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Cheerleader lovers chpt.1

The sun was starting to go down over the field and I was trying to dry my
eyes from the tears that had flooded them only moments before. The girls of
my cheerleading squad can be so mean, especially Cori Andrews. She was such
a bitch and would have the sophomore girls gang up on me and pick on me
just because I was the only freshman on the entire squad. It's so
frustrating that I made the team and these four girls led by Cori have to
pick on me because I am new to the squad.

I had been sitting for about ten minutes when Jessi Ann, the squad captain,
came over to me.

"Jessalyn Connel, I told you not to let those girls bother you." She said.

"But Jessi, they are so mean to me. I try hard and they mock me." I cried

"Look sweetie, they are so jealous of you because you are that good and
really flexible." Jessi said in her extreme southern accent.

I idolized Jessi because she was so good and very pretty. She was from
someplace in Mississippi and absolutely flawless when it comes to
cheerleading. She had the body for a cheerleader too. Her brown hair flowed
down her back and accented her beautiful smile. Her long legs and well
shaped backside made me so envious to have her body. Not that I have a bad
body, I am 5'4" tall with the same long brown hair but my legs aren't that
long and my breasts are tiny compared to Jessi's huge chest. Okay, I want
the 36C size boobs that she has instead of my 32A size. They make her
uniform look perfect and I look like a boy in my cheerleading outfit.

I looked down at the stands we were sitting on. I just felt like I was not
good enough for the team.

"Jessalyn, the only reason Cori is on the team is she fucked her way
there. Come on, when do you have a fat pig on a cheerleading team." Jessi
said smiling. "She wants to be captain and she is very afraid that you will
be the captain next year because you are incredibly beautiful and far more
athletic than her porky body could ever be."

"You think I am pretty?" I asked raising my hopes.

"God, yes... I think you are very sexy too. Your eyes are soft and inviting
as well as your smile. Plus, you are so flexible, I can't help think how
much fun you must be in bed."

'Wow, that is so nice to hear from Jessi...but was she thinking more of
me?' I pondered.

Changing the subject and offering me new hope, "Look Jessalyn, I will give
and show you some information that will keep Cori off your back and you and
I can focus more about getting more involved in our cheerleading."

I nodded and she took my hand led me down to the back of the coach's office
behind the stands. She then guided me quietly to the window and told me to
be very quiet as we peered into the window. There was Cori with her legs in
the air and Mr. Tomms, our coach, fucking her right on his desk. I was
shocked and excited as I watched Mr. Tomms hard cock going in and out of
Cori. I couldn't see it that much since Cori's thick thighs were blocking
the complete view.

I never saw two people having sex before and I was getting wet between my
legs. It was more exciting that I had Jessi right beside me. I don't know
why, but that thought also had me very excited. I was licking my lips and
breathing heavily that I didn't know that Jessi had placed her hand on my
mid section just below my breasts. I didn't realize it until I
subconsciously started to rub my breasts with my hand and I wrapped my
fingers into Jessi's and moved up to my left breast. Both our hands were
feeling the pertness of my nipple. I looked over at Jessi and she had her
eyes closed and licking her lips very seductively. I was feeling the fire
of passion for the first time and it seemed to be fueled by Jessi and not a
boy. Mr. Tomms scream of gushing orgasm into Cori's pussy woke both of us
out of our revelry. Jessi didn't pull her hand back nor did I let go. We
both pulled away from the window and our hands slipped away.

"See, Jessalyn. Now just walk up to Cori and tell her that you watched her
fuck Mr. Tomms and she and the other girls will leave you alone." A very
flush Jessi said to me as we headed home.

We went our separate ways as we approached my street. We walked in silence
until I came to my street. I thanked her for helping me out and making me
feel really good.

"Maybe we can get together sometime and practice our cheers or do some
stretches together," I said hoping.

"Yes, maybe we can have a sl**p over sometime." Jessi said to me in her
incredible accent.

