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The village part 2

After the breeder fucked the young girl he then explored her body. He had been chosen for a great woman because he had the biggest cock of the young men. He was to be a great breeder producing many c***dren and she had a body that he would enjoy fucking several times a day. When they were left alone to fuck and breed, the village took care of them providing all their needs. Meals were cooked and delivered to them. He felt her tits. They were large and full and he sucked a nipple to see how a c***d would enjoy this. Then he spread her legs to see her pussy. He was amazed a small girl could handle his huge cock. He had the largest cock and a huge appetite for sex. He was happy to be with her and nothing to do but fuck her again and again. His father fucked his mom at least five times a day. His mom had 15 c***dren. She was having babies since she was 14 and able to breed. Normally every 11 months. It was very normal for the c***dren to see the father fuck the mom as she cooked dinner or washed clothes. The men were trained to breed and the women prepared to bare c***dren. Sex was common in their lives. He played with her pussy which had been invaded many times in preparation for the breeding. He spread the pussy lips and fingered her clit. She knew she could not say no. He played with her clit till he saw it swell and knew he could make her cum. He wanted to see her pussy cum on his fingers so he continued to rub and feel it. Just as she was to cum he started to lick her now puffed clit. As he sucked her clit she came hard against his face. Oral sex was for the pleasure of the male only. Women were to be used and bred. Watching her pussy pulse made him hard again. He placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He spread her legs and entered her fast and rough. He pushed his cock all the way inside the hole and started to fuck hard. Her cunt was tight and felt good against the oversized cock. He fucked for several minutes till he filled her hole with his cum. The men only let the women suck their cock after sex as all cum was kept in the pussy hole for making babies. He then aimed his cock at her mouth. When she started licking his cock covered in cum he got hard again. He watched her lick him then rammed his cock into her mouth gagging her with the huge member. "Take it and suck." he orderd. As he pressed the cock into her mouth she kept gagging. He then tuned her over his lap and spanked her ass. Not just a few but over and over till her ass was red and starting to bruise. "Now suck my cock and do not gag or I will beat your ass again and again." he told her. He then laid her on her back and straddled her face and she had no choise but to suck his cock as he held her head between his legs. He pushed in her mouth and she sucked. He shoved every inch into her and she sucked it all. He fucked till he was able to cum again which seemed like for ever to the young girl.When he shot his cum into her she gagged again but he made her swallow. He again turned her unto his knee to spank her already bruised ass. He decided to give her 20 swats with his big hand. She screamed and cried but it was no use. He kept beating the frail ass. He laid her down to rest before the next fucking would start. He wanted to be able to brag how many times he had fucked the young girl in one night. In the morning the women would come get her and wash her and tend to her raw pussy which would be fucked 8 to 12 times during the first breeding night. His cock would get hard fast and produce much cum for this first fuck session. When he stood his cock looked like a baseball bat with the huge size of it. Poking her tiny hole gave him much pleasure. He was anxious for her to bear a c***d and produce milk for him to suck as the baby sucked. Her huge tits would supply lots of mild to feed them both as he fucked her while she suckled the baby. After they gave birth the men fucked the asses of the women till the bleeding pussy dried. Then it was back to fucking often to produce another c***d. While the woman was pregnant the men switched to another girl to fuck and get pregnant. As soon as a girl was able to breed she was prepared for the matching with breeding stud. It was the fathers job to prepare her and remove her virginity.

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