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The Holiday - Chapter 8

I woke to the sounds of soft slurping and the incredible sensation of your mouth hungrily sucking my cock. What a way to wake up! When you saw that I was awake you were surprisingly insistent “fuck me!” you said. As you rolled over on your back and spread your legs you said that you couldn’t believe how horny you were given the number of orgasms that you had had in the last few days.

Rather than roll over to cover your body with mine I lifted your legs to sit on my shoulders as I plunged into your hungry pussy. “Awwwwww, yaaahhh” you moaned as I began to thrust.

“Yeah, harder, FUCK ME! Oh baby, give it to me!” I couldn’t believe how turned on you were as my cock slammed home time after time, my balls swinging forward to bounce off your ass with each thrust, and your cunt sucking wetly and noisily each time I pulled out.

The sight of miss muffy sucking my dick drove me as wild as always as I dove into your slick wetness time after time.

All too soon you began to pant and I knew that your orgasm was only moments away. I kept thrusting as you came. Mercilessly driving into you again and again until your spasms subsided and you settled back slowly and relaxed.

Then and only then I laid down on top of you. “What got into you?” I asked. You smiled coyly, “why you of course” you said. You were such a smart aleck! “I don’t know” you said. “I just woke up and really wanted you”.

“Who am I to refuse you” I grinned back at her. “Besides, when have I ever complained about a little good morning boink!” I asked you.

I glanced over at the clock radio beside the bed as I lay ontop of you, still deep inside you. I was very surprised to see that despite the dim light in the room, the morning was well advanced. I glanced over to the window. From what I could see through the crack in the curtains it looked like a very blustery day.

As we lay, entwined in each other, we talked of our day. We hadn’t really had any plans for the day beyond sun, sand and umbrella drinks and given the thunder, lightening and torrential rain we weren’t sure what to do.

Regardless of what else may lay in store for us we decided that a light breakfast and a cup of coffee would be in order so we got up, got dressed and when down to the breakfast bar. After we had settled on a nice table near the edge of the terrace we wandered over to the buffet. I heard someone behind me speak as I selected a pear from the display. “thanks for last night”. I didn’t recognize the voice and assumed that he must be speaking to someone else, but I turned to see who it was regardless. At first I almost didn’t recognize him, but then realized that it was our porn star ‘friend’ from the night before.

I asked him why he was thanking us. In fact I said that it should be us who thanked him. He quickly rebutted that as much fun as sex was that he and his friends found it much more exciting when someone else was watching.

I laughed as I glanced at you as I said that it sounded like a good match as we had really enjoyed the show. He then introduced himself as Simon, and then he pointed to the two girls that we had watched the previous night that were helping themselves to scrambled eggs on the other side of the buffet. He said the blond on the left is Sonia and the brunette with the really big . . . melons is Melody. As they were introduced the girls turned and smiled at us.

Almost as an afterthought he asked us if we would like to join them for breakfast. You nodded slightly so I told him that we would love to.

We sat at the glass table across from our friends. Both of the girls lost no time in hiking their short skirt up so that their pussies were visible through the table. As we had noted the previous evening Sonia, the blond had a totally shaven pussy while Melody barely trimmed her bikini line from the looks of things.

It was a strange breakfast, chatting amiably with these strangers, eating our breakfast with the delightful and unexpected view through the table. “I told you that we like to be watched” Simon said once he was sure that we had noticed.

When I asked where his other friends were he replied that they were upstairs playing. Given my quizzical look he took pity and expanded. We do a bit of role playing. We have our favorite TV channel on, and we kind follow along with whatever is on screen.

Recognition dawned on me. “let me guess, one of those channels between 68 and 80?” Simon’s smile was answer enough.

As we were just finishing up Melody suggested that since we liked watching, and that they liked performing that perhaps we might like to come up to their room with them.

Even though we hadn’t talked about it I knew that their show the previous night had really turned you on. Especially given the urgency of our love making just a half hour previously so I unhesitatingly agreed.

