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Part one my 19 year old neice

let me start by saying she is only my neice by marrage so its not quite as bad as it sounds but it was so great you would have to try it

it was a friday night 3 weeks ago i was home alone just watching the box when the door bell rang so i get up and to my suprise theres my neice all dolled up as if she was on hee way out on the town i invited her in as i saw no harm in it as i expected her to try and bum a lift in to town

as we walked through to the living room i couldnt help but notice how good she looked and smelled (but hey im a guy and we notice these things)she was wearing a short black skirt a red top and black tights i thought to myself somebodys gonna be happy tonight nicky(my neice)has a slim build and all the curves in the right places her boobs arnt big but nice all the same

so we get to the livingroom and i sit down waiting for the can i get a lift line but instead she sat down and asked it i had anyhing to drink i said sure what would you like she told me and i left the room to get it when i came back she had moved from the chair and on to the settee where i had been sitting i handed her the drink and sat down we started chatting about this and that for about 20 minutes when i noticed she'd finished her drink so i offered her another which she excepted we were still chatting when my wife came in through the door i didnt even hear the front door so i was a little suprised she joined us for a drink and asked why nicky was her nicky reply "oh i just called in on my way out and steve(me) offered me a drink" by this time almost 2 hours had passed and i hadnt notice my wife told us that she had a head ache and had to be up for work in the morning and was going to bed (this was the normal routine as my wife work strange hours and always seemed to have a headache)

so my wife disappeared up the stairs and nicky carried on with her drink (which must have been atleast her 5th) i could see she was getting a little tipsy and was starting to slide down the settee i found myself looking at her legs and as i stared more and more i noticed that she wasnt wearing tights she was wearing stockings which made my cock twitch i dont think she noticed but by now it was pretty hard not to look at her because her skirt had ridden so far up that i could see the what what looked like a silky thong and a lace suspender belt and that was all i needed my cock was now fully hard and i could hide it

nicky leaned over to me and whipered in my ear "that looks like youve got a stiffy" and giggled with that she put her had on my cock and in shock pulled it straight back and put her hand over her mouth "oh im sorry i was only k**ding i didnt realise you were actually hard" just then a cheeky grin came across her face "are you getting all excited because you can see my stocking tops" i was speechless all i could do was nod suddenly she stood up " would you like a closer look they are my favorites" still speechless i just sat there as she hitched up her skirt to her waist my cock was now twitching and throbbing with excitment she leaned over and took my hand and placed it on her leg the feel of her legs through those nylon lace top stockings was just too much for me i pulled my hand away " we cant do this im your uncle and your aunt is upstairs " nicky moved closer and i could see and smell her moist pussy only inches from my face "can you smell how wet i am uncle you can almost taste it cant you, you want to taste it dont you" i was so hot from the smell the sight and from what she had said all i could say was "YES" she took 2 steps away from me and removed her skirt and then her top to reveal a match bra which covered her breasts perfectly she move back to me and put one legs on the settee so she was almost straddling me i couldnt help myself i plunged my mouth on to the what was now a wet patch on her thong it tasted so good my mouth was watering i moved my hand to her legs and moved them slowly along the smooth nylon material as she gave out a gentle moan

i hadnt felt anything like this in months as my wife had gone off sex beause of the hours she worked and of course the "headaches" as i continued to lick and suck the young juices from nicky's thong she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her i reached up and pulled at her thong and it dropped away with ease so now there i was with my face plunged into my 19 year old neices pussy in my livingroom with my wife asl**p upstairs which to be honest turned me on even more nicky pulled my head away " i want to take you in my mouth uncle" something about the way she said the word uncle just made me so hot she pushed me back in the seat and unzipped my pants my cock jumped out of my shorts like a rocket and she was on it in seconds