We hugged and for a brief moment, I wanted to kiss her. What came over me?
Kissing a girl? But she was very beautiful I was telling myself as I walked
towards my house. I was very confused with these feelings. Maybe I was just
so new to the idea of what sex was all about that Jessi was just there at
the right time. I think?! All this thinking had me in my bedroom undressing
before I knew it. I peeled my panties off and they were soaked with a
pungent odor that was enticing to me. For some reason I put this pair of
panties on my pillow rather than the laundry basket. I changed and went to
do my usual chores.

I was in bed and about to fall asl**p when I got a sniff of my panties that
I left on my bed. I immediately started thinking of Jessi and her beautiful
body. Before I knew it, I was masturbating and experiencing a very intense
orgasm. After I calmed down and removed my fingers from my pussy, I
realized that I had my first real orgasm of my life. What was disturbing
was that I was thinking of Jessi. I drifted to sl**p.

The next day it was raining and would probably cancel our practice. On my
way to the gym I ran into Cori and her smug attitude. She started to give
me some shit and I lashed out that I saw her and Mr. Tomms doing the wild
thing. Her whole disposition changed at that moment. She seemed to cower
with the knowledge I had. I was going to apologize for my outburst when she
told me that she was very sorry for picking on me and promised that it will
not happen again. Then she was gone.

Wow, that was interesting. I would have to thank Jessi for helping me. I
found my way to the gym and Jessi talking to Mr. Tomms. I waited until she
was done to approach her. She finished and turned towards me and beamed.

"Hi Jessi. How are you doing?" I said giving her an innocent hug.

"Great now." She said while in our embrace. "Cori's fucktoy canceled
practice since it is raining and the boy's need the gym for basketball. I
think it is because he plans to do Cori again."

"Oh well..." I said

"Say, why don't you come to my house and we can practice in my basement."
Jessi offered while dragging me towards the exit of the gym. "My mom won't
be home until six, so we will have plenty of time to practice and stuff all

I don't think I had a choice, not that I would have said no but I was a
little nervous with the experience I had in bed last night. We ran through
the rain to Jessi's house making it in about ten minutes. Unfortunately we
were both soaked completely. We went into her house and up to her bedroom
where we dropped our things. Giggling about how wet we looked, we started
to get undress as if it was totally natural. I had my shirt off and was
about to pull my jeans off when I realized that I didn't have anything to
put on. My uniform was back in my locker at school and I forgot to take it
with me when Jessi ran us out of the school.

Um... Jessi, I don't have my uniform. It's back at school."

Looking at me in my bra and unbuttoned jeans she stared for a few
seconds. Then she came out of it smiling, "That's okay, we can practice in
our panties and bra. That would be really cool."

"But my bra and panties are soaked through." I said peeling off the
drenched jeans.

Not even thinking about it, she replied, "We can put them in the dryer and
we can just do our stretches naked."

I have never seen another girl naked. Cori was mostly dressed when she was
being fucked by Mr. Tomms. Something inside of me wanted to see my idol
completely naked. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I answered.

"That will work."

With that I shed the remaining clothes from my drenched body and looked up;
directly at Jessi's naked body. Her mouth was wide open and she was totally
focused on me. I did the same thing and took in her incredible body. Her
beautiful shoulders melted into breasts that had rock hard nipples pointing
right at me. I had to take a breath and continue down her body to a
well-toned stomach. My gazed found her shaved pussy, which wasn't a real
surprised since almost all the cheerleaders shave their pubic hair. It was
her ruby red lips that just stuck out of the folds that beckoned my

"I never thought your nipples would stick out that far." Jessi said waking
both of us out of our stares.

