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Sl**p over

We had all just graduated from high school and this was to be our
last get together. Some of the girls were going off to college; a couple
of them were moving for work, the rest of us were hanging around town at
the local collage, working or taking an after school break. There were
f******n of us all together and it was decided that we would have a sl**p
over at Karen's house. It was the biggest and her parents didn't mind. We
had all been pretty close over the years, playing sports together, taking
classes together and just hanging out.

I got to Karen's about eight; most of the other girls were already
there. We gathered in the basement where they had a fireplace and big
screen TV. Karen had folded out the sofa bed and there were a number of
air mattresses on the floor for us to sl**p on (not that we expected to get
much sl**p). A number of the girls had brought videos and we spent the
night watching movies, gabbing, eating pizza, popcorn and just having a
good time being in each others company. A couple of the girls had sneaked
in some wine and vodka and as the evening went by we emptied all the

By midnight most of the girls had changed into their PJs, I was
wearing just an oversized shirt that came down to my knees with nothing
underneath. That was how I slept at home and was very comfortable in it.

Around three Karen's parents came down and asked if we could quiet
it down as they had to get up the next morning. So we all started to
settle down to try and get some sl**p.

I was laying on one of the air mattresses next to Amy, a cute
little brunette with a firm body from playing volleyball. We had never
been real close but knew each other well enough. We covered up, closed our
eyes and tried to fall asl**p. After about 15 minutes most of the giggling
and comments had stopped and the sound of heavy breathing could be heard
throughout the room. I laid there for about another half an hour not being
able to sl**p thinking about some the good times we girls had had together.

Amy rolled over and readjusted. When she did her hand came to rest on my
leg a little above my knee. I froze for an instant at the touch and then
relaxed thinking she was asl**p and it as just an accident, no big deal. I
did not want to wake her up so I held still.

Actually her hand felt quite nice there and I felt myself wetten
slightly. I was embarrassed by that but could not get my mind off her hand
and the effect it was having on my body.

I listened to her breathing and found it to ragged, not the slow
shallow breath of someone asl**p. Was she awake and doing this on purpose?
I had to find out so I spread my legs a little to see what she would do.
She readjusted, sliding her hand higher onto my thigh. My body reacted; I
could feel the gush that the touch produced and the warmth spreading
throughout my body. I spread my legs farther. Amy must of took this as a
sign of my willingness as her hand traveled up again till it was resting on
my pussy and started to make slow circles massaging my lips. A slight moan
escaped my lips and I immediately grabbed my pillow and pulled it over my
face to muffle the noise. At the sound of the moan Amy got bolder and
slipped a finger between my lips and over my clit. She started to slid it
up and down first into my pussy then back out and up over my clit repeating
over and over again. She then started to change the rhythm and motion to
keep me on edge, all the time bringing me closer to orgasm.

Just then I felt another pair of hands on me. Karen, your typical
blond bombshell, had been lying on another air mattress on the other side
of me. She had moved over, slipping the loose neckline of my shirt down
over my breast and engulfing my left nipple in her mouth. While I
masturbated quite often by myself it did not feel nearly as good or as
dirty as having these two girls work the sweet spots on my body?

I stuffed my pillow into my mouth to keep me from moaning aloud and
letting everyone in the room know what I was doing. It was only another
minute or two, with Amy flicking my clit and Karen flicking my nipple,
before I went crashing over the edge. God it felt so good. I just laid
there in the afterglow.

Amy had moved here hand down and was just rubbing my leg and Karen
had rolled back over letting my breast slip back under my shirt. It had
felt so good I wanted to return the favor, so I reached over with both
hands. On my right I found Amy who was wearing sweats. I slipped my hand
under the waistband and started to massage her folds, which were quite wet.
On my left, Karen had been wearing a large shirt like me and I slid my hand
up her leg to her panty encased treasure. I rubbed it through her panties
for a few second before she reached down and slid them off. I now had a
naked, wet pussy in each hand.

Even though I had never done anything like this with a girl before,
I just did what felt good to me when I played. It seemed to be working
because I could feel both girls starting to squirm. It took a little while
but I eventually brought of them to orgasm. We all just laid there,
cuddled up next to each other as we fell asl**p.

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