We each grabbed a cup of coffee on the way out of the restaurant and followed our host and hostesses.

Walking into their room was startling. Two things immediately competed for our attention. The threesome on the bed or the 12 foot image being projected on the end wall.

Simon beckoned to a pair of chairs drawn right up to the edge of the bed so we sat down, holding our coffee as we watched a girl on her hands and knees being fucked by the fellow that was laying beneath her at the same time as the other guy in the group used an obviously purpose built paddle to spank her. The guy with the paddle was timing his swats to coincide with the thrusts of the fellow below. The moans coming from the girl that was being spanked and boned were surprisingly ones of ecstasy and not agony.

It was only then that I realized just how closely the action on the bed resembled the action on the very big screen. The camera angle showed a close up of the very red bottom of the girl being spanked. It also afforded a very nice view of her ass and cunt. The scene must have been going on for quite some time because we had only had time for one or two sips of our almost forgotten coffee when the guy doing the fucking grabbed his cock and began jacking himself off so that he spurted all over his partners’ fiery red ass.

Moments after the guy in the movie came the guy right in front of us blew a huge load of cum all over his partner’s ass and then gently rubbed it into the poor girl’s burning skin.

The scene faded to black, and then showed us a girl with huge tits that were practically falling out of her French maid’s uniform dusting some huge Victorian drawing room. Melody immediately exclaimed that not only was it her turn next but that she would be perfect for that role.

The exhausted threesome in front of us moved off the bed, waving at us as the saw us for the first time and sat on the couch on the other side of the bed as Melody tried to figure out what was going on so that she could play along.

The camera that was capturing the maid was held very low, so that each time something like a coffee table had to be dusted, and that the maid would bend over we would get a close up of her nicely rounded ass, with just a hint of red pubic hair topping off what looked like a very wet pussy.

Melody quickly took the cue and moved in front of her friends. One at a time, she would stand right in front of them, spread her legs and then bend over, wiggling slightly as she pretended to dust the very rumpled bed. Once she was done on the far side of the bed she readily afforded us the same treatment. As we had noticed at breakfast, Melody had very thick, curly, dark pubic hair that started in between her asshole and her half hidden pussy lips. Unlike her show on the other side of the bed, when she was in front of us she pushed back so that her glistening ass was barely a foot from our faces – so close that we could smell her excited sex.

Just then the scene on the screen changed to show a bedroom with a guy laying on his back while a girl very noisily sucked on his cock. Simon and Angela jumped from the couch and stripped rapidly and took up the roles depicted on screen.

After watching the parallel activities the screen jumped back to the maid, obviously hearing the noise in the bedroom. She moved to the doorway and began to finger herself while she watched the blow job.

Melody didn’t have a doorway so she just lay across the bottom of the bed and began to run her fingers through her thick pubic hair, pulling the lips of her cunt apart so that we could enjoy the view while she diddled her clit.

The on-screen action changed to show the girl on her hands and knees while her lover licked her steaming pussy from behind. Angela also moved to her hands and knees and positioned herself so that her utterly bare bottom was aimed directly at us, so close that we could have reached out and touched her if we had wanted to.

Simon had to excuse himself as he slid between us so that he could bury his face in her drenched pussy.

I think that it was about then that you noticed me put my cold coffee down and you followed suit with your own forgotten cup. Besides, I needed at least one hand free as I was beginning to squirm.

It was weird but exciting watching a time delayed reenaction of the action on the wall.

After a short while the girl in the movie rolled over on her back and started saying something to her lover, but I didn’t understand it because I think that it was in German.

Angela obediently rolled over too, and in moments we got a front row view of sunny side up pussy licking times two.

The movie changed its angle again to show the girl in the door. At this point she was using both her hands on her pussy. One was still feverishly rubbing her clit while she had four fingers of her other hand pumping in and out. As the camera zoomed in for a close up the sound track amplified the squishy squelchy noises from her fingers playing in all her love juice.

