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Wet lesbian dreams

This story is, unfortunately, fictional. It's been inspired fully by my

My name is Valentina, I'm 16, virgin (not sure if lucky for it), and. I'm
not sure about my sexual orientation. I'm Argentinian, so I don't speak
English perfectly. I hope you can understand what I want to tell.

It all started last year, October 24th, 2005. I saw her at a party, not for
the first time though. She always went to my school, since I moved there in
2001; even to my grade, just another division. I had never paid attention to
her before that night.

In Argentina, and I'd say all Latin America too, we, girls, use to celebrate
our 15th birthday specially. It's important for us because it would be the
age in which we're not a c***d anymore and we become young women. So we have
two options: make a trip or a huge party. In this case she chose the party.
The three divisions of our 9th grade were invited, her division to dinner;
the two left ones (including mine), had to go at 24:00 pm, to "cheer" for
her. I went with my best friend and when we arrived, she walked toward us
and welcomed us. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was absolutely
beautiful: a true redhead, milky skin, not too thin nor too fat, a wide
forehead, light-brown eyes, a tiny nose, and dark-red lips; though she
almost had no freckles at all. She was dressed in a water-greenish long
dress, silver high-heeled sandals, and gold earrings and necklace. Simple,
but amazing.

I spent the whole night, 'til 6 o'clock in the morning, watching her dancing
and chatting with her friends. She didn't notice anything at all about it.

I told her goodbye when I walked past her to the front door to leave, and
she looked into my eyes for the first time and said goodbye. I left the
place thinking to myself "God, she talked to me", though it was just

So, today is July 18th, 2006 and I still like her.

After her party, we had classes for 2 months more, which were really hot
(spring was almost over), summer started December 21st, a week after classes
were over. Ahead of us were three months of sun, fresh air, no lessons, and
free time. Everybody was so happy about it. but me. I'd barely see her
during those three months, assuming I was going to be lucky enough to barely
see her.

I tried many things to make time go by faster, though it didn't.

Finally, new schoolyear started, on March 8th as usual.

I knew I was going to have lots of new classmates, due to the fact that we
only had 3 years of high-school left, so we had to choose the chronogram of
subjects we prefered. Only 4 of my last-year-classmates remained with me, in
the modality you could call Humanistic and Social Sciences. But I had no
idea who else were going to be with me.

There were lots of people from the other two divisions, whom I knew only by
She was among them.
There were six rows in the classroom, she sat on the 4th, counting from the
corridor. Her best friend sat next to her on the 3rd row (we sit in pairs).
I sat next to her and on my right sat my best friend.

I started chatting with her friend immediately, I knew it was the only way
to get closer to my love.

Since classes started, on March 8th, 'til today, July 18th, hr friend and I
became sort of friends. We chat through Messenger and go out together
sometimes. Luckily, my love accompanied us most of the times, so we also
became sort of friends; well, at least she considers me as her friend.

And that's all our story.

I just have my dreams, which sometimes torture me, to be only with her, at
night, in a warm place, on a bed.

Here I put them all together.

I was at home, alone, sl**ping. It was 12 o'clock in the night when the
phone rang. I answered it the fastest I could. It was her.

-Hi! -she said- how are you? -

I replied in a sl**py voice: -Hi! I was so good, sl**ping. -

-Oh, sorry I woke you up -she said.

-Never mind -I replied.

She started to cry, I could hear her sobs on the phone. She managed to
say: -Can I go to your place? I need a shoulder to cry on-.

-Sure, I'll be waiting for you! -I said, and hung up.

I put the two beds in my bedroom together, and looked for another pajama for
her. Also I made two teas, so she would calm down.

I waited.

5 minutes later the doorbell rang. I went to open the door to her, and let
her in. Tears were now rolling silently down her face. I took her hand and
guided her to my room. We sat on my bed, facing each other.

And she started to cry loudly. I took her into my arms, she sat on me,
crossing her legs around my waist, placing her ass on my knees, and she
wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her tightly, and caressed her hair. It
had a golden gleam, made by the moonlight, and smelled wonderful. to

I started to move my hands across her back, while placing little kisses on
her neck, shoulder, cheek. She began to stop her crying while I did all
that. Then she turned her face to mine and whispered thank you. I lost my
mind and placed my lips onto hers, before she could notice what I was doing.
When I started to break the kiss, she kissed me back. We locked lips, and
our tongues finally met in her mouth. We kept French-kissing until we were
both breathless, and we parted.

We looked into each other's eyes, smiled, and kissed again. Slowly at first,
then more passionately. I began to move my hands across her back, and she
would touch my long hair while crisscrossing her arms around my waist. We
broke the kiss again, and I would stare at her breasts, partially covered by
her t-shirt.

She took my hands and placed them onto her breasts. I caressed them, then
went down and slipped my hands under her t-shirt, pulling it out. She was
wearing a nice black silk bra, which I took off too. I lost my breath when I
saw her bare breasts, they were round, and firm, and so soft. I caressed
them both again, then began to lick around the right nipple, teasing her.
She let out a soft moan of pleasure. I took the whole nipple into my mouth,
and licked it all.

Then I moved on to her other nipple, and worked on it as I had done with the
right one. I kept on like that, switching between one breast and the other,
while my hands gently rubbed her back and belly, and started to slip into
her new black jeans, unzipping it. She got on her knees and helped me to
take it out, while kicking off her flat sandals.

Then she started to undress me, pulling out my pajama, slippers and panties.
When we were both naked we began to kiss again, holding each other tightly,
rubbing our breasts and pussies against each other's. She bent her knees,
placing her ass onto her toes, and pulled me on top of her. We kissed
furiously, while rubbing each other's breasts. Then she took my hands,
placed them onto my head and pushed me bckwards. I fell to the sheets,
facing her.

She looked directly into my eyes, lustfully, and buried her head between my
legs. She started to lick my sex, suck my hole, dig in her tongue, and
finally eating my clit. I split apart in a wonderful orgasm, squeezing her
head with my legs, spilling my cum onto her mouth. She sucked it all and
swallowed it; then I was clean.

She lifted her head up and smiled to me. I lifted myself up and gently sat
on her thighs, dropping both my legs aside hers. I started to lick her
breasts, while inserting my middle finger into her pussy. She moaned.
Assuming she liked it I inserted two more fingers and held them in and out,
in and out, faster each time. 'til she came. Her body shook, her hips
rocking, screaming in pleasure. And before it subsided I moved back and down
and buried my face between her legs, licking her erect clit; while still
fucking her with my fingers. The orgasm went on, and once again, before it
left her, I fucked her ass-hole with my other fingers, and bit her clit,
making her stay in heaven for some more time.

Then she stopped screaming, and calmed down, still breathing fast. I took
her in my arms and laid her down on the bed, and let her rest, while
caressing her hair and staring at her. She's so beautiful.

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