"Um...well... yea, they do that when they get really cold." I said

We found the focus enough to make it to the dryer and then to the
basement. It was really warm in the basement as we got comfortable sitting
on the floor facing each other. We spread our legs apart making our feet
touch each other so we could bend down and stretch. Holding hands, taking
turns we each bent forward to stretch. Jessi went down very close to my
pussy. Normally, we put our nose to the ground. Jessi put her chin to the
ground. On my turn, I did the same and I was looking inches away from
Jessi's pussy. Jessi's turn and she did it again staying down there for a
longer period. I let her stay and I looked down to see that my pussy was
very wet. On my next turn I went down the same way and I was so close to
her pussy again. I saw that she was very wet like I was but her lips seem
to be parted. I caught a waft of her scented lips and I was getting
hot. Then I blew out a breath of air right into her pussy.

"Ummmm....oooooo..." she moaned.

On Jessi next turn she shocked me by blowing air into my pussy and it felt

"Ohhhhh..." I bit into my lip.

I closed my eyes because I was feeling really good and I didn't realize
that I let go of Jessi's hands until her tongue had found the folds of my

My eyes jerked open to see Jessi's fingers opening my pussy lips and her
tongue entering me.

"OOOOOOOOOoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jessi!" was all I could say.

It felt incredible and I was too hot to do anything but enjoy it. I leaned
back and positioned my legs to allow Jessi to take me however she
wanted. This was feeling so incredible. I took a blurry look down at her as
she had already positioned herself to allow for easier access to my pussy
and her tongue was massaging my lips.


Her tongue felt like massaging sandpaper against the folds in my pussy. I
was in heaven. My panting and moaning was music to her ears as she picked
up the pace of her pussy licking. I felt this incredible wave of pleasure
building inside my stomach that was taking over my entire body. Just as I
was about to explode, Jessi slid a finger into my pussy folds.

"OMG... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg!!!!! I exploded onto her

My body spasmed, twitched and shuttered to the intense pleasure flooding
all over me. My toes curled, my back arched and my fingers clenched the
carpet as I pressed my pussy further onto Jessi's mouth and finger.

"OMG!" I bit again into my lower lip.

The passionate spasms were soaking Jessi's face and finally f***ed my legs
to close down to any further playing she was doing. I was gasping for air
from the incredible experience I just had from my idol.

"I found myself a nice virgin." Jessi called out as she was looking up at
me licking her fingers and lips.

I couldn't speak. I was so totally wasted on the floor. Smiling and showing
a new side of her, Jessi got her naked perfect body up and sat right next
to my face as I lied on the floor.

"Ya know sweetie... I thought it wasn't going to happen with you." She told
me. "I wanted to go down on you the first day I saw you at tryouts. I just
thought you were not interested in little 'ole me."

Getting up on my elbows and trying to clear my head of the most intense
experience I had ever had. I looked up into her eyes and felt a new bond
joining us together.

'Maybe I wanted this too but never thought Jessi would want me.' I thought.

"Jessi... that was the most beautiful thing that I ever felt." I smiled.

"Well Jessalyn, I think you and I will be exploring much more." She said in
her devilish southern accent.

With that she brought her lips to mine and she held me up as we kissed
passionately. I could feel fire from her as our lips touched, but it was
more erotic to feel her huge breasts pressing against mine. Her tongue
snaked into my mouth and lashed away. I was getting some strength back and
was tongue lashing back which made her moan. I could taste my pussy on her
face. She broke the kiss and helped me up onto the couch in her basement
and then she climbed on top of me. Since she was taller, she worked her
long legs around mine and pressed her pussy onto mine. Her nipple-erect
breasts smothered my itty-bitty titties and her mouth was back on mine.

As the kissing got more involved, Jessi humped her pussy on mine. I could
feel her pussy lips kissing mine and our juices were mixing like our saliva
was in our mouths. More humping and grinding and I was building another
orgasm, but Jessi was too and hers was more intense by the way her pussy
was humping me. It was getting hard to control my legs as her grinding was
spreading my legs further.

"Uuuummmm ...ooooo.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrg..." she moaned loudly into my

I couldn't take it any more and I let loose with another orgasm splash from
my pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." I screamed not holding back.

"Yesssss.....fuck!!!!" Jessi screamed breaking our lip lock to allow for
the passionate scream.

