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Boy Toy - Part 3

"What about you Boy Toy? Do you think you deserve a reward?" I taunted toy with my wriggling ass as I stroked his hard cock. I smiled when his only response was a groan as I licked the tip of his cock. The breath caught in his throat when I closed my mouth around the thick mushroom head and gave it a gentle suckle.

I smiled when Toy squirmed a little in his bonds pushing his cock up to my mouth nearly insisting that I take him deeper. But we had just learned lesson number one. He was here to please me. He wanted to please me. I thought that needed some reinf***ement before it was unintentionally forgotten. I took my mouth off of his cock and licked the mix of saliva and pre-cum it left when I withdrew my tongue. It had been a long time since I had been with a 19 year old, I forgot how.. juicy.. they were.

Toy's hip bucked up into the air looking for my warm wet mouth but I had moved back so that my thighs were on either side of his bound arms. I grabbed an almost completely melted piece of ice from the cold water and let it drip from my fingers onto his warm chest where my pussy had just been resting. He opened his eyes when the cool water startled him and had no where to look but up. My pussy was now hovering above his head. I looked down between my legs to see him looking up at my damp cunt. I knew he could smell my arousal.

"I know you want to please me, Toy, you're going to try to please me with your mouth." I did not have such high hopes for him, poor Toy. I was hard to please in any position, only a few lovers had ever gotten far enough into my head to accomplish it. Most of the time, just the play was satisfactory to me but on the rare occasion when a man could break through the wall and get me to cum, those were incredible times. But those were men. Always dominant men. This was a boy but dammit I was going to make the boy toy try.

I lowered my pussy and felt his tongue gingerly flick along my slit. I smiled a little almost regretting that I had kept his hands tied but I figured he was in for a life of worshiping goddesses, he was going to have to learn to do this the hard way. I raised up and giggled as his tongue wagged a little in the air. He grunted in frustration and I lowered myself down again and felt the broad side of his tongue sweep between my thick cunt lips. I shivered just a little. The boy had a talented tongue, no doubt from excessive porn watching. He yanked at the coffee table with all his strength and actually got it off the ground a bit only to fall back down with a clack. He wanted to use his hands, cute. I pressed my hips in deeper but it was hard to get any lower on either side of his arms. He could lift his head but with as long as I was figuring I was going to drag this out for him, he surely would have been in for some neck pain.

Slowly I lifted my legs one at a time to rest on the inside of his tied arms. My knees and thighs were now on either side of his head and my feet were tucked in under his forearms. In this position I could lower down further and we both knew the affect immediately. I felt the full broadside of his tongue swipe my clit and it hardened fast into a button. It was me who had to suck in a breath when his tongue began whipping and stroking over my clit and wriggling down to tease at my cunt hole. I didn't remember until just now how thick and long that tongue was as it curled into my pussy juices and swiped them into his mouth. He moaned at the taste and went in for another scoop. I could feel myself melt into his mouth. My body started getting tense. I recognized this stage. I was dangerously close to over stimulation. I pulled back and heard him growl again.

"Why did you stop, i was almost there!!"

"You gotta slow down, Toy... not so hard... it was too much."

"I know what I'm doing, I've done this tons of times before. You were gonna cum."

I wanted to slap his face. I knew my body. I knew that if I let him keep going at that speed I was going to get to a fever pitch and hang there, which is incredibly frustrating.

"My pleasure, toy."

"It would have been..."

I bit down a groan. There was no way I was going to let him push my buttons. The only button I wanted him pushing was my clit and he wasn't doing it well enough for me. "This is about my pleasure, toy, my way, how I say. When you have a toy, feel free to tease her any way you wish, but you are my toy."

He didn't say anything but I could sense him tense up. I had bruised his ego. He thought he could read any woman and I had just torn that notion apart. "You're going to try again."


I coughed in surprise. "Excuse me? You're done?"

"Yeah, let me go, I don't want this."

My turn to tense up. I figured this to just be a hurt feelings reaction, but he wouldn't look at me when I moved off of him to look at his face. I certainly didn't want someone who didn't want me and essentially that is what he was saying, isn't it? I took a couple of deep breaths and searched my head for something to say to make this better... there wasn't anything.

I grabbed the kitchen shears from the top of the coffee table and cut him out of the knots. He sat up and rubbed his wrists. I couldn't look at him, too many things were going through my head but I felt like he was looking at me.

"Tyg, I.."

"Forget it.." I cut him off. I went back to my bedroom to get dressed. When I came back out he was already mostly dressed. I tossed him the keys to his truck and opened the door to let him out. He looked at me and I considered letting him walk the mile or so back to the coffee shop but it was starting to get dark. I grabbed my keys off of the hook and followed him out and down to the car. We drove the two or so minutes back to the coffee shop in silence and I pulled into the parking lot next to his truck. When we got there he started to say something but I held up my hand. He got out of the car and I watched him get into the truck. I didn't wait for it to start, I peeled backwards out of the parking spot and drove back to my apartment replaying things in my head.

I wasn't looking for a Boy Toy, and I guess I didn't really have one now. I flopped down on my favorite chair and looked at the mess we had left on the floor. I smiled at the memory of having him tied to my coffee table. I smiled thinking of the feel of that cock in my mouth. I smiled thinking of his tongue against my clit. I smiled at how close he almost got... I had just started to rub my pussy when I was startled by a knock at my door. I jerked my hand out of my pants in that guilty way that most people do when they think they have been caught masturbating. I squinted through the peep hole but couldn't really see who was on the other side. I opened the door anyway and there stood 6 feet 2 inches of my almost Boy Toy leaning on my door frame trying to look nonchalant like he hadn't just accused me of holding him against his will.

"Can I try again, Mistress, please...."

[What do you think, give ungrateful boy toy another chance? Or shut the door and have some solo fun... story to be continued by comment vote only]

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