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Fast and furious

Alice's parents were going to be away for the weekend, and her friend Helen
was going to come round for sex. Just a month ago, the friends had wanted
to try lesbian sex, gotten really into it, and now they were desperate for

Alice was medium height with shoulder length brown hair, with dyed-maroon
tips that were about one inch long. He had a pretty face and reasonably
sized breasts. She also had a great ass. Helen was blonde, with slightly
larger breasts and longer hair.

It was 9pm, and her parents had finally left for the night. They wouldn't
be back until 9am the next day. The doorbell rang, and Alice rushed to
answer it.

She opened the door and Helen stepped inside. She wore a pair of dark blue
tight jeans and a black top, with 1inch heels on her shoes. Alice wore a
white dressing gown and g-string.

They sat on the sofa and chatted, cracking open a bottle of wine. After
about half an hour they were quite horny, and began to kiss
passionately. Helen slipped her hand inside Alice's gown and began
massaging her breast until the nipple was hard. She then deftly opened the
gown and bent her head, taking the left nipple into her mouth. Alice moaned
with pleasure as Helen sucked expertly, and soon both nipples were hard.

Then her hand went lower to Alice's crotch. Helen applied a little pressure
to Alice's crotch, and she let out a low moan. Alice's g-string was wet,
and it was obvious that she was ready.

The gown was discarded, and Helen stood up. Alice adjusted herself on the
sofa, and Helen removed her top and bra, letting her breasts fall
freely. She then pulled down her jeans to reveal a black pair of french
knickers, which Alice loved. She put her hands on Helen's firm ass and
squeezed. She then kissed the crotch, revelling in the smell of pussy. She
pulled down the french knickers and allowed Helen to step out of them. She,
like Alice, had a perfect, shaven pussy. It was wet, and Alice pushed one
finger in and swirled it around, which really turned Helen on.

Helen climbed onto the sofa, her knees either side of Alice's breasts, then
she lowered her pussy onto Alice's tongue. Alice licked her friend's cunt,
and Helen moaned, grasping her breasts. Alice licked harder, and flicked at
Helen's clit with her tongue.

Helen came hard, and Alice drank the juices. Then Helen lay on her back on
the floor and opened her legs. Alice removed her g-string and licked
Helen's nipples to attention. She then lay on top of her and began fucking
her, their wet pussies squelching together as they kissed. Helen grabbed
Alice's ass and slapped it hard, smacking it over and over again to make it
red. Alice moaned as they fucked, clits rubbing together until they both

Alice knew what to do. She turned over and sat on Helen's pussy, wiping her
hot, red ass in their mixed cum until her ass was pretty much covered. She
then stood up and bent over the chair. Helen put on her black, 8inch dildo
and promptly rammed it up Alice's waiting pussy, doggystyle. The cum on
Alice's ass meant that Helen slid about on Alice's butt, making it harder
to fuck her. Alice came quickly, and then dropped to her knees to suck the
plastic cock.

She took it in her mouth and almost the whole thing went down her
throat. She gurgled and licked and sucked on the dildo, and after a minute
Helen got bored and took it off. She then lay back in an armchair, her legs
hanging off, open wide.

Alice realised what to do and put on the dildo. She stood between Helen's
open legs and bent to put her hands on the arms of the chair. She then
pushed the dildo firmly into Helen's glistening pussy, and began pumping
her hard. Helen moaned and grasped her tits, rubbing her nipples as she
groaned with pleasure. Alice fucked her harder and harder, and Helen came
three times before Alice finally did.

Alice then removed the strap on, and placed her pussy backwards over
Helen's mouth, her head between Helen's legs, hands on the floor like she
was doing some kind of handstand.

Helen licked Alice's pussy and sucked on her clit but the pleasure was too
much for Alice, who came in a rush and collapsed onto the floor. Helen got
up and they licked each other clean.

"Its about time I went," announced Helen.

"Bye," Alice replied as Helen dressed and left the house, leaving Alice to
clean up.

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