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The massage

The massage.

Taking my courage in both hands I knock on your door. You answer, and take in my case with a smile.

“My masseur?”


“Come in then, I’ve got the room ready, just as you asked for.”

We went up the stairs to a bedroom. Scented candles gave the room a warm glow and soft romantic music came from some hidden speakers. The bed was a large double, made up with soft duvets and several towels were laid on it.

“Is this ok?” You asked.


“Good, I’d better get ready then, will you wait in here, I’ll only be a moment.”

“Of course, take your time.”

I gazed around the room, taking in the video camera and the widescreen TV. I smiled as I thought of what had happened in this room and how I’d masturbated while watching the vids. This was going to be a massage to savour.

You re-entered the room holding a large towel around you and I asked you to lay, face down on the bed. You allowed the towel to open, giving me the briefest glimpse of those lovely breasts then lay as requested, the towel covering your back. I folded it back so that it was just covering your bum, then opened my case.

I selected nicely scented massage oil, and poured a little onto my hands, rubbing them together to warm the oil. I started at your neck, slowly and gently smoothing the oil into your soft skin. My fingers pressed slightly just working on the muscles and sinews. I listen carefully and your breathing starts to slow as your body relaxes. I move slowly to your shoulders, using my thumbs to spread the sensations to your shoulder blades. The oil is soft and warm, smooth to your skin and the scent is slightly intoxicating to your senses. You sigh, contentedly.

I move to your hands caressing the fingers and massaging the palms, before trailing my hands slowly up to your arms. The only sound is our breathing and the soft music. I reach out and turn the music off and place your arms above your head touching the headboard.
Taking more oil I rub it gently into your back and along your sides. Your breasts are squashed against the bad and I slide my hands over the sides of them as I work on your back. You shift a little as I work and I ask, “You OK with this?”

“Yes, I’m fine.

I use the top edge of the towel as my boundary and switch to your feet. A foot massage is always welcome and you’re no exception. I take one at a time and press slowly along your instep, then your heel and ankle. You sigh again, and your legs part very slightly allowing me access to your calves. Using both hands now, I work on the muscles, tensing ad releasing them. I reach your knees and insinuate my fingers between them. I feel you relax and open up a little more.

Encouraged by this I start to work on your thighs. Your oh so smooth thighs, and I’m now struggling to hide and control my erection. My hands stop just short of your pussy, working on the soft skin at the top of your thighs. You’re aroused, I can feel it in your movement, sense it in your breathing and smell your beautiful pussy juices, the most erotic smell in the world.
I lean over you and whisper, “Would you like a personal massage?”

With only a moment’s hesitation you answer, “Yes – Yes please”

I lower my hands to your bum, spreading the cheeks as I let my finger trails slowly down the crease between them. I move slowly but surely, in the direction of your pussy and feel your legs opening as I do. Your moving now, in time with my hand as I slowly peel open your pussy lips. My finger slides over your clit lubricating it with your juices. Your hips start to move against me.

"You want more", I whisper

"Yes, I want much more."

"Turn over then, and lie on your back."

You do so and the towel drops away revealing you in all your beauty for the first time. I pump up the pillow and rest your head back gently, then trace my fingers slowly down to those breasts that I’ve admired for so long. I squeeze them tenderly, letting my thumbs slip over the nipples and bring them to erection. My cock is so hard now that it’s threatening to break out of my pants. You notice the precum leaking through them and smile up at me. “Why not take them off, you look so uncomfortable.”

I break off momentarily and get rid of all my clothes. Now, naked as you I stand before you with my hardness fully exposed. You smile as you realise that now you are in control.

“Carry on.”

I reach out for you again teasing your breasts. As the nipples rise again I lean forward and slip one into my mouth, sucking on it and playing with the other one squeezing, teasing it, rolling it around my fingers.

You groan a little.

I release the nipple and trace my lips down your body finding your navel I lick my way around and inside it. My fingers trace around you sweet little pussy, close but not close enough.

You moan

I gently squeeze you pussy lips together sliding them against each other, trapping your clit between them. Your legs open wide now, and I hear you breathing faster now. Your knees bend and you catch my fingers, pressing them into your wetness.


I slide two fingers deep inside you. You’re so deliciously wet. I lick my fingers and love the taste of you. I want to lick you until you cum all over my face. I start to lean forward to do just that but you push me away, “No – fingers, finger fuck me.”

I move position. Now from your side I can use both hands more easily. I reach out again and slide my fingers into to. You thrust up against them getting them in even deeper. I let my thumb slide over your clit revolving over and over as my finger work their way in and out. You’re gasping now, close to cumming and moaning to yourself. I lean forward and let my tongue circle a nipple before letting it go into my mouth and sucking on it - hard. That does it. You lose control as your orgasm wracks around your body. Your pussy convulses around my fingers gripping them and releasing them gripping and releasing, wetness soaks my hand too

“That’s it”, I murmur, “Let it come, let it all cum.” Your orgasm goes on for minutes, but eventually I can feel that you’re clit is getting too sensitive. I slow down, and go back to the gentle massage of your body. My erection touches you.

“And what are you going to do with that?” you ask.

“Oh – I’ll take care of it.”

“Yes, will you wank?”

“Probably – no definitely”

“Can I watch – please?”


“I want you to wank yourself off while I watch.”

I won’t be able to last long as I am, look at me.

Precum was drooling from my prick as I spoke.

“Good, then I won’t have long to wait. I want you to cum over my body, over my tits, my stomach, my pussy. Now don’t keep me waiting.”

I climbed over you kneeling astride you and began. Normally I use a lube to wank, but there was so much precum none was needed. I stroked slowly going right down to the root then up to the head while you watched me.

“That’s right”, you urged “Love that cock of yours, make it squirt – show me.”

I tried to hold back as long as possible, but looking at you seeing the want in your eyes and hearing this words, well, I didn’t stand a chance. I came. My head thrown back my eyes closed and my hand sliding up and down I came so hard. Jet after jet spilled over you, on your breasts, your stomach. It was all too much for me. I fell forward into your arms and we kissed the first of many kisses. I could feel my juices between us making our bodies so slippery.
We were both sated, but speaking for myself, I couldn’t wait to start all over again…

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