Melody did a very credible job as she frigged her twat for our pleasure.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled my pants down to free my straining cock. I slowly began to run my hand up and down its lengths while I watched the double – double show in front of us. Gaining encouragement you too shucked out of your shorts and spread your legs to rest on the arms of your chair so that you would have unhindered access to your own pussy.

They guy on the screen was now using his fingers while he licked and slurped. Simon obligingly also began to slip his outside three fingers into Angela, all the way to the knuckles.

The camera swung around to the far side of the bedroom so that it could show the action on the bed and in the doorway. The girl in the doorway had added her thumb to the fingers that were massaging her pussy and let out a gasp loud enough to gain the attention of the couple on the bed.

After a barrage of German and much gesturing the two girls ended up side by side on their backs on the bed.

This wasn’t much of a stretch for ‘our’ girls as they were already both on the bed.

The movie went on to show the man between the two girls, just as Simon already was – immediately in front of us. It then went on to show him begin to simultaneously finger fuck both girls while they rubbed their own clits. One finger quickly became two, three, four and then slowly an entire hand disappeared into each girl, both onscreen and immediately in front of us. I couldn’t help but remember what Mandy had said and wondered what it must feel like for the girls.

Apparently you were interested too as you had worked up to four fingers in your own sopping cunt.

The scene didn’t last much longer before the girls on screen appeared to cum. I don’t know if Angela and Melody came or not because they had to clear off the bed to make room for the next scene.

This scene started off harmlessly enough with two couples sitting at stools in front of a small bar while another fellow stood behind the bar. The chatter was all in German so we couldn’t follow it but somehow I had a feeling that it was largely irrelevant.

The scene cut to the doorway of the bar where a girl in obvious distress was standing.

Our friends were trying to sort out who would be who. “I get to play the girl with big tits” cried Melody. “Of course you do” said one of the guys that we hadn’t been introduced to, and then he added that he would be the bartender. The others sorted out who would play who, with Angela taking the role of the girl in the door.

While the three couples were sorting out who would play who the screen play had shown what was undoubtedly an ‘out of order’ sign on the bar’s bathroom door. The desperate girl had turned to go but was called back.

I’m not sure what they said to her, but in moments she was sitting on the bar while one of the patrons set a mop bucket on the floor in front of her.

Angela moved to sit on the bed in front of us and Simon put an empty highball glass on the tile floor in front of her.

The girl on the wall pulled her panties aside and then began to spray a golden arc in the general direction of the mop bucket, but her panties slipped back and got in the way so she had to stop.

Angela had managed one squirt too and had even managed to hit the glass, although only its side.

The bar tender in the movie moved to help the desperate girl by taking off her panties. The then gave her a lick from the crack in her ass to her tiny little platinum blond landing strip. He then turned over the mop bucket and sat on it right in front of the girl.

The fellow that we didn’t know, that said that he would be the bartender valiantly performed the same actions on Angela, giving her extra wet pussy a tender licking before sitting on the floor immediately in front of her.

The girl on screen began to pee again, but only for a moment when one of the patrons stopped her.

Angela squirmed and sprayed ‘her’ bartender in the chest.

The patron that had stopped the show had his erect cock in his hand and climbed up on the bar beside the girl, urging her to climb on top of him. It took him no effort at all to slide his fat dick into the desperate girls sodden cunt.

The fellow that had been spanked took the role of the patron in the movie and before we knew it Angela was being fucked right in front of us. That bare pussy endlessly gulping down the thick erection that she was sitting on.

The girl in the movie began to piss again as she was being fucked, spraying pee every time she lifted off the cock in her cunt. She had barely started when the guy that was fucking her stopped her yet again.

Angela managed to splash some more pee on Simon as she was fucked. Strictly speaking Simon shouldn’t have been jacking off because his counterpart on screen wasn’t, but who was I to talk as I rubbed my handful of hard cock flesh, up and down, up and down.

