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Young love

Jessica was her name. This beautiful young woman that I had seen in
school everyday. She was perfect, and from the second i first saw her i
knew i wanted to be with her. For weeks i watched her, i thought about
being with her. Finally, i decided, i have to become friends with this
amazing woman. Then just maybe.. my dream would come true.After talking to
her for awhile we became good friends, it was time to start flirting with

I would innocently tickle her and fool around with her. While she
thought i was being her friend and fooling around, i thought that i was
getting closer and closer to making pasionate love to her. i would go to
her house everyday and try to get her to want me like i wanted her. After
weeks of innocently touching, tickling and wrestling around something
finally happened. It was a very hot autumn day. Jessica and i came into her
house all hot and sweaty. I told her that i was going to turn on the cold
water in the shower and cool off. As i went to the shower, she followed. I
stepped into the shower without even taking my clothes off. i felt the cold
water rush down my body.

"Come on," i said to Jessica as she watched water run down my body.

She stepped under the water. The water quickly went over her entire
body, i could now see through her white shirt. I started taking my clothes
off.After awhile Jessica joined me, taking off her shirt first, exposing
her beautiful, wet, chest. her nipples were hard, which just made me want
her more. i slide my hand up her wet stomach to her titties. i put one hand
on each of her perfect titties, and starting squeezing and massaging
them.Jessica seemed to like it, she smiled. I tried to suck on one of her
nipples but, she just wasnt ready. She got dressed. I was surprised that i
got as far as i did.

Months went by before something happened again. This time it would
go all the way. I went to Jessica's house not expecting anything to happen.
She was sitting in her bed and she looked so sexy. I knew i had to have
her. After talking for awhile things started to get hot. i sat closer to
her on the bed and put my hand on her thigh. she was so soft and i
moved closer, she leaned back. She was laying on her back with her knees in
the air. i moved her legs apart and slid up between them.i softly kissed
her lips, and i felt her kissing back. It was just for a second but it
showed me that she wanted me.

i lifted her shirt over her head and started kissing her even more
pasionately. i kissed down her neck softly and took off her lacey bra. Her
perfect soft tities fell out of her bra and i started to rub them and
squeeze them. Jessica smiled at me and started taking my clothes off. i
start kissing each of her titties, carressing them and sucking on her hard
nipples. i began kissing farther down Jessica's warm body, past her navel.

I felt her spread her legs even wider now as i slipped her tight
jeans off, then her thong. i licked around her pussy gentley, teasing her
pussy with my tongue. I put two of my fingers deep into her tight pussy. i
slowly moved them in and out, feeling her pussy get more wet with each
movement. i starting licking her clit as i fucked her now soaking wet pussy
with my fingers. as i started licking her clit back and forth harder and
harder i heard her begin to moan, first quietly, then louder and louder. i
put another finger into her pussy adn started fucking her even faster.

"oohhh more" Jessica moaned loudly.

I now push my entire hand into her wet pussy. she screams out with
pleasure as she feels my fist fill her pussy. Harder and harder i fucked
her itght wet pussy with my fist. i started sucking on her clit while i
fucked her with my fist. Just hearing her moan and seeing her pussy being
fucked made me burst out in pleasure. My pussy quickly filled with cum. we
both started moaning and screaming out in pleasure as we climaxed together.

we laid hot and tired next to each other. We were both breathing
heavily, full of pleasure. I held jessica in my arms, knowing that this
will soon happen again. I finally have my beautiful woman.

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