I able to draw in some life giving air , She moved instinctively
onto my neck sending shudder after glorious shudder through my awakening body,
and then with her eager fingers worked her way down the line of buttons which
were so desparately trying to keep my 34c breasts from her . They didnt succeeed
. Within seconds they were exposed to her and she wasted no time devouring
them both licking and sucking with an eagerness like she thought they might soon
disappear . Oh my god! and then it happened . Her hand had found its way to
the softness of my lower belly & as it moved purposely lower & lower a huge
explosion shook my whole body like I had never ever experienced before . I
screamed in ecstasy & Gemma stopped & looked at me uncertainly . " what was that "
she asked teasingly . Smiling i replied that i didnt know cos it han never
happened before but that it felt amazing .
" how amazing " she asked , teasing again
" this amazing " i said , and taking her hand , placed it between my legs
and let her fingers explore feel my soaking wet pussy .

We didnt sl**p much last night , but this morning i feel totally fantastic!

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