It felt like we peed on each other with the amount juices that were between
both our legs.

"Oh, Jessalyn... that feels so nice. I hope that you liked it as well" she
looked down into my eyes with lust or maybe more.

"Jessi... I honestly never knew that I could ever have done this. But with
you, I want it. I want more! I want... I want... everything!"

She put her face to my face, cheek to cheek and we hugged and fell asl**p.

The garage door opening awoke us from our little catnap. Jessi freaked out
as both of us were naked and very sticky, not to mention that there was a
big spot on the couch. In a flying fit of two naked cheerleaders, we flew
to the laundry room grabbed our clothes and dressed as we made it back to
the basement to clean the spot. We had a face cloth and washed up. The
whole time Jessi was giggling like she was doing something naughty. Her mom
walked in and was in the kitchen when Jessi and I leisurely walked into the
kitchen to greet her.

"Hi mom, this is Jessalyn. She is on team with me."

Her mom turned to face us and I immediately knew where Jessi got her
looks. Here was and older version of Jessi with bleach-blonde long
hair. She could almost pass for Pamela Anderson with her looks and
definitely her chest. I was surprised that her accent wasn't anything near
Jessi's when she spoke.

"Hi Jessalyn. Very pretty name."

"Thank you."

Then I noticed a glance that Jessi and her mom were sharing. Almost like
they were telepathically talking to each other. I don't know what was said,
but it had both smiling like...schoolgirls.

"Honey, you know I will be going out on Saturday night and won't be back
until early Sunday morning. Why don't you have Jessalyn stay with you?"
Jessi's mom said to her but she was looking directly at me.

"That's a great idea mom." Jessi already assumed I was staying.

Okay, maybe it was because my face lit up to the suggestion, or maybe that
we had unfinished business together. But it was clear that I was staying
here Saturday night no matter what my parents would say.

"Good... and if you like, you girls can have my room for the night."
Jessi's mom offered looking at me smiling with a gleam in her eye. "Feel
free to use the hot tub if you like."

Jessi nodded and gave me a little hug and pulled me away and off to her

"Are you sure you want to stay?" Jessi asked me quietly.

Although I was really new and naïve to sex, especially the idea of sex with
girls, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted this more than
anything. With what Jessi just did to me and the experience I could share
with my idol, I was willing to do anything she told me to do.

"Yes!!! Oh yes, I want this... and I want to do what you did to me." I told

"Don't worry, we can take our time and do a whole lot more. We'll have the
entire night to explore. Do you mind having your virginity taken by me?"

"No, I want you to have it!"

"Good... I want it." She said with a sly smile.

With that, I gathered my stuff and headed out. Now I couldn't wait for
Saturday night. I got home and was going to ask my mom, well tell my mom,
that I was going to stay over Jessi's house on Saturday. She didn't care,
and really didn't even listen to me. That's weird for my mom...but, since I
had the go ahead, I wasn't going to miss the time I was going to spend with

Surprisingly, the week flew by. Of course cheerleading practice was much
different. Cori left me alone, but it was the non-verbal interaction I had
with Jessi that made it incredible. Twice she flashed her pussy to me while
we were sitting on the benches. She definitely was acting different to me
and it felt great. In group, discussions were normal, but in more private
settings she was like a k** in a candy store.

Saturday afternoon I met up with Jessi and we headed to her house. She was
dressed in our cheerleading outfit. I guess she was planning on practicing
or something.

"My mom is still home. She won't mind us."

