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Cheerleader lovers chpt.3

I woke to the sound of grunting or moaning that stirred me out of my naked
slumber. sl**ping with Jessi naked was truly incredible and left me in such
a state of bliss that it took me a while to take in my surroundings. I
turned to look over on the sofa chair and saw my naked lover in the heat of
a very passionate orgasm. She was watching TV and was using some type of
dildo or vibrator. I couldn't see it much since it was plunging into the
very wet ruby red folds of Jessi's sex. Not that my pussy needed any
encouragement to start salivating at the sight in front of me, I was in
passion bliss seeing her play so a****listic. My fingers found the
moisture-laden folds between my legs and easily found instant depth. My
fingers worked to the motion that Jessi was doing with her toy. She was so
entranced by whatever was on TV that she didn't even see me as I removed
the sheet from the bed to better minister my pussy. With one hand, I let me
fingers go deep and hard. With the other, I was on my little button rubbing
away. I was on the verge of cumming when Jessi let loose.


Her toy was jammed as deep as it could go and her legs stiffened up. I
couldn't take it and I let my own little orgasm rip through my body.

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss..." I whispered, but not quiet enough as
Jessi looked over.

She smiled genuinely but had the look of the cat that ate the canary. With
the swagger of a freshly fucked cheerleader, Jessi made her way to the bed
to join me. She had pulled this thick glass... thing from her pussy and
brought it onto the bed.

"Jessalyn, my hot lover..." She started licking her lips.

"I wanted to surprise you with a little gift of our love, but you caught me
before I could give it to you."

"Wha?!?" I stuttered

With that she kissed my lips and each pert nipple lustfully. Grabbing my
hand she brought me over to the chair that she was just occupying and
brought my attention to the TV. I looked over dumbfounded as I watched
Jessi take my virginity on TV. I was so shocked and not sure how to respond
to seeing myself on TV. Part of me was very turned on and the other part

Nibbling on my ear as I watched, Jessi finally spoke. "Jessalyn, you are so
incredibly sexy and I wanted to give you something of my feelings for you
that... I decided to video-tape our experience last night."

Sensing my hesitation she continued. "You have made me feel so special that
I didn't know what to give you." Her accent was taking over again and made
me melt.

"Jessi... I don't know." I said honestly. "This is... so... well, unusual."

Sitting me down and sitting on the edge of the bed, Jessi was coming clean.

"Jessalyn, you have made me feel so special and absolutely incredible that
I ... well, I..."

"What is it?" I coaxed her on as she seemed to fumble with emotions.

"Well, Jess, my mom makes movies... sex movies. And she uses me and my
friends in them." Jessi was pouring her heart out. "She saw you at a game
once and told me that I needed to seduce you. I told her that I
couldn't. She got mad at me because I told her that I had feelings for you
and I couldn't do that to you."

I was dazed.

"I have had feelings for you from the beginning and I couldn't allow myself
to get involved where my mom could ...exploit you."

The tears were pouring from her face and I was really feeling sorry for


"No, let me finish..." She stopped me. "When I got close to you, I felt as
if you were interested in me and I let myself go... That's what happened
that day in my basement. My mom found out and she was going to use you in a
video or two, but I played it off on her."

Wiping her eyes and gathering strength Jessi built on what she told
me. "When my mom went down on you, she was pushing me so hard that I
snapped and she took over. I let you decide where it was going and you did
what I hoped you would. From there, I devised the idea of coming up here
and teasing my mom. I wanted you to myself and I knew she wouldn't get us."

"But I thought you said she was coming up to join us."

"She was until she got called out of town to do some other movie thing..."
Jessi said smiling. "Well... she will be pissed, but I faked the whole
thing for her so we could be alone."

I was lost... I didn't know what to think, where to look, what to
understand. Here my idol, love, special friend was telling me that her mom
was setting me up for taking sex videos without me knowing... and Jessi was
trying to protect me because she cared for me. I was starting to feel
flattered... honored, maybe even privileged. Maybe Jessi cared for me more
than I realized.

"Jessalyn." She said looking into my eyes. "I think I'm falling in love
with you."

SLAM! Wow... talk about earthquakes. My idol just said that she was in love
with me. Naked, a chill in the air, and a pungent sex odor in the air had
me dizzy and lightheaded. As soon as I could come down from the news, I
grabbed Jessi on the bed and tossed her back on it and planted the most
intense kiss on her lips that I could ever muster up. Our lips found each
other molding to the curves of each lip and melting into the passionate
heat that was devouring our bodies. No words were spoken for an eternity as
we hugged and kissed intently. I was telling Jessi that I loved her through
our kiss and she was gladly accepting it.

After our love embrace, our sweat-soaked bodies peeled apart and we stared
at each other.

