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The initiation

Alyson was 13. She always had trouble making friends at her junior
high school. She was on the track and field team, but the other girls
never gave her much attention. She sure liked looking at them in the
locker room. She had developed into size b tits and had hair on her pussy.

The was sort of an underground club of girls called The Mascara
Posse. She desperately wanted to join it so she could become popular. She
walked into the bathroom where the 5 girls were having a meeting. They
were smoking pot. "Can I have a hit?" she asked. She had never smoked it
before. A girl handed the joint to her, and she pretended to inhale.

"Hey, can I join you girls?" she asked. "Girls" the leader Monique
said. "We're fuckin' women." "Well okay, can I join you, uh, fucking
women?" They all laughed. "Well sure," she responded. "But you have to
go through our initiation. We'll meet you at your house tonight." "But I
have my trumpet lesson." "Okay, you can't join." "Okay, I'll get out of

At 4, seven girls came over to her door. She wore tight shorts and
a t-shirt with no bra, just like they did. When they walked in, Monique
said, "Okay bitch, let's get into the bathroom." They did, cramming in.
"Get into the tub." She did as she was told. Then Monique pulled down her
shorts and panties. The other girls did the same. They squatted over
Alyson. She was frightened of what was to happen.

Just then, all the girls started pissing on her. It smelled awful.
It seemed to take an hour, but it was actually just a few minutes. Alyson
started to cry. Then they girls pulled up their pants and laughed. As she
was sobbing, she said, "Can I join you guys now?" "No." Monique responded,
and they all ran out.

Crying, she called her best friend Sarah. She said, "Oh those
little prissy cunts." She always had a mouth on her, ever since
kindergarten. "I'll be right over." She knocked on the door, and Alyson
opened. Still sobbing, she gave Sarah a big hug. Sarah was turned on by
the piss smell that she hadn't yet washed off.

"Girlfriend, do you remember when we were nine, and we practiced
kissing each other?" "Yeah, I've never kissed a boy." "Fuck boys, I like
girls." "You do? You're a lezzie?" "Oh, I'm a big dyke."

Then they started to kiss passionately. Alyson liked boys, but she
was curious. "Alyson, they could have at least eaten your pussy." "Oh,
I've never done anything like that." "Take me to your bedroom." They
walked up holding hands. On her bed, Sarah pulled down her friend's
shorts, revealing her hairy bush. "Spread your legs, my love." She did as
she was told. Just then, Sarah started eating her out. Soon, Alyson had
her first orgasm. "Ooooh, that's so fuckin' good."

They spent the rest of the afternoon eating each other out and
sucking on their tits. Alyson was wrong to want to join the group. This
was a true friend.

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