We were in the kitchen getting a drink when her mom walked by totally
naked. I didn't catch the front view, but I did see the rear view. If I
didn't know it was Jessi's mom, she could have passed for a high school
girl. Her ass was very firm and had such a wiggle to it. I had to shake
myself out of watching her. This was Jessi's mom. Giggling at me Jessi just
smiled to my noticing her mom. A short while later her mom was leaving in
this hot 'fuck-me' outfit that exposed just about everything in the right
ways. She lip kissed Jessi and kissed me on the cheek. The door closed and
Jessi was already running to her room. So I thought... I went chasing her
and found her in her mom's room on a huge bed looking very playful in her
outfit. What was really interesting was the mirror on the ceiling above the
bed. I was wearing a mini-cut t-shirt and short, short denim shorts that I
thought was really sexy, but seeing Jessi lying on the bed in a somewhat
naughty pose with a mirror right above her had me soaking my pantiless

"Come on over here honey and let me help you out of those sexy clothes."
She called to me.

I went over to her and she had my clothes off so fast that I forgot to
breath. She placed herself back in a sexy little pose on the bed while I
was standing naked.

"Gee, aren't we a little excited." Jessi purred at me.

I looked up at the mirror as a walked around the bed and realized that it
was very erotic. Jessi started to do a little cheerleading pose with her
legs in the air and that is when I saw that she had nothing on underneath
the skirt. Looking at the mirror, then to her body right beside me. I went
to lie beside her spread open legs. I could see that she was extremely wet
like she had been playing before I got there. The musty scent was drawing
me closer. I brought my face closer to her thighs taking in the incredibly
erotic sight underneath Jessi's skirt. I didn't know what to do so I let
instinct take over. Jessi was making it easier for me by spreading her legs
very wide and watching in the mirror as my face came a breath away from her
love folds. I stuck my tongue out and slid it into the wet lips that were
parting by Jessi's helping hand, giving me an open target of red lips. I
licked down and then up. I couldn't sense a taste of anything other than a
very wet milky juice that coated her lips up to her hood and down between
her ass cheeks. It was mesmerizing and tantalizing to taste this beautiful
girl's pussy. I found my head moving more to push my tongue further into
her lips, licking harder and deeper.

"Ooooohhhhh... that is very nice Jessalyn!"

Taking that I was doing good at this I started to suck in a lip into my
mouth. This got a desired effect as she let out a big moan. I went between
each lip sucking it in and licking it dry. There was a nice ooze of juice
flowing and her lips were coating right after my mouth sucked them in. I
could see her clit was rosy like a mini dick sticking out. What I wasn't
expecting was the response when my tongue glided over it.

"AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." Jessi screamed.

She was cumming hard to my stimulation of her clit. I knew it was
sensitive, but not that sensitive. So inviting, I sucked it into my mouth
and licked it with my tongue.

Jeeeeeeesssssssssaaallyynnn!!!" Screaming at the top of her lungs.

At first I thought was doing something wrong as Jessi's pussy started
pouring out like she was peeing on me. But her moaning and panting told me
that I was doing it right.

"Fuck!!! Yes!!!!!!! OMG!!!!"

I let my fingers play with the opening of her pussy. It felt so nice and
wet. I opened my legs up and let the fingers on my other hand find a little
pleasure inside of me. It was incredible to lie back and watch my fingers
on one hand inside Jessi's pussy and the fingers on the other hand plugging
away on my pussy. I even humped at the mirrors as I was fingering
away. Jessi was composing herself a little even though I was being naughty
and fingering her.

"Jeez, girl.. you're a natural at this. My pussy hasn't cum like that in a
while." She chided me in that sensual voice of hers.

"Have you had lots of experience?" I asked still fingering.

"Naw... not really. I have one semi-regular... friend. But aside from
that... I have only been with two other girls. Both former cheerleaders."
Jessi answered looking into my eyes. "None as incredibly beautiful as you

I felt my face blush. My idol was complimenting me. Maybe she was more than
an idol? Wow, this is so confusing. I removed my fingers from both our
pussies and got up as Jessi was getting off the bed. She went into the
closet for a second and then came out.

"How about some dinner?"

"Sure, but how about you naked?"

It was funny to see her whip off her clothes and look at me with those
incredible eyes. She just kept making me want her more.