"You're not mad at me?" Jessi asked very hesitantly.

"Not at all." I answered. "At first I was shocked, then I was flattered,
and then I was overwhelmed."

"Overwhelmed?" She queried

"Yes, I never in a million years thought that I would be so lucky to have a
lover like you." Grinning, I continued. "Well, I never thought I would have
a female lover that meant so much to me."

The grin was infectious as Jessi joined my smile.

"I figured that since my mom uses this place for video-taping, I could take
us together showing our love."

"How does your mom get 'this' place?" I asked wondering about the video

"Well, mom has worked out a deal with the owners and she set the whole
thing up. Long story... don't worry about that."

Staring into her eyes, I could feel that she was getting excited like I

"Let's watch the video together." I told her.

We moved the TV so that we both could watch it from the bed. When Jessi
started the video it was extremely weird to watch myself on the bed. I was
feeling déjà vu and I was getting extremely wet. Jessi wasn't hiding her
feelings at all as I could hear her moans of passion as she watched the
sight unfold in front of her. My hands had a mind of their own as they
found my honey-filled pot and slowly caressed through the moisture and ruby
red lips. As I watched the video and took in Jessi's ass moving slowly as
her hips undulated between my legs, I felt another hand join mine in my
folds. I spread my legs further to allow her full access, to which she
proceeded to bring her face to my womanhood. I watched transfixed on the
video as Jessi's tongue lashed my pussy and I lost it.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..." I gasped.

Not letting up at all, she continued to nibble and suck on my clit and clit
hood. My orgasm was intense and kept going to the incredible feeling and
sight in front of me. I loved it all.

Nothing prepared me for the dildo that entered my pussy in all of this.

"Woooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.." I screamed with a little

I didn't get far as Jessi had such a grip on me as she pushed the glass
dildo into my accepting pussy. I looked down at the naughty grin on her
face and smiled. She looked so sweet as she pressed further with the toy. I
thought my pussy was full when she took my virginity, but it was nothing
compared to the fullness I was getting from this new play toy. It was
really amazing that my pussy was opening up to accept this thick dildo
without any pain from me.

"OMG!" I cooed as Jessi had gone as deep as she could.

I was so full and it was like every nerve ending in my body was on
fire. Leaving the dildo deep, she went back to sucking my clit.


I moaned loudly as I turned back and tried to focus on our video. I
couldn't see clearly as I exploded on the TV.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I heard as my delirious
state was sending me over the edge again to Jessi's incredible playing.

"Jesssiiiiii..." I screamed out as the flames of raw desire lit my whole
body up.

I kept moaning, screaming, panting, everything... to the continuous wave of
pleasure Jessi applied to my body. Sometime during my screaming or moaning,
Jessi had stopped sucking my clit to give her the ability to fuck me with
the dildo. I was on sensation overload.

I let out one big scream as my whole body shuttered in ecstasy.


Jessi pulled the dildo out and I poured out cum for what seemed like
hours. My body just melted into the bed and every muscle went numb. I
wanted so much to do things to Jessi but I couldn't move. My hips felt
funny and my legs were not moving. Jessi must have sensed my dilemma as she
kissed me passionately and whispered.

"I'm gonna sit on your face, lover girl."

"YES!" I cried out.

With that, her toned legs made their way to cover my ears and her scented
love box was lowered onto my famished mouth. I nearly drowned as her cum
immediately coated my entire face. She tasted incredible as my tongue
probed the inner folds of her pussy. Being inexperienced at pussy licking
wasn't going to stop me from giving my lover the same feelings she brought
into me. It helped the Jessi was rocking her hips like she did when she
fucked me. I was definitely finding her 'spot' as I heard her gasp and moan
to my ministrations.

"OMG!... OH!!! OH, shit!!!" She squealed.

Getting the strength up, I brought my hands up and grabbed onto her
succulent ass and started nibbling on her clit.

"Fuck!!!..." she gasped as her hips drove her sex harder into my face.

I sucked her clit completely in my mouth and pulled as hard as I could as
she erupted all over my face.


Hands full of ass cheeks, mouth sucking on her clit and her legs squeezing
my ears together, Jessi's orgasm rocked us both hard and heavy. I let my
grip go and like a falling tree, Jessi crashed onto the bed totally
satiated. The two of us looked like rag dolls tossed on the bed as
exhaustion was taking over. As I was falling asl**p, I turned my head to
see a figure in the window. I refocused my eyes as best I could to see a
young naked girl in the window and she seemed to be busy with herself. I
remember seeing her at the pool before. Not that I was in the state to do
anything at the moment, but it was obvious that she had been watching us
and was fingering herself aggressively. My eyes closed and slumber took

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