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Beautiful stranger

Today has been a particularly long and boring school day... When the bus
pulls up to my stop, I can't wait to get on my way! I'm exhausted. Although
I don't usually sit up front, I was too tired to walk to the back so I seat
myself into the first empty seat I spot. "Oh great!" I thought to myself,
"another blonde bimbo" glancing to the girl next to me. When I looked up at
her, she caught my glance and smiled. My initial reaction had now changed to
total envy, maybe even attraction.

I had always considered myself a hetero. Sure I downloaded fem-fem porn
every now and then, and got off on it, but I had never had a serious crush
on a girl. However, I cannot away from her. I find myself staring her down,
perfect blonde hair, long and silky, perfectly shaped eyebrows above her
large, long-lashed deep blue eyes, luscious red lips, firm breasts, and
small build. Hotter than any porn star I have ever masturbated to! My clit
is now aching! This beautiful stranger is getting to me! Only five minutes
to go! Crazy senarios develop in my head, I undress her with my eyes, I see
her uncrossing her lovely legs exposing a hot, pink pussy. I wonder if she
shaves. I want to taste her. I'm licking my lips when the bus pulls up on my
street. I'm sooo wet by now.

My legs tightly squeezed together, I make my way home. No car in the
driveway. This is good news! I drop my schoolbag at the door and remove my
shirt while I'm walking up the stairs. I glance down at my full D cups. They
look so inviting. My nipples are clearly showing through the bra. I unhook
it and throw it onto my floor exposing the errect pink nipples. I finger
them softly with one hand as I am unbuttoning my jeans with the other. As
soon as my zipper is pulled down, my room fills with pussy odor. I can't
resist. I slide my hand inside my little red thong, and it is instantly
drawn to my clit. This is feeling sooo good. I imagine the girl from the bus
doing the same. It must be so hot to watch her masturbate. I pull off my
jeans entirely and lay on my bed spreading my legs. I reach in the drawers
for my hello kitty vibrator that my ex boyfriend had gotten me (probably the
only good thing to have cum out of that relationship) and insert it slowly
into my vagina, I start with the slower speeds, and start shivering with
excitement. While I slowly pump the vibrator in and out of my pussy, I am
massaging the opening of my rose bus with my index. My bed is now soaked
with pussy juice. I change speeds on the vibrator and enter a finger in my
ass. I instantly cum, screaming out loud. It feels soo damn good. I come
again, and again, my knees are shaking, I'm breathing very hard. I pump the
dildo in and out hard and fast. I'm climaxing! A large puddle of cum
surrounds me. I remove the vibrator from my pussy, lick it clean and put it
back in the drawer. I'm sooo tired and exhausted now. I fall asl**p

She appears to me, in a lacy thong and black bra.... She has met me in my

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