'Was I gay?' I thought as our eyes locked and stayed that way into the

We ate some dinner and chilled out for a while. It was so weird to walk
around naked and be in the same room with Jessi. I was entranced by her
beauty, more so, her naked beauty. I found myself fingering my pussy every
chance I got and thinking about going to bed with Jessi in my arms. We went
out to the hot tub and climbed in. Jessi and I cuddled with each other as
she explained how her horny neighbor love to watch her and her mom in the
hot tub. I wasn't sure what she meant but it didn't matter, I think that
something more was between Jessi and I. I had to kiss her. I found myself
taking the initiative and bringing her to me and locking our faces together
in a passionate face melding. I was holding her close to me and feeling up
her breasts under the water. She had her fingers buried in my already hot
pussy. Our tongues were probing each other. And the heat of the water only
added to the heat in each of our bodies. I wanted to make love to
Jessi. The taste of Jessi's mouth was intoxicating and begged me to keep
pushing further. For someone who a week ago didn't have a clue about love
and sex, I was getting a powerful lesson. It seemed to turn Jessi on more
as our lips did the tango as she brought me onto her lap in the hot tub. In
a brief loss of our lip lock Jessi had told me that we were being
watched. I didn't care. I wanted more.

"I want you!" Jessi moaned into my ear that she was sucking. "Make love to

In a wave of passion, the two of us exited out of the hot tub and found our
naked bodies on her mom's bed. Jessi's mouth had found my left nipple and
she was sucking it hard and intense. I didn't realize how fucking hot it
was to have your tits sucked like she was doing to me. I needed release. I
moaned and panted to her ministration to my tiny nipples. She was sucking
for all it was worth when I flipped her on the bed and started sucking her
tits. I thought I had struck gold with the way she moaned to the nipple
abuse my tongue and lips were giving her.

"Jessalyn... go!! go...please... I can cum......"

I kept on her hard and intense as she let loose. She came down a little,
enough to push me onto my side and in a flash, her pussy was on my face and
she was facing my. A 69, I think. Her pussy drooled cumon me before I could
find my tongue probing her. She took it for all it was worth and sucked my
pussy lips and clit. I did the same and we both were moaning excitement
into each other's passion box. I grabbed her ass as she humped my face and
drove my chin into the pussy hole. She let out a scream as she came all
over my face.


It was awesome... I wasn't ready to cum yet, since she was totally lost in
her cumming on my drowning face.

It took her a while before she calmed down enough to bring herself up to me
and relax face to face.

Since I didn't cum, I figured I would finger myself as Jessi was falling
asl**p in my arms. We were both so worn, but I was able to hump Jessi's leg
and have a finger inside me as I let go. Then I let myself fall into
slumber with Jessi at my tit.

It was a weird feeling to wake up to, someone spreading your legs
open. Jessi must have wanted more, so I let her go down on me. Her tongue
entered my pussy and I was feeling it immediately. It felt huge going deep
inside my pussy. I opened my eyes to a surprise as I saw Jessi towering
over me and poised to bring her pussy on my face. But who's tongue was
inside my pussy? It felt so much like Jessi's tongue but that was
impossible, she was bringing her beautiful lips on my mouth.

"YES!!!!" I gasped licking her spread open pussy.

It was really incredible to be eating and be eaten at the same time. Jessi
face fucked me as I had my legs in the air to the pleasure of someone
sucking my clit.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." my muffled scream into the wet folds.

"Yea honey... suck me good!! That's it baby... make Jessi cum on your

I licked and nibbled with fervor. I got a hold of her clit, sucked it in
and made her scream.


The pussy flood gates poured on my face. She humped my face until she came
down. My entire face was covered with pussy juices. Jessi climbed down and
started licking my face clean as her pussy kissed mine and the mystery
tongue was going between both. Finally we had time to catch our breath.

"Jessalyn, meet my occasional partner, Janice." She told me getting off my

I looked down to see... Janice. Jessi's mom!

"Oh sweetie... you have a fine little pussy." Janice said with a huge milky

This is going to be interesting...

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