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Cheerleaders trust

Megan bit back a curse as she stubbed her toe. The light from a few lamps in the
parking lot filtered lazily through the library windows. As the building had been
closed for almost five hours, this glow was all she had to aid her sight. It wasn't
enough. The table that she had walked into was the fourth one of the evening.
Her toe was stinging, which probably meant that the nail had broken. Still, she
shuffled forward.

"Hello?" she called. "Is anybody there? Casey?"

She sucked in her breath at the name, as her toe collided with the leg of a chair.
Not for the first time that evening, Megan felt the strong desire to go home. She
pushed on only because she had been asked by Casey herself. Casey was two
grades ahead of her: a senior, with rich, coppery hair that fell in waves down to
the middle of her back. Her eyes, she insisted, were hazel, although they
seemed to usually be a soothing shade of sage. In spite of having a body that
was more mature than her years, Casey was as nimble as a cat on a picket
fence. This ability had earned her the title of head cheerleader. That honorific
was what spurred on Megan.

In her own right, Megan was a pretty girl. She had pale, sunshine colored hair
that just covered her shoulder blades. Her eyes were decidedly green, and set in
a smooth, heart shaped face. She was far from being as buxom as her
classmate: her five-foot-six-inch frame was as straight and narrow as a flagpole.
She was just as much of an athlete, however, and wanted to be on this year's
cheerleading squad. Upon receiving a call from Casey asking for help, Megan
had hurried over.

"Casey?" Megan called again, once the pain in her toe subsided. "Are you

"Megan?" a stage whisper replied. "Is that you? I'm over here."

"I can't see - "

"Follow my voice. I'm really close. Put out your hand and feel along the book
shelves. There you go," Casey said reassuringly. "Do you feel how that book
shelf ends? Okay, walk on to the next, and feel along...there. You're at the end.
Turn left, and just walk towards me. There..."

Megan let out a little "oomf!" as she walked into Casey. She straightened, and
both girls laughed.

"Are you okay?" Casey asked, rubbing her arms as if trying to warm her.

"Yeah," Megan replied. "I bumped my toe a few times, but, I'll be okay. You said
you needed help with something?"

"Mm-hm." In the dark, Megan could just make out Casey's head bobbing up and
down. "Well, remember how I said that you were in the final round for the team?"

"Yeah..." The blonde struggled to keep her tone steady. Be cool, she thought to
herself. Don't be a total idiot. You're so close!

"Well," the head cheerleader said, "you're this close to being in. There's just one
last thing that we need to test you on.

"I'd like to think that we're more than just a team. We're like s****rs, or maybe
more. We can trust each other explicitly, right? So, before you can join, I need to
make sure that you can be trusted. I need to know that your loyalty to the squad
is unwavering."

"Oh, my god!" Megan breathed. "Of course! Of course it is. This is the most
important thing in my entire life. You can totally trust me!"

"Can I?" Casey asked. "I can trust you to keep anything that goes on with the
team, within the team? You can keep a secret?"

"Yes!" Megan wanted to shout the affirmation, but managed to keep her voice

"How can I know?" the other girl countered.

"Give me a test," Megan began. "Something to keep to myself, maybe, or - "

She didn't get to finish the sentence. As soon as her offer was made, she felt
Casey's body, soft and warm, against her own. The momentum brought Megan's
back against a wall. Instinctively, she tried to move free, but the other girl's body
was firmly over her.

"Do you mean that?" Casey breathed. Her fingers were lazily tracing a path
inwards along the younger girl's thigh.

"What are you doing?" the blonde girl gasped.

"Testing you," the head cheerleader purred. Her hand made its way to one of the
legs of Megan's panties. Her fingers slowly eased beneath the elastic to stroke
the soft folds of skin beneath. "I'm going to do something to you. If you can keep
this a secret, then I'll know that you belong on the squad. Okay?"

"Casey, I - " For the second time that night, the girl's words were lost. This time,
they faded into a gasp as she felt a single finger work it's way inside her pussy.
"Oh," she breathed.

"That's a good girl, my Megan," Casey cooed. She noticed that her finger was
quickly becoming slick with the other girl's juices. Smiling, she eased a second
finger in with the first. Her smile widened as she heard her classmates sharp
intake of breath.


