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My love

It seems like I've known her forever, though really it's only been two
years. Whenever I see her my heart warms up, and my mind becomes blank with
a happy sort of delirium. Of course, when I had first met her, it had all
been different...

I was at school, laughing with my best friend Alice, when I first saw
her. I didn't realize then, the amount of love I would one day feel for
this girl. All I knew then was that I wanted to know her. I wanted to know
everything about her I could, and for some odd, unexplainable reason, I
guess she wanted to know me too. We were never best friends. We didn't have
enough classes together for that. We didn't really have much in common at
all, except for that we knew we liked each other. But still, whenever I saw
her in the hallway, I would always wave and say hi, and she would say hi to

About a year later I met her again, this time at lunch. With her shoulder
length blonde hair and big bright blue eyes, it was odd to me how beautiful
I thought she was. All the boys I had ever dated had had dark hair and tan
skin, but she was more beautiful than all of those guys combined. For some
reason, I don't know why, she sat with me that day, and ever since I've
loved her. It's as simple as that. Every time she talks, or laughs, or
smiles, it takes my breath away.

We're almost polar opposites, though. For instance, she likes to dance and
sing, and I'm into sports, though I'm not a tomboy. One thing we DO have in
common, though, is our love for shopping. We could spend hundreds of
dollars on clothes at any time if we had the money. Both of us like to look
good. Most of the time we do. At least she does. She could make anything
look wonderful. She is so sweet, too. Whenever we see each other we give a
big hug, and she squeezes me around my middle. It's the best thing ever!
All I want to do is hold her tight, and smell her hair, and kiss her. Oh
how I would love to kiss her. I'm taller than her, even though it's not by
much, only a few inches, so she can't see the pure joy that must be written
all over my face whenever I hold her. She makes me feel so happy. I never
believed I could love a person as much as I love her.

Her eyes really kill me, though. I used to think my favorite eye color was
brown, but now I know it has to be blue. Her eyes are marvelous, deep and
wide, with such love and kindness all backed behind them. She has to be the
greatest creature alive. Every time I look at her my heart stops beating.
When she laughs at me, or tells me she loves me (even though I know it's
only on a platonic level), I can barely contain the love I feel.

Then I become let down. I'm not the only one that sees her beauty. She has
tons of friends. Her friends that are girls are so much more beautiful than
I am. I mean, I'm certainly not bad, and I've never had any trouble getting
guys, but it's disappointing to see the person you love hang out with
beautiful, cool people. Not to mention her guy friends, which I'm sure she
would prefer much more than any girl. It really is hopeless. The only time
I ever feel like anything I'm feeling might be felt in return is when we
hug, and even that is brief. How could she not know I love her? How could
she not know that when she touches me I feel like I've been electrically
shocked? All I know is that I love her. I guess there's nothing else to

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