When I glanced back at the wall the action had gone anal, and while the girl had her ass filled with cock the rest of the people in the scene were getting naked. Finally she was able to release her golden nectar without further interruption. Drenching the guy sitting on the mop bucket just as Angela covered Simon in her own champagne while getting her own ass fucked.

Once the desperate girl was done the big titted girl, Melody in our case, settled herself down on the erection of the guy still sitting on the bar. With her ass stretched to its limit she too began to shower the guy on the mop bucket. Melody did her best but I guess that she didn’t need to go very badly and couldn’t produce more than a dribble.

Finally, the last girl in the scene and in our room rotated into position. This time the two other girls in the scene each took one of her nipples into their mouths. The fucking got more serious and the two guys that weren’t directly involved in the action began to jerk themselves off.

The guys working themselves timed things so that they shot their cum all over the girl getting ass fucked just as her own flow was beginning to dwindle. She then pulled off the guy in her ass and jumped off to sit on the lap of the guy on the mop bucket while the three girls took turns sucking the last erection until he too finally came, sharing his load between the three girls.

The movie still wasn’t over. The next scene started with a fellow in a hospital bed. Simon groaned. “I’m toast”, and the others made similar noises. Then Angela had an idea. She turned to us and said “It must be your turn by now”.

Even though it hadn’t been that long since my last orgasm I knew that I wouldn’t disappoint and you were eager for some attention so we crawled onto the bed. I stretched out, simulating being in a full body cast with my arms and legs in traction. You simulated the nurse coming in to check on me. After looking around to see that nobody was watching you peeked under the sheet that was covering me. After a moment you pulled it off and began to tease my cock with your hair. In the movie it was enough to bring the patient’s cock to life. In reality I had been rock solid for the last hour.

You then tickled my nose with the lips of your pussy, but wouldn’t let my tongue reach your juicy cunt any more than the fellow on the screen could reach his nurse’s.

You then began to run your tongue up my inner thigh, simulating the skin that was exposed on the screen until you got to my ass, you then followed the example of the nurse and did the same to my other leg. Finally, you began to lick my ass cheeks, getting closer to my asshole with each stroke until, just like the girl on the screen you began to use the tip of your tongue to circle my puckered ring, slowly at first, and then faster and faster.

You then slowly sucked one of my balls into your mouth, gently massaging it with your lips and tongue. Releasing that nut you sucked the other furry ball into your mouth. When the girl on screen sucked both balls simultaneously so did you.

Then, just like the nurse, you moved into classic 69 position, but again, just like the nurse you stayed just a hair too far to lick while you took my entire cock in your mouth and began to slowly move your head up and down.

The camera zoomed in for a close up on the nurses ass while I adored yours.

Well before I was in danger of coming you got back off me again and moved back to your original position with your face between my legs, licking my ass. When the nurse on screen began to seriously tongue fuck the patient you began to do the same to me, repeatedly shoving your tongue as deeply up my ass as you could.

Finally the nurse straddled her man and began to bounce up and down. The nurse didn’t appear to cum during this so I suppose that you shouldn’t have either, but you did. I could feel your cunt squeezing my cock each time you settled down on it. It was all I could do to lay still and not thrust back up into you. I tried to hard to be a brave ‘patient’.

The nurse repositioned her patient’s cock so that it was nudging against her backdoor. You saw where things were going and before I knew it I was deep in your backside. I was getting very close even though the action onscreen showed no sign of slowing down. I began to moan and you knew that I was about to cum so you quickly turned around and settled your cunt over my face so that I could drink your juices and smell your glorious smells while you sucked each and every last drop of my cum that raged up out of my balls.

I opened my eyes when my cock finally stopped spasming. It was then that I noticed the girl on screen suddenly swing around to settle her pussy firmly down on the patients face while she jerked him off into her mouth.

I couldn’t help but wonder if you hadn’t seen this move before . . .

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