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Bored after sport...

(This story is ficiton, but i hope you enjoy!)

A few days back me and a few of the lads had just finished a great game of football. We won 4-2 and we're sweating like dirty pigs, as normal we heaeded back to get changed and shower.

In the shower our goalie Jason kept looking at our dicks and asses, until he was wanking none of us realised, his dick seemed to triple in size instantaniously, at this point everybody apart from me was wanking. I was washing my hair, suddenly i feel a warm sensation on my penis, after clearing the soap i didn't believe my eyes.

Our striker steven was sucking me off! I pulled away quickly "what the hell are you doing?!", he said "come on you know you want to.." i looked at all of them, everyone one of them fingering, sucking kissing, fucking each others asses and mouths, i felt a twitch... I was turned on!

Steven came closer, had to resist, but the more i did the harder he got, i had no where to go, i was in a corner dick as hard as fuck and steven said, " let me be your bitch jack...Just let me" he fell to his knees grabbed my cock and sucked...It felt so wrong yet so right, i couldn't believe what was happening, 15 of us having an orgy.

Secretly this was my biggest fantasy.

Everybody swapped positions, anal, oral, 69, t-bag, you would have thought we invented karma sutra!

20 minutes later, everybodys cocks were hard like rock and pre-paired to cum.

Everbody surrounded me, they f***ed their cocks into my mouth, my ass, i wanked them off, the pain i felt pleasured me more than ever!

Then i felt a warm sensation...I heard, "ARRRGH!!" i see jason cum on my chest i said i want all of it, EVERYBODY CUM ON ME.

In this instance all of them who weren't fucking me wanked hard, 2, 4, 6 came then the final 2 Josh removed his long dick from my ass and came on my cock, it felt like heaven, then Harry our Left winger the final told me "open your mouth!!" i did, then a salty warm thick juice filled it.

Althought they were done i was not. Steven came to my resuce and sucked me harder than ever...I didn't believe it i was drenched in warm sperm and on the brink myself. Suddenly he throbbed, he twitched and it was over. Steven swalloded every drop and left, they all did. But before the last one left he shouted, "next week we got Kent!".

This made me happy...

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