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3 young men and Me

Ok, so I am at home..and 3 of my male friends stop in with some really Sweet seedless Green..they want to Share. I love to share with my friends. We are all sitting around the living room, chillin to some great music, smokin some green.

My head is feeling a little light, and in between my legs is feeling Very warm..and a little Moist even. I look at my friends to see if they seem to be able to feel what I feel. But for now, they are just passing the blunt I sit, watch it..and begin to watch Them much closer Now than I ever had before.

I had never felt like This on weed before, maybe this was a special home grown kind. I began to look at my Young male friends, in new ways. I am a 44 yr. old woman, I probabaly shouldn't be having these type of thougts about 19, 20 yr. old boys..but I was. The one closest to me, named Chris..aahhh yes..he is 6'4", sandy brown hair, wide eyes, tall and skinny..just like I like em ;)

Ahh..I could feel the wetness, and warmmess in my pussy spread as I began to see Chris in a whole new way. My eyes slowly looked at his, such long fingers too. He was every so carefully, gently, rolling a blunt to begin in rotation once again. My eyes were transfixed on the action of these lean, long fingers, taking such each, and do this..My mind began to drift as his hands kept moving ever so gracefully I watched and Imagined..

What else could those long lean fingers DO? I knew my G-spot can be a bit difficult to Find at times...for some men. Chris I could clearly see..could not only reach my g-spot..but with those fingers could tickle it, thump it, and play gently upon it as long as I might In-joy. Was that wetness seeping out of my pussy now..yes I believe it is.

Of course the size of the hands..I had to keep my gaze moving south..What must be inside those pants....I slowly take in his I look down. Oh yeah baby..I can See..this weed is having similar affect on Chris..yes, his hands are not the only Big thing on this luscious boy seated well within my reach. be able to look into his eyes, while feeling him slowly, fill my pussy as deep as he can go. Yes..pussy juices are flowing down my ass now...I feel it begin as the picture of me on top of him becomes clearer in my mind.

I suddenly realize his hands had stopped their motion which had seemed so rythmic..I look see him looking right into my eyes, smiling very big ;) I so hoped there was not obvious drool hanging off my lip. It wouldn't have mattered, my thoughts were as obvious as the bulge in his pants.

He began to pass this new blunt around to the other 2 young men in the room. suddenly I felt the urge to see what new things I may discover when I looked at Them with these newly opened eyes, and dripping pussy.

We were sitting in a semi cirle, all close enough to touch with barely an arm's reach of course. Me and 2, young..and I was soon to discover very Hot, horny boys. I had no idea what I had invited into my home, but by the morning..we would all want More..much much..More...

(This will also be continued, I would have finished..but didn't realize when I got to writing, how much I would enjoy the visions ;)

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