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Lesbian lovers

My friend Stella never told me. She would pretend to be just as obsessed with guys as the rest of us at our all girls school. But she wasn't. Three weeks into my freshman year she wrote me a note during science class. "I have to tell you something." I wrote back "Tell me what?" "Promise you wont freak out" she said. "Ya just tell me" "I think I'm a lesbian." I failed to reply to her. The weeks went by and I tried to avoid her ,but it wasn't that I was disgusted, I just didn't know what to think. I was still her friend and still hung out with her, and oddly enough the day she told me she liked me I didn't react badly at all. I knew she knew I was straight, but then again I didn't know if I was straight. Occasionally Stella would try to put some moves on me, but I worked my tease moves and pushed her away. A couple months until summer she told me she had a date. "Ok?" I thought thats cool, maybe she'll stop liking me. Lying in bed that night I realized that I LIKE her. I really like her. I like how she plays the guitar, I like the way her breast stretch the black vest she wears. I like the way her ass moves when she runs, I like when she whispers and when she touches my hair. I have never had sexual feelings for a girl, and the feeling was much more satisfying than for a man. In a short amount of time I found myself constantly dreaming of her, during class, during dinner, while I'm sl**ping and just lying in bed. Especially when I was lying in bed. The time went by and Stells birthday came up. And two days before her girlfriend dumped her. My feeling of being too late left, and then things went super fast. I arrived at her party early and left late, after attempting to clean up the mess we found ourselves underneath her pool table, her hand grazing my thigh and my eyes taking in hers. Pulling me back over onto her, and putting my hands on her breast, she quickly got my pants off and lightly fingered my skin. Arching my back I pulled my shirt up, revealing my heaving pale, breasts. Grabbing my waist Stella pulled me against her and unsnapped my bra. Slipping out of her own pants and shirt Stella sent me into waves of pleasure by stroking all over my body. All over, my legs my hips, my stomach, my arms, and especially my breasts, my nipples were in pain and when she put them in her mouth my moan could not be surpressed. When I returned the favor, her gasping echoed around the room. It was more than amazing when our legs intertwined and our chests throbbed together. Our breathing timed perfectly, and I bit her ear as she gripped my tits, she whispered sweet things into my ear and made me crazy with lust. When her fingers found their way into my pussy, it almost too much. I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout and leap around. She had a devious smile on her face. I knew that she was very experienced and her smile said "I love taking your innocence".... I loved it too.

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