with every second i felt myself getting closer to cumming but i didnt care it felt so good i grabbed the back of her head and started to f***e my cock deeper into her throat i could feel her gag reflex kicking in but she didnt stop im by no means massive but im not small and she took it all fro what felt like an hour i released my grip and she pulled her mouth off my cock "wow that was amazing ive never donr that before uncle" she when straight back to work and theis time it felt like she'd swallowed my balls too this was all to much i came right in her throat harder than i ever came before and she took every last drop of my spunk and the kept going i could feel my cock starting to soften but she wasnt finished with me she kept on sucking and playing with my balls within seconds i was like a rod of iron again and that was all she need to go to the next step of what i later found out to be her plan she stood up
"im going to fuck you like youve never been fuck before uncle" she turned around and lowered her body on to me my cock was still so wet from her mouth that i thought it would just slip straight in to her but as the head of my cock touched her pussy lips i found that she was so tight and she had to guide it into her inch by inch she stopped and moaned "i dont think i can take it all uncle " i sucked on one of my fingers for lube and started to play with her ass hole she seemed to like it as she started to move slowly up and down my cock i could feel her tight pussy squeezing around my cock " oh oh oh yes " she moaned she was starting to have what was to be her first orgasm of the night and as she did i felt her lower herself more and more onto me until she had the completely insie oh her she was moaning quite loudly now and i was getting worried that my wife would hear so i pulled out of her to try and quiet her down but that was going to work she was so overwelmed by the strength of her orgasm she spun around and jumped straight back on to my cock this time taking my full length with no hesitation she rode me hard and fast she put her hands behind her back and removed her bra " suck my tits uncle suck them and bite my nipples uncle" i had completely forgotten the fact that i was fucking my neice until she had said that but at this point i really didnt care

she came three times while she was ridding me like that and after each orgasm she kissed me hard on the mouth her tongue darted in and out of my mouth like crazy i was loving it all this time i was still full dress apart from my pants being pulled down slightly i started to undo my shirt and she noticed and with one movement she ripped all the buttons off and pulled my shirt from my back i kicked off my shoes just as she was having another orgasm each one felt bigger than the last she was so wet and she was now sweating alot " i want to tak off my pants " i told her so she got up to allow me to do it she started to unbuckle her high heels but i told her to leave them on (i love women in high heels it looks so sexy)

i pulled nicky to the floor and positioned here on her knees so i could fuck her doggy style my cock eased into her so easy now but it was still very tight and i loved every stroke i made into her i started to get a little carried away " you like you uncles cock in you dont you, you dirty bitch" "yes uncle i love it i love it so much fuck me harder harder" i hadnt realised but we were making alot of noise now and unbeknown to me my wife had made her way down the stairs and was watching us through the gap in the door she must have been playing with herself because she gave herself away with a slight moan but i didnt react i was enjoying myself so much that i figured it was to late to stop but now that i knew she was watching i got adventurous and really went for it i slapped nicky's ass and told her i was gonna fuck that tight virgin ass of hers this must have sounded so hot to her as she began to orgasm again and this time she was starting to squirt i pulled out of her and positioned my mouth were i could catch her squirt i was licking at her clit when a massive wave of juices fell right into my mouth i swallowed hard and carried on licking when the second wave came i held it in my mouth i had no idea what my wife was dong but i knew she was still watching

i moved back into position behind nicky while she was still shaking from that massive orgasm i still had her squirt in my mouth and i started to let it spill from my mouth on to her ass i rubbed it into her ass hole with 2 finger she squeeled at first but soon got used to it asshe started to push back onto my fingers once the were moving freely i removed my fingers and pushed my cock into her fast this made her scream i spat the last of her squirt on to her ass and start pumping deeper and deeper into her virgin ass it didnt take long for her to start to enjoy it as the moaning was a good sign i wasnt going to last much longer fucking her tight ass i could feel my self coming closer and closer to climax just then i came and boy did i cum she was so tight that my spunk was was spurting back at me as i continued to pump hard into her

i pulled out and she spun around she put my cock on her mouth and suck and licked my cock clean i came almost instantly which had never happened to me before so soon after letting out such a big load

we lay there for a few minute completely spent when it suddenly dawned on me that my wife was outside the door i stood up and pulled on my pants and my shirt nicky was still on the floor i moved toward the door but when i peered round the door my wife was not there had i imagined she was there or had she just gone away before id gone to look i figured if she was there and she hadnt said anything that i must have imagined it so i turned away from the door and headed back over to nicky as i looked at her i thought wow she is gorgeous and i just fucked her i shook her to get dressed and she did so i told her to sl**p on the settee and i would see her in the morning but it would be our secret she agreed but something wasnt right this had been way to much of a good thing (as the next morning was to find out the price of my perfect evening)

as i moved to the door to go upstairs i noticed nickys thong was still on the floor so i bent down and picked it up and moved out of the door befoore putting then in my pocket i put them to my nose and breathed in that sweet scent of her pussy mmmm heaven i thought then i quickly placed them in my pocket and went up the stairs

to be continue (the next morning)

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