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Beginning of a great long weekend!

I’m lucky; my tub is big enough for 2... so my man and I start off our long weekend together with a warm bubble bath, relaxing, sexy, some music, some drinks... after a while we are making out, you on top of me, slowly kissing my neck and shoulders, working your way down to my nipples, which are so hard you can feel them against your chest.

As you are kissing me, you feel my hand slip between us and take your cock, which is getting hard from the making out. As I take it I push you off of me and we turn over so that I am near your feet. From here I can watch you as I rub your now hard cock.

I am holding your cock with one hand and fingering my clit with the other.

I can feel myself getting close to cumming but I stop myself, I don't want to make myself cum, I want you to make me cum... So I take my hand away from my clit and move it towards your balls. I gently cup them and roll them around in my hand while I am caressing your hard dick with the other hand.

My fingers start moving away from your balls towards your ass, I know you like this because you have shown me before but I have never done it for you until now... I slowly rub my thumb around the entrance to your ass, you moan, letting me know how much you want me to finger you... I slowly push inside of you, your hard cock jumps, seeming to get harder.

Hmmm, I think, he likes this... maybe we should go a bit farther... I pull out my vibrating strap on from under the towel by the tub, "how about this?" I ask you... "MMMM" you moan, I take this as a yes and grab the waterproof lube from the counter...

As I get the strap on on and put on some lube you lift your ass so that I can get closer to you... "Are you sure you want this?" I ask again, you take a deep breath "how big is it?" you ask, sounding a little nervous. "Only 7 inches” I say, "I'm sure you can handle it"... "YES!" you gasp as I am already sliding it up and down your ass crack.

While this is all going on your cock has just been standing there, head poking out of the water. As I slide the strap on into your ass you moan so loud I stop "Am I hurting you?" I ask worried. "NO! Don’t stop! It’s amazing!" you say breathlessly.

I keep going, pushing deeper and deeper into your virgin ass.

Now that I am in, you start grinding your hips, as if you are fucking me, but really it's your ass that is taking the assault.

You reach down to grab your still hard cock to start stroking it.

I stop you, "Don't touch yourself” I demand, "hands behind your head"... you lay back against the side of the tub, still grinding your hips into me. I can see you getting more and more excited so I start pumping the strap on deeper and deeper into your ass. You let out a little scream.

But I don't stop this time.

“Ohhhhh" you moan, "I'm gonna cum".... that makes me stop... I'm not ready for you to cum yet. I am having too much fun.
"Why did you stop?" you ask me looking into my eyes, pleading me to keep going.

"I don't want you to cum yet" I say, "Please!!!" you beg, "keep going"

I can't resist that face of yours so I start to pump into you, slowly at first then faster and faster. I can see your face and the pleasure you are feeling, and I'm a little jealous! I love pleasuring you but I want to feel you inside of me...

I keep going, grabbing your swollen, pulsing cock... wrapping my hand around it stroking it slowly at first then getting faster and faster, harder and harder... you are groaning now, "I'm cumming" you mutter and as I keep moving you. Suddenly raise your hips and your cock explodes, shooting your huge load right into your face.

I laugh, "Now you know how it feels!" I say as you grab the towel from the counter to wipe your juice off of your face.

You look at me; there is something in your eye that intrigues me... "What?" I say, questioning your look. "Your turn!" you say to me, grinning...

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