"Shh," the older girl murmured. She placed her free hand over one of Megan's
small, but perfectly formed, breasts. Casey noticed that they were just the right
size to fit in her hand. She slowly squeezed and massaged, feeling the nipple
harden against her palm.

"Just enjoy this," she continued in a soft whisper at Megan's ear. "And remember,
I'm trusting you."

"Yes," Megan breathed. "Yes, you can trust me. Oh!"

Against her will, Megan started to sway her hips in rhythm to Casey's hand
pumping. She could feel the older girl's palm pressing roughly against her clitoris
as her long fingers penetrated deeply into her. With each thrust, the younger girl
realized that more and more of her thoughts were leaving her. She had only
made shy attempts to stimulate herself in the past. These had never involved
penetrating herself. She had been afraid, back then, although this little encounter
was teaching her how very much she liked it.

She felt her nipples point into complete stiffness as Casey's mouth covered her
own. On a visual level, she had noticed that sensuous pout of the other girl's lips.
The actual feel was all encompassing. Megan could taste the cotton candy
flavored lip gloss that the cheerleader favored. She imagined that she could feel
every individual taste bud on the older girl's tongue as it explored her mouth,
finally settling on massaging Megan's own. In response, she felt her own shy lips
close and she sucked the probing appendage as if it was a popsicle, and she had
just emerged from the Sahara.

Just as she thought she could take no more, Casey suddenly stepped back. In
the dim lighting, Megan could make out that the other girl was scrutinizing her.

"Oh, please," Megan breathed. She noticed that there was pleading in her voice,
but she didn't care. She was so close to climaxing, so close...

"Are you going to tell anybody about what just happened?" Casey asked sternly.

"No," Megan said quickly. She needed to cum so badly that tears were running
down her cheeks. "No! Never. I'll never tell anyone. Casey, please...I

Only Casey's lips moved as she smiled. Slowly, she raised the hand that had
been masturbating the younger girl. She sucked one finger into her mouth, then
the other. Megan could make out her tongue moving all along the digits, licking
them clean.

"Take off your clothes," Casey finally said.

Megan was too far gone to protest. Her short skirt nearly ripped as she raced to
remove it. Her blouse came off with one smooth motion over her head. She had
never been even medium breasted, so there was no need for a bra. Her panties
were kicked off with surprising speed. Casey's grin widened.

"Lay on the table," she instructed.

Megan obliged. She felt Casey maneuver her so that her lithe body was spread

"Okay," Casey said. In the next moment, Megan was blinded by a series of
flashlights that came on. She tried to raise herself, and felt hands quickly move to
restrain her.

"Girls," Casey continued, "this is Megan. She's the new member to our team.
Megan, say hello to the rest of the girls."

Before Megan could speak, she felt a warm set of lips cover hers. Another
tongue, more aggressive than Casey's, plunged into her mouth, tracing the roof
and back of her teeth, before settling on sucking each of her lips. As she was
taking in this, she felt each of her breasts being licked and sucked by another
pair of mouths. She suddenly groaned deeply into her unseen assailant's kiss as
she felt a final set of lips close between her legs. Her pussy erupted in a rush of
sweet, sticky fluid, A squeal of delight reached her ears as one of the girls at her
breast rose and went to lick up the mess. The girl that had been kissing her
quickly moved her head to continue the suckling. As Megan thought to lift her
head to get a better look, she felt gentle, but firm, hands grasp her and lower
down her head. In the next instant, she could smell the slight saltiness before a
pussy was pressed against her mouth.

"There'll be plenty of time for introductions later," she heard Casey coo above
her. "Right now, let's just get acquainted. Eat me, baby. Eat my wet, horny

In response, Megan's tongue searched out the source of the older girl's wetness.
She plunged her tongue deep into the, attempting to catch every drop. She
licked, sucked, and penetrated, until Casey came with a shuddering gasp.

The night went on like this until each of the girls on the team was brought to a
climax by their new member, and brought her to a shuddering orgasm in turn.
Megan knew that being in great shape had never had such wonderful benefits.

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