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Danny and sophia

Danny and Sophia have always been good friends, right from the day they
met, their first day at High School, they had a connection.

Neither of the girls knew anyone at their new school so they automatically
became best friends, sharing their secrets with each other.

As the years went by they shared countless sl**povers, and grew closer and
closer together, finding out more and more about one another, until one
day, the day that Sophia told Danny her biggest secret, the day their
relationship changed.

Danny's parents were away for the weekend, so she had Sophia round to
stay. They were doing their usual, a pizza and a movie, sitting on Danny's
bed in the shortie-nighties they had bought for each other one Christmas.

The girls were chatting away, when a girl on girl sex scene came on the
TV. Sophia turned to Danny and said nervously, "Dan, I can tell you
anything right? And You'd never think any different of me?"

Curiously Danny replied, "Sure Sophia, you can trust me, what's up?"

Her blonde friend moved closer to her and said in a timid voice "well, the
thing is, and don't be scared by this...but we've know each other for four
years now, I mean, we've watched each other come from little girls to,
well, developed young women"

"I'm not sure what you're getting at," said Danny, with a little smile.

"Well, I mean, I've noticed changes in your body...big changes, and I've
always felt something kind of, strong about you"

"I think I know what you mean," said Danny

"And watching this film, with these girls, it gives me these...urges"

"Oh? What...urges?"

"I don't know how to describe them," said Sophia, moving closer to her
curvy, brunette friend.

"Perhaps you could show me?" said Danny, her pussy now feeling tingly,

"Ok" said Sophia, moving closer still to Danny, looking deeply into her
eyes. She leaned her pretty face into Danny and pressed her lips against
her best friends.

Danny opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into Sophia's mouth. Sophia
massaged Danny's tongue with her own then gently pecked her on the
lips. The girls looked at each other and smiled.

"I'm so glad you feel the same!" Sophia said with a look of relief

"I've wanted do that for so long," replied Danny, her nipples becoming

She leaned into Sophia and began to kiss her again; with passion no boy had
ever shown her. Sophia slowly touched Danny's 34d breast, not feeling
nervous at all. She began to stroke, and then suddenly, with f***e, ripped
off the sheer satin nightdress.

Danny let out a little cry of joy as Sophia began to suck and bite at her
left nipple, playing teasingly with the right one with her hand. Danny lay
back, pulling her friend on top of her. With f***e she pushed Sophia's head
down to her sopping wet pussy. Danny was no stranger to this, having slept
with most boys in the neighborhood; Sophia however, had only ever kissed a

"What do I do?" asked Sophia?

"It's easy, like you're a dog lapping from your bowl" so Sophia began to
lap, then she thrust her strangely long tongue into her friends gaping
pussy. Danny let out yelps of joy, letting Sophia know she was doing
something right.

"Good dog, that's it, drink up all my juicy cum"

Sophia suddenly let all her inhibitions go and started flicking and licking
and sucking Danny's big clit until she screamed and squirted all over
Sophia's face.

Danny moved in for a kiss but instead licked her own cum off her friends
beautiful face.

"Now it's my turn," said Sophia, wanting so badly to cum all over her
friend. As Sophia lay on the bed with her legs spread, Danny moved slowly
down, kissing and licking her way down Sophia's breasts and stomach. She
slid the white cotton panties down Sophia's thighs and began to caress her
inner thighs. Just as she was about to plunge her tongue into the tight,
virgin pussy, she looked up, and with a smile said?

"No, I have a better idea"

Danny jumped off the bed, her breasts jiggling about, and ran to the
wardrobe. Sophia stared at Danny's tight ass and told her how fucking sexy
she was, and that she couldn't believe they hadn't done this before.

Danny said nothing but pulled something from the closet, hiding it from

"Come back and make me squeal, I so badly want to cum," said Sophia,
growing inpatient.

Danny was fiddling with something near her pussy but Sophia didn't notice
the straps round Danny's perfect waist. She was too busy rubbing her
swollen clit with her middle finger, eyes shut with glee.

She opened her eyes just as Danny turned around, a huge strap on exuding
from her crotch. It was pink and 9 inches long. Danny jumped on top of
Sophia and spread her legs wide.

Sophia let out a scream of a mixture of pain and pleasure as Danny thrust
the hard cock into her friend's tight wet virgin pussy. In and out, in and
out until they both screamed with sheer ecstasy as it was a double ended.

Danny pulled out the pink cock and made her friend lick her own cum off the
cock. She pulled it out of herself and returned it to the closet.

She returned to the bed and gently sucked her friends not yet fully
developed tits. They lay next to each other, naked and panting.

"We have to do that again!"

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