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My girls first black cock and does it like a pro!

I always had a thing about my girl and other men! She has sucked other mens cocks in front of me but never fucked. Well one night we were out at a bar and I was playing pole and she was at the bar setting having a drink. It didnt take long for men to set down and talk to her with her low cut top covering her tits! Well guys would come and go. I sat down with her and by now were both pretty d***k now . A black guy came by and sat at the bar next to us and I saw him eyeing my girls big tits under her tight pink top!We all started talking.Well after awile it was getting late and about time for closing the guy invited us over to his friend house for a party. We decited to go.We got there and there was many people there.Well after time I was really getting turned by all the guy hitting on my girl soI told one of them that she was with me but you can fuck her if I can watch! He looked at me like I had three heads then said really! So we went to his room and she said are you sure we should do this and me being d***k I said take his cock out and suck it.She pulled his cock out and her eyes lit up! His cock was about 3 inches longer then mine! She grabed that dick and w****d her sweet lips around it. I went and and asked the guy that brought us over and told his his friend needs him in his bedroom. He came in to see her sucking that cock and I said I know you want it to. So now she is swaping two black cocks in her mouth! She took her top off and thats when I began to wack off ! Her nipples were so hard so I knew she was very horny! I said take your jeans off so they can get to that pussy! So one went down and ate her yummy pussyfor a bit then he slowly began to slide that fucken big black cock into her pussy so slowly! She hard a hard time at first but that didnt last long. He started to power fuck her pussy while she road that big cock and her eyes rolled back in her head and she creamed sweet yummy pussy juice all over that big black cock while she sucked the other.Them they swapped and he fucked her from behind with a even bigger cock! She was so load that I knew all the other people could hear!She creamed white cum on those black cocks over and over! Then she took and took the biggest load of cum to her mouth and face that I ever seen it was like a porn star cum shot!She showed me the cum in her mouth and I told her not to waste it so she swallowed it! After that the other guy could handle any more and came up and shot a even larger load all in her mouth and before she swallowed that load I was ready to cum also so I shot my biggest load ever in her mouth!She showed us her mouth full of cum and swallowed it clean like a pro then wiped the rest off her face and swallowed it also! True story happen last night!

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